A report on the British Barcelona Club race from Blaydon on 12th June 2021

118 members sent 1,564 pigeons to Blaydon with the British Barcelona Club. They were liberated at 7.15CEST into a light north-west wind. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.
Terry & Karen Haley & Grandchildren

Terry Haley of Watford timed two pigeons to take first and second open, first and second section D. Both were two year olds on 1645ypm and 1637ypm respectively. The winner was bred by A and S Hughes of Rochdale and was a blue chequer hen sent sitting five day old eggs. It contains Herman Ceusters bloodlines via Premier Lofts, the sire being a son of Wild Wind whilst the dam is a grand-daughter of ManoChester. It is now named Simon's Gift after Simon Hughes who gifted it to Terry. The second national winner is named Miles Away, after Terry's youngest grandson. It was a blue cock, sent driving its hen to nest and bred from Andrew Newton's pigeon called George. 

John Adams

J Adams of Watford clocked four pigeons to take third to sixth open and third to sixth section D. First on the clock was a two year old, celibate cock on 1633.7ypm. This pigeon is bred down from Mark Gilbert's Golden Gaby Dutch Master bloodlines. Next up was a yearling hen on 1633.6ypm and also containing the Gilbert breeding. Third to time was another two year old, this one a sister to the previous timer, on 1625.5ypm. Fourth was a five year old hen on 1625.2ypm. This hen was badly hawked as a yearling but since then has been well raced. It contains Vandenabeele x Daniel Aerens bloodlines. 

Mr & Mrs Boggins' pigeon

Mr and Mrs Boggins and Son of Watford were seventh open and seventh section D with a two year old hen on 1622ypm. This hen was bred from a direct Freddy Vandenheede cock when paired to a Crammond and Langstaff hen. It was sent sitting seven day eggs. 

Les Hawkins

Mr and Mrs Hawkins of Bishops Stortford clocked a three year old on 1571ypm to take eighth open and first section J. Les timed Mr Wicker, a dark chequer cock bred by his friend Alan Wicker of Bolton. The sire of Mr Wicker was bred by the House of Aarden stud direct from Jelle Man and Jelle Baby, who in turn were bred from New Laureaat and Kleine Jade, both winners of first open international Barcelona. Les timed a second pigeon which will probably be fourth section. 

Lottie's Sister

P R Weedon and Sons of Uckfield were ninth open and first section G with a two year old hen named Lottie's Sister, on 1564ypm.  The partners clocked their game hen over four hours before their second arrival. Lottie's Sister is a half-sister to the hen that was second open, first section G from Bordeaux last season. The dam of both was a gift bird from James Parker of JPS Lofts. The sire is a double grandson of Marshall and Smith's The Machine. 

Dave Fry

Tenth open and first section A was a blue chequer, yearling hen on 1562ypm for D Fry of Havant. This pigeon was bred by Dave's friend Neville Spracklen of Dorchester and contains De Klak x Mark Gilbert bloodlines. It was lightly raced as a youngster and has only had two previous races this season. 

Mark Bulled & Sharon

Mark Bulled of Harlow was eleventh open and second section J with a three year old, widowhood cock on 1562ypm. It was bred direct from Legacy and scored from Bordeaux last season. 

Pete Wood

Pete Wood of Meriden timed a two year old hen on 1538ypm to take twelfth open and first section C. Called Houdini, this hen was bred from a loan bird from Mark Collins and was sent sitting four days on her first round of eggs of the season. 

Mark Gilbert

Mark Gilbert of Windsor timed two pigeons to take thirteenth and fourteenth open, eighth and ninth section D. Both were yearlings on 1529ypm. 

Sontag and Son of Harlow clocked a four year old on 1527ypm to take fifteenth open and third section J. 

Around the sections

Kevin & John Zerafa

Kevin and John Zerafa of Portsmouth were second section A with a two year old hen on 1501ypm. The sire was bred by Darren Ede from a son of Harry when paired to a hen called Lady Mirakel. The dam was bought from Joel Verschoot (Mr Armando) and is bred direct out of two of his winners, Cees, first national Brive and Suzanne, first national Pau. 

Marg Cowley

Mr and Mrs Cowley of Dorchester timed a two year old on 1448ypm to take first section B. Lawrence and Marg timed one of Marg's roundabout hens, the sire of which was bred by Paul Dolan of St Helens and contains his Top Dog family of bloodlines. The dam came from the partners' best breeding pair of Denis Sapin pigeons. Lawrence and Marg timed a second pigeon, a few minutes later, which may well be third section. 

Julie Gower

Mr and Mrs Mark Gower of Fordingbridge timed two pigeons to take second and third section B. First was a two year old on 1445ypm and next was a three year old on 1435ypm. First to clock was bred from Andy Parsons stock, being a grandson of second open NFC Tarbes, second CSCFC Pau and a merit award winner from Tarbes. Second to time was a Herman Ceuster cross which as a yearling was eleventh and sixteenth open with the NFC. 

David Woods

D Woods of Nuneaton was second section C with a yearling on 1454ypm. David timed a cock bred from a Jan Aarden gift bird from Lol Turner of Coventry, when paired to a hen from his own blended distance family of pigeons. 

McGraw, Clegg & Preece

McGraw, Clegg and Preece from Stoke on Trent were first section E with a four year old on 1309ypm. The section winner is bred out of their Midlands Continental Classic section winner when paired to their Federation Toppers bloodlines. Multiple winners have come from these birds, which in turn are bred from Billy Williams of Walsall pigeons. 

Martin Talent

Talent and Westbury of Corwen timed a two year old on 1228 ypm to take second section E. Martin Talent clocked a pigeon bred from their own family of distance pigeons which are Jan Aarden based. 


Kelsie (Sallis & Son's loft manager)

M Sallis & Son of Brighton timed a yearling on 1498ypm to take second section G. Danniel and Kelsie clocked a hen bred from Mark Gilbert x Alwyn Hill stock and that has been the partners' first bird home for the past three weeks. It's performances prior to Blaydon were thirtieth open Truro and forty-sixth open Hexham. 

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British Barcelona Club race from Blaydon.