Season Final breaks record. Auction for a total of 776,975 EURO.

From Sunday 4 July to today the following auctions ended: Big Andy OLR & Season Final day 1,2 & 3. The closing of the PIPA auction season traditionally consists of an auction with the crème de la crème of PIPA's highly valued relations.

Day 1 Season Final - 97 pigeons - 2,582 EURO / pigeon
Not only the total amount of the Season Final over three days was a record. This edition also achieved a record average on day 1. Never before has a day in the Season Final averaged more than 2,500 EURO/pigeon. Last Sunday day 1 ended with an average per pigeon of 2,582 EURO. The most expensive pigeon in the auction became a double grandchild of perhaps the most coveted OLR pigeon of the moment. Namely Romario. Romario's Queen offered by Simon Wolf was sold on Sunday for 25,500 EURO.

Day 2 Season Final - 113 pigeons - 2,410 EURO / pigeon
Day 2 was also a success. Never before has such a high total amount been achieved in one day in one of the Season Final days. The 113 pigeons raised no less than 272.375 EURO yesterday. The most expensive pigeon of day 2 was a child of Porsche x Louise, bred by the PIPA Elite Center. His new owner pays 30,000 EURO for him.

Day 3 Season Final - 122 pigeons - 2,083 EURO / pigeon
With the Barcelona fever that prevails at the moment, most attention went to pigeons with a long breath. For example, the most attention was paid to a son of Robin, bred by Harold Zwiers. Robin won a 1st National from Bergerac and became National Ace pigeon in the marathon. The son of Robin was sold for 10,800 EURO. The second most expensive was a child of New Laureaat, the story of this pigeon is now known. The buyer pays 10,000 EURO for the chequer white flight cock.

Big Andy OLR - 18 pigeons - 2,764 EURO / pigeon
The winners and ace pigeons of this new prestigious one loft race from Andy Larentzakis were selected today by their new owners. The group of 18 was certainly appreciated by the buyers and paid an average of 2,764 EURO/pigeon. In total, the auction raised 49,750 EURO. A wonderful result. The most coveted pigeon was the ace pigeon Hippolyta. The Ken Easley & Sons bred winner will return to her hometown. After a fierce battle in the final minutes, she finished with an amount of 13,000 EURO.