Embregts-Theunis (Hoeven, NL) ranks among the very best all-round lofts in the Netherlands

Peter Theunis (Hoeven, NL)
Peter Theunis is working on an impressive series of rankings in the “Best Fancier” category of the national WHZB / TBOTB competition. In 2020 he moved up to third place.

A regular headliner

When asked who currently has the very best all-round loft in the Netherlands, the answer could very well be Peter Theunis. This ardent fancier from Hoeven in West Brabant is making an impressive upward move. In the years 2017 to 2019, Peter finished 11th, 10th and 4th respectively in the Best Fancier category of the national WHZB / TBOTB competition. In 2020, he went one step further with a third place in the final ranking

Super season

In the short 2020 season, Peter managed to achieve no less than 10 victories against an average of 1376 pigeons in the CC Westhoek '70. A season with overwhelming results and impressive series. The biggest hits were made on the first young bird race from Bierges where, against 701 pigeons, the first 17 places on the result sheet were taken by pigeons from Peter. In the young bird race from Chateaudun (451 km) this was done again nicely. Within the first 25 pigeons on the result sheet (757 pigeons) only twice a name other than that of Embregts-Theunis was seen. In a period of barely 4 minutes, 20 pigeons rushed into the loft, all of which classified themselves in the top 43 of the department result. Six of those pigeons flew within the top 10 of Brabant 2000 against 6277 pigeons. In province Brabant 2000, the supremacy of 2020 resulted in the complimentary loft and ace pigeon championships;

1e Champion Loft One Day Long Distance Old Birds Non-nominated
1e Champion Loft Youngsters Non-nominated
2e Champion Loft Middle Distance Old Birds Nominated
2e Ace Pigeon Middle Distance Old Birds NL17-3715060
2e Ace Pigeon Youngsters NL20-2002250
3e Ace Pigeon Youngsters NL20-2002219
3e Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance Old Birds NL18-3802226
4e Champion Loft One Day Long Distance Old Birds Nominated
4e Champion Loft Middle Distance Old Birds Non-nominated

Peter's pigeons flew in the top ten of the department result no less than 13 times (against an average of 8333 pigeons).

Two victories for Dragon Girl

NL17-3714981 Dragon Girl, 2 victories in the 2020 season

NL17-3714981 ‘Dragon Girl’ was one of the trendsetters of the 2020 season. She was victorious from Pontoise against 2,253 pigeons and then also won a one day long distance competition from Montlucon. ‘Dragon Girl’ was also the fastest pigeon of Rayon 2 of Brabant 2000 against 1,606 pigeons from Montlucon. In the department she came out strong with a 5th place against 19,730 pigeons (Pontoise) and a 9th NPO against 5,046 pigeons (Montlucon). Dragon Girl's total number of wins has now risen to four. Her record is as follows;

1e Pontoise 2253 p. - 5e Brabant 2000 against 19730 pigeons
1e Orléans 1652 p. - 11e NPO 5110 p.
1e Montlucon 1606 p. - 9e NPO 5046 p.
1e La Souterraine 1380 p. - 4e NPO 4055 p.
2e Golden Crack Fondclub South-Netherlands

Dragon Girl is a daughter of NL14-3422533 Fast Rocket x NL15-3530499 Dragon Star.

NPO victory with Witbuiks Blue

NL18-3802226 Witbuiks Blue, 1e NPO La Souterraine against 2753 pigeons

In 2020, NL18-3802226 Witbuiks Blue provided the icing on the cake. This hen won a 1st NPO La Souterraine against 2753 pigeons. Witbuiks Blue was in excellent shape throughout the season, which earned her the necessary prizes in various competitions. So she won, among other things;

3e Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance Brabant 2000
3e Golden Crack One Day Long Distance Brabant 2000 (Fondclub South-Netherlands)
11e National Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance WHZB/TBOTB

Witbuiks Blue is a daughter of NL08-1650231 Young Witbuik x NL17-3748931 Miss Milenium (daughter of the Millennium couple)

In Good Company

With her NPO victory from La Souterraine ‘Witbuiks Blue’ is in good company in the lofts of Peter Theunis. His breeding lofts are home to a considerable number of NPO winners, some of which we would like to introduce to you. It is remarkable that they all proved their breeding value in 2020, which we see in the racing results of their youngsters.

National Rossie 1e NPO Gien

BE17-6020483 National Rossie, 1e NPO Gien against 6419 pigeons

BE17-6020483 National Rossie achieved an NPO victory from Gien against 6419 pigeons. In the sector result of the national competition National Rossie finished in a nice third place against 23171 pigeons. National Rossie is a grandson of NL11-3024491 Super Rossi. In 2020 National Rossie became the father of the 13th national Ace pigeon National Millennium.

