Joost De Smeyter (Melden, BE): 1st Nat. St. Vincent is the cherry on top of a strong season

If pigeon sport were to became an olympic discipline, Joost De Smeyter his pigeons would without doubt represent Belgium. An athlete such as Tadej (BE18-4051930), 1st National St. Vincent, would be a superb candidate to partake in the marathon...

The duo De Smeyter - Restiaen basketed a serious number of pigeons on St. Vincent. 48 athletes had to defend their loft's pride, in which they succeeded, with Tadej in the spotlights. He arrived in Melden at 21:56 and met his owners' expectations as 2nd nominated pigeon. After a 63th National Pau, 98th National Perpignan and 188th National Pau he puts the cherry on top with a 1st National St. Vincent against 3080 pigeons. 




Tadej, 1st National St. Vincent

Tadej's pedigree is simply stunning. On father side we can find the incredible Barcelona racer Odilon (3x Barcelona with 10th, 58th and 62nd International). His mother is a descendant from top breeder Gitan x daughter Grand Cru (1st International Bordeaux). Winning runs in the family...

Result St. Vincent 2021

1-13-35-45-112-157-158-195-215-393-457-459-478-498-536-558-565-582-624-636-652-671 against 3030 pigeons (22/47)

In 2021, combination De Smeyter - Restiaen once again show they house some absolute top pigeons. On the race from Pau, the provincial win and an impressive 11th National were flown by 'Ladagnous' (BE17-4017345), who was already good for an 8th and 87th National Pau earlier in his racing career.  

Provincial result Pau 2021

1-9-25-31-33-49-75-76-77-81-84-86-89-90-122-.... (30/55)

The race they look most forward to in Melden, as many marathon fanciers do, is of course Barcelona. This year, 52 pigeons were sent to Spain and they did not disappoint. The high expectations were met as 4 pigeons took a National Top 100 spot. At 07:16, the first pigeon arrived. It was BE16-4139860, an experienced racer with a 9th National Barcelona, 64th National Perpignan and 73rd Int. Pau already on his palmares. Now, a 9th National Barcelona can be added to this impressive list of achievements. Pure class!!

The next 2 pigeons arrived within 2 minutes of each other, placing 58th and 60th National Barcelona. It were BE18-4216529 and BE18-4051533 who managed this feat. Last mentioned is a direct daughter to "Cas", 1st International Pau 2015 paired to a daughter of Black Magic, 1st International Perpignan. Top class pigeons, perfectly cared for by Joost with help of IC-gamma from Versele, Belgavet, Wonder Pigeon and medical advisor Dr. Lanneau have resulted in amazing achievements the past years.

Result Barcelona 2021