Another super season for Hok Jos Vercammen (Vremde, BE)

If there's a loft that has patented top results, it would be Hok Jos Vercammen from Vremde. From April to September, Jos and Lars managed to achieve an exceptional high level with super performances every week.

Consistent high level

This season, Jos & son Lars Vercammen their colony are moving full steam ahead. The successful fanciers don't work towards a peak in their racing season but thrive to keep up a consistent level week in, week out. This is not an easy method, as it required full focus and attention for the daily caretaking of the racing team from the start of the season in April to the last race in September. A task father and son do with both pleasure and success. The results of the duo in 2021 were outstanding. Once again descendants from Elektro and Mustang were responsible for wonderful results. To this small list of elite breeders we may also add Iron Man, a cock from 2017, who is the new breeding revelation in Vremde. 



Stock breeder 'Elektro'
Another super stock pigeon, 'Samsung'
'Iron Man', the new Vercammen breeding revelation

Mentioning all the top results by the old birds and yearling team would simply be too much. Here are a few highlights: 

  • Bourges (479 km) 1st provincial against 4,313 old birds & 1st fastest against 9,041 pigeons with Queen Mustang, a granddaughter to both Elektro and Mustang
  • Issoudun (505 km) 1st Nationaal Zone 1,588 old birds / 7th National 9,777 old birds with Mustang Disney, also a granddaughter to Mustang
  • Chateauroux 18.07 (526 km) 1st fastest National Zone against 2,650 pigeons / 1st fastest provincial against 2,280 pigeons (7 min lead) and 6th National against 7,099 pigeons also with Queen Mustang
  • Argenton 14.08 (552 km) 1st National Zone 1,615 old birds with Ali Baba, grandson to Elektro and further top result with places 1.-2.-4.-7.-10.-15.-21.-27.-31.-...etc. Nat. Zone (41/59 of which 20x Nat. Zone top 100) and 5.-15.-24.-42.-45.-84.-... etc. National against 9.851 old birds. 30 out of the 59 basketed pigeons won prizes 1:10!
  • Chateauroux 06.06 (526 km) National 24,617 old birds: 64.-81.-265.-325.-... (8/14 won prizes 1:10; 11/14)
  • La Chatre (544 km) Semi-National 4,504 yearlings: 10.-25.-52.-72.-... (10/16)
  • Argenton 19.06 (552 km) - National 14,787 old birds: 25.-32.-34.-80.-91.-183-.-... (13/17)
  • Argenton 19.06 (552 km) - National 21,282 yearlings: 46.-80.-114.-129.-173.-... (15/23)
  • Etc. 

Also the young birds have been on a roll the past weeks. This season, a slower approach was chosen for the young birds. This resulted in fewer losses, but it also meant that the national races came too early. 

Nevertheless, the past 2 weeks the team has showed excellent form. Enjoy the 2 super performances below: 

Melun (29/08) - 310 km - 1,202 young birds

1.-2.-3.-4.-5.-6.-7.-8.-9.-10.-11.-12.-13.-14.-15.-16.-17.-18.-19.-20.-21.-... (87/108)

Potentially one of the most impressive results this season. The first 21st(!) prizes against 1,202 young birds. Taking first place, was a grandchild to Iron Man, 2nd was a half brother to Mustang Queen (a grandchild to Elektro and Mustang), 3rd and 4th are also descendants of these three stock cocks. 

Sermaises (14/08) - 362 km - 1,684 young birds

44.-46.-47.-50.-57.-58.-59.-62.-71.-72.-73.-74.-78.-79.-81.-… 97/148

The winner from Sermaises was Donald Duck (BE21-6138064), a son to White Elektro, a inbred son to Elektro x Shakira. He previously won 2nd Noyon (208km) against 515 pigeons (he was beat by a loft mate). 

The latest show of class by the Vercammen pigeons was on the provincial race from Melun. 

Melun (04/09) - Provincial - 5,703 young birds

421.-439.-460.-473.-510.-528.-546.-550.-... (66/129)

An incredible 25 prizes 1:10 were achieved this team of racers. Moreover, the winner was fastest of all 6,017 competing pigeons. 

The winner on Melun was Maété, she was already good for 4th Melun against 1,202 yougn birds (behind 3 loft mates) and 19th Aauxerre (380km) against 824 pigeons. She is an inbred to stock pigeon Elektro (grandson x granddaughter) and is grandfather to superstar Elektro Junior, 5th Nat. Ace pigeon Middle Distance KBDB on father's side. 

The 3rd provincial was won by 141, who earlier won 2nd Melun against 900 pigeons (behind loft mate). She too is an inbred to (grandson x granddaughter) Elektro

Also on the One Loft races the Vercammen pigeons show themselves at the top of the charts. On the 1st Hotspot race of the Great Algarve Derby in Portugal, the 1st and 13th prize were won against 2,798 pigeons (140km). Interestingly, these two pigeons are brother and sister, bred from a granddaughter to Mustang and Elektro. 

