Chris Debacker (Beveren-Leie, BE): once again on top in 2021

Chris Debacker is once again performing at an exceptionally high level. Week after week brilliant results are displayed on the racing websites with Debackers name on top.

Immediately the pigeons showed their true colours

Chris’ colony has been on a blast since the very start of the season, the old birds and yearlings immediately got into their habit of performing at an exceptionally high level, what followed was a multitude of resounding victories and intimidating results, sometimes no one could even stand up against this amazing flying crew. There were results where Chris’ took the entire podium and multiple times with 100% prize. 2° Provincial, 2° Zonal and 2° National Bourges against no less than 34.311 pigeons, 1° Provincial Chateauroux against 1.278 p., … In summary: from highlight to highlight. The only interruption in this dominant winning streak was a period of bird flue that held up the fanciers in the region for 2 weeks.

An exceptionally strong generation of young birds in 2021

Of course, it was also hoped that the young birds would perform at that same level and keep the momentum going. It was well known there was plenty of quality present in the breeding lofts, this had been demonstrated clearly in earlier seasons. However to perform as well as the 2021 generation has been doing shows that we are, beyond a shadow of a doubt, dealing with one of the very best lofts in Belgium. Especially on the popular (great) middle-distance races the newest additions to the Debacker’s loft have proven their worth.

To list everything that the young flying crew of Chris has been achieving would be a herculean task. Therefore a short overview of the highlights:

At Chateauroux Chris basketted 24 birds. It became yet another victory for Debacker’s athletes in the super-strong club in Rekkem :

1-2-4-6-7-10-21-36-45-58-81-95-100 against 343 p.

Gregoir (BE21-3062579) was the local victor, just in front of loft mate Gaetano (BE21-3062714) who claimed the second place for itself. Both these wonderbirds ended up in the provincial top-10. A performance that demands respect, because the very best partook in this heavy middle-distance race of 470 km. Through both of these birds flows the blood of stockbreeder Nick, the pigeon that has been putting the name Debacker on the map for so many years.

Glenn (BE21-3062727) is another pigeon that has been showing great potential, he has victories to his name from Arras and Fontenay (4th Prov. against more than 2.500 pigeons) + a 2nd prize at Clermont. Glen is a descendent of the great progenitor of Beveren-Leia, namely Nick in combination with the world-famous Tieke of Luc De Laere from Anzegem. Again, another diamond on Chris’ lofts.

As roughly everyone knows by now, the colony Debacker has close ties with that of good comrade Rik Cools from Ruiselede. Frequently pigeons are exchanged between these two champions or they partake in joint breeding. In 2021 this cooperation has proven fruitful yet again. Guiseppe (BE21-3076655) was bred by Rik Cools and is played in Beveren-Leie by Crhis. Guiseppe has claimed the spotlight for himself there by constantly dragging in trophies and victories week after week. He already has the following feats on his honours list :  6° Prov. Fontenay 2.549 p., 6° Prov. Chateaudun 3.635 p., 17° Brionne 8.825 p., 17° Prov. 4.4412 p., ...

A regular sight on the podium

When season 2021 is done and the champions and ace pigeons are announced, it shall be clear that the colony of Chris Debacker was, once again, outstanding. Year after year this loft stands out with its old birds, yearlings and young birds. It is clear that this is due to the rich breeding loft and the firm approach of the natural winner Chris. All the signs point towards it being another busy winter with plenty of tributes and podia to climb.