Jacques en Freddy Vandenheede (Kruisem, BE) dominate as never before

In 2020, the Vandenheede brothers performed at a level out of this world. It’s been literally raining victories, and this hurricane of triumphs has left both friends and enemies speechless.

Total dominance

The lofts in Kruisem (Zingem) are setting new standards in the last few years. Their dominance in the national races and in the KBDB championships shows that the Vandenheede colony can rightfully be rated as the absolute No. 1 in pigeon land. And what better way to describe these fanciers than looking at their triumphs? The record figures right below clearly confirm the statement that the Vandenheede brothers can be identified as real trendsetters in the pigeon sport:

In one season (2020) they claimed the entire podium twice in a national race: Brive against 3,755 pigeons won 1-2-3, just like Limoges against 9,756 p. again 1-2 and 3.

2020 will go down in history also as the year when Freddy and Jacques Vandenheede classified 25 pigeons among the national KBDB Ace pigeons.

In 2019 they had the 5 fastest pigeons from Vierzon national, against no less than 32,530 pigeons: 1-2-3-4-5 (!!)

Already 3 times General National Champion KBDB (2012-2017 and 2018).

To date, 22 straight national victories.


Cycling enthusiasts speak of Merckxian when it comes to this kind of dominance. In the pigeon sport, it is the name Vandenheede that has now become synonymous with achievements reserved only for the truly great.

2020 was absolutely powerful

High-level fanciers naturally aim for the national championships every year. In Belgium, these are the famous KBDB championships and, in order to qualify for them, one must have pigeons of the very best quality in his lofts. And so, when we look at what the Vandenheede colony pulled off in 2020, it takes a minute to grasp what we see. Especially in the ace pigeon competitions, their predominance was mind-blowing:

Ace pigeon KBDB All-Round old + yearlings: 1st -3rd -4th -7th -8th -16th -17th -20th -21st -22nd -27th -30th; which means that no less than 12 of the 30 best pigeons of Belgium belong to the Vandenheede colony!!

Ace pigeon KBDB Long Distance old: 1st -2nd -5th -7th -16th -26th and 27th. So, here too, complete dominance in the stunning category of Ace pigeons. Moreover, in the combined category of Grand Distance and Long Distance yearlings, again a number of Vandenheede pigeons were among the best of Belgium: 3rd -4th -16th -26th -29th and 30th.

But the name Vandenheede was not the big eye-catcher only for those fabulous ace pigeons. Freddy and Jacques were also the big winners in the long distance championships with their first two nominated birds:

1st National Champion KBDB Long Distance old birds and 4th National Champion Long Distance yearlings. No one has ever been before so clearly the best in one season, but then again, the Vandenheede brothers have been performing in the pigeon sport in a league of their own for many years. Nevertheless, 2020 was a real record year for these grandmasters thanks to the unprecedented quality of the many star-racers in their lofts.

A loft of matchless stars and winners

Naturally, you don’t get to see wonder-pigeons at every corner – which, of course, makes sense. But, apparently, they are a bit more common at Freddy and Jacques Vandenheede’s lofts than at the lofts of other fanciers. In the recent past, we saw for instance Miracle Ace (BE11-4244017): 1st National Ace pigeon KBDB Long Distance 2013. Apart from his title, this wonderful athlete has also won national prizes per 100 from Libourne, Gueret, Tulle, Bourges, Limoges.. In other words: a typical Vandenheede pigeon.

Miracle Ace: one of the best pigeons ever

In the last season, Liam (BE17-4200195) was one of the rising stars winning his title as 1st National Ace pigeon KBDB All-Round old + yearlings. As a yearling, he already showed his skills in 2018, with an amazing local victory from Chateauroux, 2nd provincial and 7th National against 8,085 pigeons plus more national top-100 prizes and a truly fabulous prize from Blois provincial. In 2020, he was really outstanding, achieving magnificent results, such as 3rd Zonal Argenton, 1st Zonal Tulle, 8th Zonal Gueret and a top prize from Vierzon.

