Philippe Dobbelaere (Olsene, BE) races a highly talented bloodline: the Rocco generation

Philippe Dobbelaere en zijn familie
2019 had been a fantastic season for Philippe, who claimed a 1st National Libourne yearlings and a 1st National ace pigeon long distance & extreme long distance. He was equally strong in 2020, which goes to show that he has a fantastic group of pigeons at his disposal.


There is a saying that goes "good things come in threes", and that is spot on for the pigeon breed from Olsene: Rocco, Robby and Robin are the Holy Trinity for the Dobbelaere family.

Rocco: winner of four first prizes in the club, plus a 5. Nat. Limoges 10,554 p. ’17 etc.



Erelijst Rocco

5. Nat Limoges 10,554 p. ’17
14. Prov Chateauroux 4,740 p. ’17
21. Nat.Zone La Souterraine 6,702 p. ’16
29. Nat.Zone Argenton 6,628 p. ’17
45. Nat.Zone Argenton 7,091 p. ’16
72. Nat Gueret 5,331 p. ’18
270 Nat Argenton 15,235 p. ’19
641 Nat Argenton 11,837 p. ’18
642 Nat Bourges 20,284 p. ’18
656 Nat Limoges 9,661 p. ’19

Robin: A super class pigeon in Philippe Dobbelaere's collection that gained an international reputation as 1st National Libourne against 8,959 pigeons. He also won a 5th Nat. Limoges, and he went on to win a title of 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon long distance & extreme long distance YLs KBDB 2019, which was a stellar result!

Robin, 1st National Ace Pigeon long distance & extreme long distance 2019

Robby: A powerful racing bird and a full brother of Rocco. He won a title of 7th Nat. Ace Pigeon long distance KBDB 2019 (including a 3rd Nat. Libourne) and 5 x Top-100 National. Robby's own nest brother is the sire of Robin.

Robby, 7th National Ace Pigeon long distance 2019

Robby's palmares

7. Nat. Ace Pigeon long distance KBDB 2019
1. Lok Clermont 304 p. ’19
1. Lok Fontenay 279 p. ’18
3. Nat Libourne 4,605 p. ’19 – 1. club 113 p.
35. Nat Gueret 8,517 p. ’18
54. Nat Limoges II 9,661 p. ’19
54. Nat Tulle 6,206 p. ’19
71. Nat Argenton 15,235 p. ’19
65. Prov Orleans 3,826 p. ’19
99. Prov Blois 2,480 p. ’18
300 Nat Bourges 19,133 p. ’18
6. Lok Fontenay 646 p. ’17

The Rocco dynasty stepped up again this season to demonstrate its enormous racing potential. Take for instance  Renée (BE20-4126809) and Rocky (BE18-4076108), a sister and brother of Robby and Rocco. Renée is the proud winner in Sermaises (1st of 2274 pigeons), and Rocky has been quite successful too, winning a 55th nat. Argenton, 70th nat. Souilac, 55th prov. Vierzon, 68th nat (z) Chateauroux etc.


Three other pigeons that are worth a mention are Hoek, Jan and Giliam. Hoek (BE-17-4197510) was 2nd Olympic Hope Ace (Cat. h) Belgium 2020 and he was also 14th PIPA Ranking long distance (4 races). Jan (BE19-409934) claimed a title of 14th nat. ace pigeon KBDB shorter middle distance 2020, while Giliam (BE-18-4076038) ended the season as 2nd Olympic Ace Middle Distance (cat. B) Belgium 2020. The team from Olsene has a bright future indeed.

Giliam, 2nd nat. Olympic Hope Ace middle distance