The youngest racing team was basketed on Quievrain last weekend. This was also a success, as they added another victory to the season tally. In the Palieterverbond, Vercammen took 1st-4th-5th-6th-7th...etc. against 418 young birds (23/63). The winner on this race is a full brother to the 1st Melun against 1,202 young birds (grandchild Iron Man)

On the old birds and yearling races 4 super pigeons in particular gave this season extra shine:

Mustang Queen (BE19-6016108)

Possibly the pigeon of the season. She was 2x fastest of the whole province on 2 extremely tough races, Chateauroux (1,081 m/min - with 7 minute lead) and Bourges (1,227m/min). Her impressive palmares:  

  • 1st fastest Nat. Zone Chateauroux 526 km - 2,650 pigeons / 1st fastest prov. - 2,280 pigeons / 6th Nat. - 7,099 pigeons
  • 1st fastest prov. Bourges 479 km - 9,041 pigeons / 2nd Nat. Zone - 4,313 pigeons / 60th Nat. - 34,311 pigeons
  • 265th Nat. Chateauroux - 24,617 pigeons
  • 279th Nat. Issoudun 505 km - 9,777 pigeons
  • 1st Chevrainvilliers 354 km - 869 pigeons
  • 9th Melun 310 km - 2,897 pigeons
  • 10th Noyon 208 km - 512 pigeons
  • 11th Argenton 555 km - 473 pigeons
  • 17th Noyon - 1.029 pigeons
  • 18th Noyon - 662 pigeons

Speaking of super genes...Mustang Queen is a grandaughter to Elektro on father's side, and a granddaughter to Mustang on mother's side. 

Mustang Disney (BE19-6016042)

This super hen was crowned 1st Ace pigeon tough Middle Distance in the strong Fondclub 2001. She won the following prizes: 

  • 1st Nat. Zone Issoudun 505 km - 1,588 pigeons / 7th Nat. - 9,777 pigeons
  • 1st Club Argenton 552 km / 25th Nat.  - 14,787 pigeons
  • 64th Nat. Chateauroux 526 km - 24,617 pigeons
  • 44th Nat. Zone Bourges 472 km - 1,303 pigeons
  • 26th Nat. Zone Chateauroux (different race) - 982 pigeons
  • 2nd Melun 310 km 1,670 pigeons (behind loft mate)
  • 14th Sermaises 362 km - 1,338 pigeons
  • 20th Sermaises 362 km - 3,125 pigeons

She flew super results on national races in 3 consecutive weeks and was in the running for national ace pigeon. Unfortunately, she came home injured after several days from the latest Chateauroux. Luckily she will recover fully.  

On father's side this hen is a granddaughter to stock pigeon Mustang (paired to super hen Bambi). You can find Mustang Disney's complete pedigree below. 

Rika (BE19-6016097)

Rika became 7th Best old bird on the national long distance (8 races) PIPA ranking 2021. She was also crowned 2nd Ace pigeon tough Middle Distance Fondclub 2001 (behind Mustang Disney). Her palmares:

  • 1st Sermaises 362 km - 2.274 pigeons / 4th fastest – 8,621 pigeons
  • 6th Nat. Zone Chateauroux 362 km - 982 pigeons / 52th Nat. – 7,099 pigeons
  • 81th Nat. Chateauroux 362 km – 24,617 pigeons (different race)
  • 21st Nat. Zone La Souterraine 593 km – 1,180 pigeons / 148th Nat. – 8,383 pigeons
  • 76th Nat. Zone Issoudun 505 km – 1,588 pigeons
  • 5th Noyon 208 km - 662 pigeons
  • 6th Quievrain 104 km - 585 pigeons
  • 8th Bourges 477 km - 563 pigeons
  • 14th Chevrainvilliers 354 km - 869 pigeons
  • 18th Melun 310 km - 259 pigeons

Her father is Rikky, super breeder and also father to Prada, 5th and 19th Nat. Chateauroux. On mother's side Rika is a granddaughter to stock pigeon Elektro.


Lastly, we introduce the fantastic hen, BE20-6166100. She is a direct daughter to breeding revelation Iron Man, paired to Cobra, a sister to Mustang. In 5 weeks time she won the following prizes: 

  • 17/07/2021 - 4th Sermaises 362 km - 1,226 pigeons / 10th fastest against 3,569 pigeons
  • 23/07/2021 - 1st Fay Aux Loges 402 km - 601 pigeons / 6th prov. - 1,709 pigeons
  • 31/07/2021 - 5th Nanteuil 259 km - 822 pigeons
  • 07/08/2021 - 32nd Nat. Zone Chateauroux 526 km - 1.362 pigeons / 111th Nat. - 7,674 pigeons
  • 15/08/2021 - 21st Nat. Zone Argenton 555 km - 1,615 pigeons / 114th Nat. - 9.851 pigeons

The numbers presented above show that Hok Jos Vercammen has managed to perform at the top throughout the season. Their pigeons are true allrounders, capable of flying top results on 100 and 700km races. Preferably with tough conditions, as especially then a pigeon's quality is noticeable. With Mustang Queen, Disney Queen, Rika, Ali Baba, The 100 and Donald Duck (just to mention a few), a new generation of cracks has risen, thanks to super breeders Elektro, Mustang and Iron Man. Taking into regard the latest top result on the young birds race from Melun (taking the first 21 prizes against 1,202 pigeons with head wind), you can almost be sure that an impressive yearling team will be basketed next year.