Marcel Vercaigne (Tertre, BE), best kept secret from Belgium?

Despite a rich career with several decades of success, Marcel Vercaigne always stayed under the radar of the international pigeon sport. Mainly because he is a very modest person. His loft is indeed one of the best sprint lofts from the country.

With his entire stock composed of six racers, 1 breeding pair & around twenty young birds ringed each year, Marcel Vercaigne is really coming from another planet. Marcel is a pigeon fancier for 65 years (his first membership was in 1956) and he is practicing the pigeon sport in the same way than when he started back then, which means which only a handful of pigeons that he is enjoying each day. Pedigrees and books full of results? It's not that important. He is probably one of the last living fanciers working this way, one of the last members of the old fashioned style that we had often heard about from an other person we may know. If he never seeked recognition, Marcel Vercaigne must be put under the spotlights by us because of his brilliant performances booked with such a small colony. It's only a few years ago that he started sending his results to some championships (mainly the ones from the KBDB) but in 2020, under the impulse of a friend, he sent his results to the prestigious championship from the magazine 'De Duif' and ended the season while winning the title of Superstar of the year in the sprint category against all the best fanciers of the country. Here is a brief summary of his main results in 2020:

1. Superstar of the year sprint (Gouden Duif)
1. Superstar of september - sprint (Gouden Duif)
1. Provincial Champion sprint old pigeons KBDB
1. Provincial Ace Pigeon sprint old birds KBDB
2. Ace Pigeon sprint Olympic Hope 2019-2020
2. Provincial Ace Pigeon sprint old birds KBDB
3. Provincial Ace Pigeon sprint young birds KBDB
4. Provincial Ace Pigeon sprint young birds KBDB
5. Provincial Ace Pigeon sprint young birds KBDB
17. National Champion national vitesse vieux KBDB
21. National Ace Pigeon sprint old birds KBDB
27. National Ace Pigeon sprint old birds KBDB

When you know the size of the entire colony, it really gives you a strong impression. But what is even more incredible is that the main opponents that Marcel Vercaigne is facing each week in his combine are quite famous as well ... Indeed, we can talk about some former or current national champions of the KBDB like the combination Dehon-Demonseau & Marc Capelle who need no more introduction but also some lofts such as Kevin Saudoyez, Cirier-Ruelle, Hugo Gorniak, Frederick Philippe, etc. This makes of this combine one of the strongest of Belgium even if, just like Marcel did most of the time, this combine always stayed under the radar comparing to some combines on the flemish side. No worries at all, the performance list of Marcel speaks for itself! During his entire career, he always worked with pigeons from local fanciers. At the base, we find the pigeons from the combination Wattiez-Lheureux. Over the last few years, Marcel obtained several vouchers from his club from Paolo Chiacchetta, Serge Demory or Godart-Picard.

Several pigeons deserve a mention in this report! You can find their performance list on the pictures and none of them has a pedigree to this day. Let's start by the big star of the loft:

- 'Olympic Superstars' (BE16-1066986)

- 'Paolo Superstars' (BE17-1013073)

- 'Bariolé Superstars' (BE18-1074641)

- 'Black Star' (BE14-1147167)

Even if he enjoys this success and the sudden recognition, it won't have a big impact on how Marcel will handle the things: to enjoy his pigeons next to his wife Yvonne. Our congratulations!