Stef Bals (Wouwse Plantage, NL) shows his class on the middle distance race from Pt.St. Maxence in Afdeling Brabant 2000

Stef Bals takes both 1st and 2nd Provincial on the middle distance race from Pt. St. Maxence in Afdeling Brabant 2000 against 9,829 pigeons. His prize percentage of 77% (21/27 pigeons 1:4) gives the result extra shine. 

The past years Stef Bals hasn't gone unnoticed in Afdeling Brabant 2000. Especially on his favorite disciplines; short and middle distance. This season it took some time before his racing team was on top of it, but last weekend on June 6th it was all guns blazing. On the race from Pt. St. Maxence he places 1st and 2nd provincially with respective speeds of 1334 and 1333 m.p.m. The complete results are displayed below: 




Pt.St.Max. 275 km. 9.829 d.: 1-2-71-77-79-136-233-239-284-326-476-622-642-674-835-etc (21/27) 5x 1:100 19% 15x 1: 10 55% 21x 1: 4 77%
NL20-1574106, Superboy (1st Pt.St.Max. 9,829 pigeons)

As a young bird the winner from Pt. St. Maxence already showed to be a gifted racer. Amongst his results are 4th Quiévrain (1,256 p.) and 1st Ace pigeons Natour Samenspel RCC. Superboy's father is a half-brother to Olympic Roel (Hok Huijsmans, Hoogerheide). His mother is New Universe (NL15-1800997) who is a breeding result of '744 (Hans Eijerkamp en Znn) x wonder breeder Miss Universe, from Hok Huijsmans as mentioned earlier. 

NL15-1800997, New Universe

New Universe has proven to be an amazing breeder. Besides being mother to Superboy, Blue Pearl (NL17-1366877) is also bred directly from this super hen. In 2018 Blue Pearl also won 1st Provincial Pt. St. Maxence against 13,240 pigeons. Meanwhile Blue Pearl has been transferred to Maarten Huijsmans' breeding loft and has become mother to 1st Morlincourt (3,438 pigeons). An overview of New Universe's children's top results:

1st Prov. Pt.St.Max 13,210 p. (Blue Pearl) 1st Prov. Pt.St.Max 9,829 p. (Superboy) 1st Peronne 1,029 p. 3rd Prov. Sens 4,971 p. 3rd Pt.St.Max 1,565 p.
NL17-1366877, Blue Pearl (1st Pt.St.Max 13,210 p.)
NL20-206959, Romy (2nd Pt. St. Max 9,829 p.)

Racing hen Romy reached the loft second, and thereby took 2nd Provincial Pt. St. Maxence. She too has an excellent pedigree. Father is Son NPO Men and her mother is Special Blue. This breeding couple may well be called top class as their children won:

1st Niergnies 6,295 p. (2nd Prov. 20,420 p.) 1st Quievrain 2,510 p. (fastest against 11,565 p.) 2nd Prov. Maxence 9,829 p. 4th Prov. Melun 5,579 p. 4th Prov. Sens 4,971 p. 4th Melun 1,359 p. 4th Peronne 1,029 p.
NL13-1338982, Son NPO Men
NL16-1617333, Special Blue

Stef Bals, top fancier in Afdeling Brabant 2000

Stef started the season with 25 couples played on double widowhood. However, at the time he keeps home one pigeon from most couples. This has Stef's preference. Meaning he has roughly 30 pigeons to complete the racing calendar, from short distance, middle distance to the last one-day races and the natour. His pigeons' bloodlines are predominantly (around 75%) from Hok Huijsmans. Some loose lines make up the remainder, such as an Eijerkamp cock, the '744, who's children too are excellent breeders. Every year Stef achieves splendid results with these pigeons. The result booked on this season's Pt. St. Maxence is possibly only a sneak-peak of what's to come.