Liam : 1st National Ace pigeon KBDB All-Round in 2020

Another extraordinary pigeon among the champion-birds from Zingem in 2020 was definitely Classic Pearl (BE18-4097065) who won 1st National Ace pigeon KBDB Long Distance old. The performances this supreme hen in 2020 are exhilarating: 2nd National and 2nd provincial Brive, 2nd Zonal and 2nd Limoges provincial, and even more absolute-top prizes from Tulle, and once again Limoges. In 2019, as a yearling, she won prizes per 100 from Aurillac, Souillac, Tulle and Limoges; the load of prizes this bird won was slowly becoming commonplace at the loft Vandenheede. All these achievements resulted in, among other things, a glorious nomination for the upcoming Olympics. And therefore, Classic Pearl is, naturally, a big eye-catcher in various PIPA Rankings.

Classic Pearl : 1st National Ace pigeon KBDB long distance old birds.

The bird we would like to introduce briefly next, is Chocha (BE18-4097009). The Pipa rankings, as everybody knows, are a very accurate tool to indicate the very best pigeons, and precisely in these rankings the super-pigeon Chocha figures at the top: 1st in the ranking over 5 national races and 7th National Ace Pigeon KBDB Long distance. With national top-10 prizes from Limoges and Argenton on her palmares, this winner proves to be cut out for racing in the pigeon sport.

Chocha: omnipresent in the PIPA-Rankings

Does the chain of top-pigeons ever end at the loft of Vandenheede? What can we say about the next pigeon, Gentleman (BE17-4200306)? A beautiful blue tinted cock that has earned a place among the Olympiad pigeons and won 2nd National Ace pigeon KBDB Long Distance, finishing right after his aforementioned loft-buddy, Classic Pearl. In the past 2 seasons, only at the national level, this top bird achieved: 8th Limoges, 9th Souillac, 23rd Limoges, 23rd Brive, 31st Souillac,… This is a pigeon always racing in the frontlines - a bird that brings top-results and much excitement to the Vandenheede brothers.

Gentleman: among other victories, 2nd Nat. Ace pigeon and participant at the Olympiade

As you can see, Gentleman and Classic Pearl represent the Vandenheede colony at the upcoming Olympiade, which is an extraordinary achievement. But there is also another Olympic-racing bird, from a couple of seasons ago: Olympic Tygo (BE15-4130410). At the Poznan Olympiade, in 2019, this beautiful athlete was classified in category C, after phenomenally high-level results for several seasons. In addition to his title of 2nd National Ace pigeon KBDB Long Distance, and with a whole series of top prizes in the national long distance competitions in 2018, he is also, for sure, one of the pillars of the colony.

Olympic Tygo: another Olympiad pigeon from Vandenheede

Besides the aforementioned Gentleman and Liam, another member of that magnificent group is Golden Buzzer (BE17-4200218), born in 2017. Golden Buzzer, also, stood on the national podium in 2020 as 3rd National Ace pigeon KBDB All-Round and 5th National Ace Pigeon KBDB Long Distance. You will find this pigeon, and rightly so, at the top of the PIPA-Rankings as 2nd over 4 and 5 national long distance races. Another Vandenheede pigeon that is incredibly gifted.

Golden Buzzer: one of the many top pigeons in the lofts of Freddy and Jacques.

More than ready for the future

Jacques and Freddy are born winners and very happy fanciers – and who wouldn’t be with such athletes in their lofts? New top-birds are steadily rising, for racing as well as for breeding. For example, recently another super breeder emerged in the lofts of Zingem: Double First National Ace 78 (BE15-4269578). This pigeon is the child of the 1st National Ace pigeon KBDB Long Distance 2013 with the 1st National Ace pigeon KBDB Longer Middle Distance 2013 (half-brother x half-sister). This late youngster was used for breeding for the very first time in 2017! Double First National Ace 78 is already the father of a long list of KBDB Ace pigeons: 3rd Nat. Ace pigeon All-Round, 5th Nat. Ace pigeon Long Distance, 8th Nat. Ace Pigeon All-Round, 16th Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance, 17th Nat. Ace pigeon All-Round, 27th Nat. Ace Pigeon All-Round. Mating with different hens and bringing excellent quality birds into the world at such a young age! This only confirms that we can rightly speak about a real treasure in the breeding loft of Jacques and Freddy.

The Vandenheede loft stands for exceptional quality in combination with an approach that leaves nothing to chance. The sharp intuition of the brothers ensures that the colony makes a steady and remarkable progress. In the hands of craftsmen such as Jacques and Freddy, the bar is set at an ultimate height. The future looks very bright at the Jacques & Freddy Vandenheede household.