Avatar, 1e NPO Quiévrain

NL17-1371054 Avatar, 1e NPO Quiévrain against 13331 pigeons

NL17-1371054 ‘Avatar’ was raced by Jan Timmermans in the province of Friesland '96. There that cock won a 1st NPO Quiévrain against 13331 pigeons. With this achievement Avatar once again provides clear proof of the class of the Theunis pigeons. An exceptional breeding couple comes to light with the parents of Avatar. Avatar is a son of the Millennium couple that consists of BE14-6074354 Mister Millennium and NL15-3535059 Millennium. Of the 10 victories that were achieved in the CC Westhoek '70, no less than 6 were achieved by (grand) children of the Millennium couple. Children of Avatar performed as follows in 2020;

Millennium Ava
1e Chateaudun against 2456 p. (Rayon 2 Brabant 2000)
3e NPO Chateaudun against 6277 p.
Mad Max
1e Issoudun against 946 p. (CC Westhoek '70)
7e NPO Issoudun against 7183 p.
Avatars Girl
20e NPO Pont St.Max against 16292 p.

Olympic Millennium

NL17-3714984 Olympic Millennium, 2e Dutch Olympiade Pigeon Poznan

The undisputed pearl of the Millennium couple is NL17-3714984 Olympic Millennium, who was untouchable and flashed through the airspace in 2017 and 2018. In both years her racing skills were rewarded in the PIPA rankings and eventually crowned as 2nd Dutch Olympiad pigeon to the Olympiad in Poznan. In 2020 she became the mother of National Millennium, together with National Rossie, who became the 13th national ace pigeon. The impressive honors list of Olympic Millennium looks like this;

1e PIPA-Ranking Best Youngster Short Distance of the Netherlands - 4 prizes 2017
1e Ace Pigeon Brabant 2000 2018
2e PIPA-Ranking Best Short/Middle Distance Pigeon of Netherlands - 10 prizes 2018
3e National Ace Pigeon Short Distance WHZB/TBOTB 2018
5e PIPA-Ranking Best Ace Pigeon Youngsters of Netherlands - 6 prizes 2017

Super Daisy, 1e NPO Argenton

NL17-3732555 Super Daisy, 1e NPO Argenton against 5187 pigeons

With NL17-3732555 ‘Super Daisy’ we return to illustrious company with an NPO victory in our pocket. Super Daisy won a 1st NPO Argenton against 5187 pigeons. This hen is a daughter of Super Rossi, Peter's other breeding phenomenon. Before the Millennium couple showed their breeding skills, it was Super Rossi who brought top pigeons into the world with the regularity of a Swiss clock. In 2020, Super Daisy followed in her father's footsteps in that area. She is the mother of a.o. Super Sonny who flew a 5th NPO from Chateaudun (6277 p.). In addition, she is the mother of the top yearling Golden Boy who was in the spotlight with a.o. 13th Pontoise (Brabant 2000 against 19,730 p.), 15th NPO Montlucon against 5,046 p. and 57th NPO Issoudun against 7612 pigeons.

Golden Ace, big win from Quiévrain

NL17-3715065 Golden Ace, follows in the footsteps of her sire Super Rossi as a super breeder

One of those wonderful children of Supper Rossi is NL 17-3715065 Golden Ace. This hen won a.o. 1st Quiévrain against 5214 pigeons and 1st Quiévrain against 6509 pigeons. Golden Ace now forms, together with NL18-1191415 Gray Millenium (son of the Millennium couple), a new breeding pair that Peter already calls the Golden Pair. In 2020 children of that couple won a.o. 1st Bierges 701 p. (Blue Millennia), 14th NPO Chateaudun 6277 p. (Golden Millennium) and 17th NPO Sens (Millenniums Best). Some children won the following titles;

Millennium Ace
11e National Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance WHZB/TBOTB
Super Ace
1e National Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance Fondspiegel
Misse Golden Eye
1e General Ace Pigeon
17e National Ace Pigeon Old Birds WHZB/TBOTB 2020

Lichte SuperRossi, superior son of Super Rossi

NL17-3715057 Lichte SuperRossi, a fantastic son of Super Rossi

A pigeon that we certainly do not want to keep from you in this report is NL17-3715057 ‘Lichte SuperRossi.’ This beautiful checker cock is also a direct son of Super Rossi. Lichte SuperRossi excelled with 1st prizes from Fontenay and Peronne and became the 8th National Ace Pigeon Allround. Children and grandchildren of Lichte SuperRossi showed themselves in 2020;

Children won;
Olympic Murphy
8e NPO Chateaudun 6277 p.
New Flame
18e NPO Chateaudun 6277 p.
Grandchildren won;
Wonder Full Dragon (new topper in the racing loft)
1e Morlincourt 1878 p. (8e Brabant 2000 against 17908 p.)
2e Ace Pigeon Brabant 2000
17e National Ace Pigeon

The Millennium Couple themselves also made a strong contribution

And then of course there is still the Millennium couple themselves. In 2020 they again showed the light of day to more winners;

Millennium Sunrise
1e Quiévrain 2500 p.
New Millennium
1e Niergnies 2271 p.
Next Millennium
7e NPO Chateaudun 6277 p.


Rarely have we seen a loft with pigeons that have as much quality as that of Peter Theunis. A breeding loft that only consists of winners. Because if anything became clear, it is that Peter does not like to be one of the losers. A 2nd place on the result sheet is seen by him as the first loser. The advance in the category of Best Fancier in the Netherlands is impressive. Only two more steps separates him from the coveted title.