The Etienne Meirlaen pigeons have already booked 2 International victories in 2021

After having won 1st International Agen Hens at his own loft, the 1st Int. St. Vincent at Freialdenhofen & Söhne is flown by a 50% Meirlaen pigeon. 

The Meirlaen pigeons show to be in a winning mood, especially on the most prestigious international classics. A series of 1st prizes and great results on a local level, are now followed by top results nationally and internationally. 

1st Internat. Agen 7,622 Hens 2021

The most prominent result so far is winning 1st International Agen Hens against a total of 7,622 basketed hens. The lady that managed this tremendous result is Miss Narbonne BE18-4216097, who flew 1st Prov. and 3rd Nat. Narbonne as a yearling. She is a granddaughter to golden stock hen Yelena. A one-in-a-million breeder who's genes still play a role in top results on extreme long distance races at an international level, and not only at Etienne's loft.  



1st International St.Vincent 8,269 in 2021 – Freialdenhofen

The Meirlaen pigeons give other lofts reason to cheer as well, with victories on the highest level. This time in Germany, a daughter to Yelena BE15-4254711 paired to Marco (winner 1st Nat. Pau in 2014 at Etienne Meirlaen) is mother (BE16-4247629) to the winner of 1st International St.Vincent 8,269 pigeons at Feialdenhofen & Söhne (Aldenhoven, GE). 

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An amazing result that can be added to the list of top references with Meirlaen pigeons on other lofts. The already impressive list is continuously growing. Click below to get an overview:

Fireworks on own lofts in 2021

For those who have followed the extreme long distance races will have noticed the super season Etienne Meirlaen is having. He proves this with 4 x 1st prize on a local level on the 6 international races (5 old bird and 1 yearling race). Top spots and fantastic series on a local, provincial and up to a national level further show his class as a fancier. This season's highlight so far is the hens international victory from Agen, as mentioned earlier. 

The following results were achieved on the 5 international races that were held so far in 2021:

Pau Club 104 Old Birds: 1-2-8-11-15-17-20-21-23-28-34 (11/16)

Agen Club 295 Old Birds: 1-16-25-33-42-52-56-64-74-80-86-91 (12/17)
  Prov. 1,765 Old Birds: 2-99-163-213-237-265-282… (14/17)
  Nat.  6.938 Old Birds: 3-329-554-751-837-928… (12/17)
  Internat. 7,622 Hens: 1

Agen Club 196 Yearlings: 1-4-6-14-22-23-24… (14/34)

Barcelona Club 206 Old BirdsL 1-3-4-6-9-13-22-24-31-35-39-42-54-60 (14/24)
  Prov. 1,546 Old Birds: 3-26-43-52-74-109-181-187… (14/24)
  Nat. 6,913 Old Birds: 10-72-118-135-188-315-577-593-733-910-1155-1272-1597 (13/24)

From Barcelona the 1st and 2nd nominated pigeons, respectively took 3rd and 6th prize club and 72nd and 135th national. The club podium spot was on account of Barca Lady BE15-4240255, a strong marathon pigeons who managed to take a prize for the 5th time on Barcelona, and ranking 15th in the Primus-inter-Pares competition across 5 years Barcelona. 

St.Vincent Club 80 Old Birds: 3-4-6-8-13-15-22-26 (8/12)
  Prov.  721 Old Birds: 15-23-54-71-83-115-191-234 (8/12)
  Nat. 3,080 Old Birds: 54-85-186-244-285-407-710 (7/12)

Marseille Club 29 Old Birds: 2-3-4-7 (4/5)
  Prov.  245 Old Birds: 7-8-11-28 (4/5)
  Nat.  1,882 Old Birds: 38-39-46-136 (4/6)

On Marseille the 2nd and 1st nominated pigeons (in that order) place 2nd en 4th club, and 38th and 46th national.

With Barcelona and Marseille, Etienne Meirlaen has booked 2 top results for the national title "Extreme Long distance" KBDB. With still 2 international races on the calender in 2021, from Narbonne and Perpignan, there is still work to do in order to achieve a 3rd top result and take a shot at the title on the national and international level. It would be the cherry on top of an already wonderful 2021 racing season.