Etienne Meirlaen (Deurle, BE) wins 1st Internat. Agen Hens and 3rd Nat. Agen with Miss Narbonne

This ace hen showed her stripes once more at Agen and won 3rd Nat. Agen, after she had already won 1st Prov. and 3rd Nat. Narbonne as a yearling. This is the crowning achievement of an exceptionally strong start to the extremely long distance season.

The Meirlaen-pigeons are obviously in a winning mood. On the first 2 classics of the long-distance, they had the following achievements at the local level.

Pau local 104 old birds: 1-2-8-11-15-17-20-21-23-28-34 (11/16)

Agen local 295 old birds: 1-16-25-33-42-52-56-64-74-80-86-91 (12/17)

  Prov 1.765 old birds: 2-99-163-213-237-265-282… (14/17)

  Nat  6.938 old birds: 3-329-554-751-837-928… (12/17)

  Intnat 5.031 hens: 1...

Agen local 196 yearlings: 1-4-6-14-22-23-24… (14/34)

Pau was anything but an easy race for the pigeons of the western side of Belgium, pigeons had to traverse the last 150 kilometres in the pouring rain. That these pigeons came home despite being chilled to the bone only makes them more deserving of appreciation for their fire and drive to, despite everything else, still, come back to their lofts. Etienne had only basketted hens at Pau.

Agen was a mixture of racing cocks and nest hens among the old birds, and yearling nest hens. Barcelona will contain mostly nest hens as well, although St.Vincent will be a job for the cocks. Every race is planned beforehand so that a strong and ready group can be present at the starting line of each international classic.

Miss Narbonne steals the spotlight at Agen: 1st Club - 2nd Prov. - 3rd Nat. Agen

This hen has grown into a powerful top racer at the national and international levels. Though Agen was not her debut. As a yearling, she already showcased her potential by winning the 1st Prov. and 3rd Nat. Narbonne among the yearlings, after already winning at Agen on the international level. Below we list some of the most impressive feasts of her honours list.

-Miss Narbonne BE18-4216097

1st International Agen 5,031 hens 2021
3rd Nat. Agen 6.938 p. ’21  – 2nd Prov. 1.765 p. – 1st Club 295 p.
3rd Nat. Narbonne 3.580 p. ’19 – 1st Prov. 883 p.
49th Nat. Agen 5.140 p. ’19 – 60th Intnat. 15.271 p.
336th Nat Narbonne 4.454 p. ’20
Granddaughter golden ‘Yelena’

Father: Son Olympiad 97 BE12-4278197
Son of super crack Super National Marseille BE05-4344721 (1st Olympic Pidgeon Continental Cup ELD `11 Budapest, winner 3x Top-100 National…) x golden stock dam Yelena
Mother: Mother Miss Narbonne BE16-4237058
Daughter of grandson Kleine Fenomeen BE13-4140264 x Geschelpt Bont BE13-4077069, from a joint breeding with brothers Desbuquois (from Son Monar x Dochter Bolleken Watten – Limbourg).

The Meirlaengroup has shaped up to be in its top shape just in time. The three times 1st prize at the first 2 big classics is promising for the remaining 5 international races. Certainly, something to keep an eye on, and to look forward to.