Australian buyers make the auction a great success. 339,700 EURO in total for 40 pigeons

Finally there was the 14th of August. The closing day of the auction that has been anticipated for a long time.

Australian buyers had been waiting for a long time. Due to Corona, the auction was postponed and it was eventually decided to have the auction take place online.

It became a huge success. The 40 pigeons were sold for a total amount of 339,700 EURO. That means with an exchange rate of 1.6 a total amount of 543,520 AUD.

The average per pigeon is 8.492 EURO. Which amounts to 13,588 AUD per pigeon. The most expensive two pigeons ended up at 40,500 EURO each. They are children of Golden Prince and Porsche 911. Bred by PIPA Elite Center.

The sellers wish all buyers the best of luck with their purchases.