Kas and Karel Meijers (Oud Ootmarsum, NL) already have a fantastic successor of Olympic Nicole – meet Olympic Anaba!

Kas en Karel Meijers
Kas and Karel Meijers continue their amazing Olympic journey with Olympic Anaba, 1st Olympiad pigeon Sprint (cat. A) for The Netherlands.

An amazing Olympiad history

Father Karel and son Kas Meijers have built up an astonishing reputation with Olympiad pigeons. At the 2013 Olympiad in Nitra, Czech Republic, they had in the sports category the 1st Olympiad pigeon Youngsters (Cat. F) for the Netherlands – Olympic Bolt. And, in 2019, Kas en Carl repeated this in Poznan, Poland with the NL16-1176076 Olympic Nicole. Once again, they had the 1st Olympiad pigeon for the Netherlands, and now in cat. A Sprint. Their superior results in natour races in 2021 indicated that something sensational was about to happen. As it turned out, Kas and Karel had the successor of Olympic Nicole in their own lofts. That is the three-year-old hen NL17-1743820 Olympic Anaba who, with an exceptionally small coefficient of 22,399, will lead the Netherlands in Cat. A Sprint at the 2022 Olympiad, in Romania.

Olympic Anaba

NL17-1743820 Olympic Anaba, 1st Dutch Olympiad pigeon Cat. A Romania 2022

NL17-1743820 Olympic Anaba had already built a solid foundation in 2019, prior to her title as 1st Olympiad Pigeon for the Netherlands. In 2019, she was the champion in the category speed in dept. 9, East-Netherlands. She achieved six out of the ten results she needed for that winning coefficient, in 2019. Her absolute peak performance was the four natour races in 2020. Below is a complete overview of Olympic Anaba’s ten excellent results that kept the competition at bay:

27-04-2019 Bierges 245,276 km 1st 3,340 pigeons 0.299
(dept. 9 CC4)
05-09-2020 Burdinne 240.721 km 1st 2,757 pigeons 0.363
(dept. 9 CC4)
03-08-2019 Boxtel 140,825 km 3rd 4,129 pigeons 0.727
(dept. 9 CC4)
21-07-2019 Quiévrain 315,019 km 4th 4,249 pigeons 0.941
(dept. 9 North)
14-09-2019 Niergnies 357,994 km 1st 715 pigeons 1,399
(dept. 9 CC4)
29-08-2020 Tilburg 160,158 km 5th 3,190 pigeons 1,567
(dept. 9 CC4)
13-04-2019 Boxtel 140,825 km 5th 1,961 pigeons 2,550
(dept. 9 CC4)
12-09-2020 Quiévrain 315,019 km 13th 16,175 pigeons 2,600
(dept. 9)
22-08-2020 Beek en Donk 129,697 km 17th 3,470 pigeons 4,899
(dept. 9 CC4)
25-05-2019 Quiévrain 315,019 km 16th 2,268 pigeons 7,055
(dept. 9 CC4)

Right underneath, we introduce the parents of Olympic Anaba.

The Father of Olympic Anaba: De 655

NL13-1769655 De 655, father of Olympic Anaba 1st Dutch Olympiad pigeon Cat. A Romania 2022

The sire of Olympic Anaba is NL13-1769655 De 655, who comes from parents of Belgian origin. His father, BE11-6091620, comes from the fancier Leo Heremans. And this cock is a son of BE10-6146081 Kleine Blauwe, 12th Nat. Ace Pigeon Sprint KBDB 2011 with, among other great results, five victories from Noyon. The dam of BE11-620 is a sister of, among others, Donker Aske, 3rd National Ace Pigeon Ave Reg 05. De 655 has also managed to impress as a racing pigeon. His palmares contains, among other things, the following achievements:

2nd Quiévrain against 1,603 pigeons (5th against 6,382 pigeons)
3rd Deurne against 1,391 pigeons (5th against 5,974 pigeons)
3rd Tongeren against 1,027 pigeons (19th against 5,293 pigeons)
4th Heusden against 1,965 pigeons (15th against 8,386 pigeons)
5th Hannut against 977 pigeons (30th against 5,323 pigeons)
7th Quiévrain against 873 pigeons (21st against 3,413 pigeons)
10th Venlo against 1,342 pigeons (84th against 6,241 pigeons)

The dam of Olympic Anaba: New Queen Rossi

NL16-1176118 New Queen Rossi, mother of Olympic Anaba 1st Dutch Olympiad pigeon Cat. A Romania 2022.

NL16-1176118 New Queen Rossi, the mother of Olympic Anaba, also has her roots in Belgium. Her father, De Nieuwe Gilbert, comes directly from Leo Heremans. That cock is a son of BE11-6094058 Gilbert. That phenomenal bird of Leo Heremans got the title of 1st National Ace Pigeon Youngsters LCB and won 4th National Ace Pigeon Sprint Youngsters KBDB. New Queen Rossi's mother comes from Stefaan Lambrechts. She is a sister of BE13-188, 2nd National Ace Pigeon Middle Distance KBDB 2013. New Queen Rossi also won the Ace Pigeon Championship Natour in province 9 CC 4, in 2019.

Olympic Aponi 5th Olympiad pigeon for The Netherlands, Cat. G.

NL19-1340730 Olympic Aponi, 5th Dutch Olympiad pigeon Cat. G Romania 2022

And things will only get even more mind-blowing, as we will introduce to you NL19-1340730 Olympic Aponi. That hen will play in Cat. G Yearlings as 5th Netherlands Olympiad pigeon in Romania, in 2022. Olympic Aponi is a daughter of Olympic Anaba, a fact which shows not only the value of this already legendary hen as a racing bird, but also as a breeder. Olympic Aponi secured her fifth place with a series of excellent results in the natour races, in 2020. With those fantastic performances, she won 1st ace pigeon championships in the natour at club level, in CC4, in province 9 North and in the entire province 9. An overview of the performances that brought Olympic Aponi to the Olympiad:


12-09-2020 Quiévrain 315,019 km 1st 16,175 pigeons (dept. 9)
05-09-2020 Burdinne 240.721 km 3rd 2,757 pigeons (dept. 9 CC4)
29-08-2020 Tilburg 160,158 km 7th 3,190 pigeons (dept. 9 CC4)
22-08-2020 Beek and Donk 129,697 km 15th 3,470 pigeons (dept. 9 CC4)
19-09-2020 Quiévrain 315,019 km 8th 1,550 pigeons (dept. 9 CC4)
NL16-1176076 Olympic Nicole has a dream successor: Olympic Anaba

Olympiad Romania

COVID 19 has removed the Olympiad from the 2021 pigeon calendar, and so the event will take place in Romania, in 2022. Then, the international pigeon sport will get to see once again Kas and Karel Meijers, whose participation will be of the highest Dutch level. A unique achievement, in all respects.