Comb. Verweij - de Haan (Mijdrecht, NLD): At the top again with next generation of breeding phenomenon Milos, the two ladies

For (pigeon)generations long the offspring of breeding phenomenon Milos have been top of the (inter)national marathon flights. And in the past season we have seen the new generation of grandchildren at the top of the results.

Only a few couples of eggs have been fertilised by the breeding phenomenon Milos in the past year. The end of his career as a breeding pigeon may be approaching or is already there. He is approaching the age of 19 years and that can be seen. Blind to one eye and limping. Nonetheless, he is still mostly active for his age. He is still able to easily fly straight up in the loft.

Milos has an obvious preference for certain hens and he is not interested in hens with a lot of white, in particular in the neck or head. Michel and Peter know this and will not couple Milos with colorful partners. A disadvantage is that he will not mate with his follow up; Miss Milos. She has too much white in her plumage. In 2017 this coupling has succeeded one time, after a lot of persistence. Of this coupling, one daughter is now a breeder. Miss Milos is a breeder with potential and is a worthy successor of her father Milos. Below we introduce you to some youngsters of Miss Milos who differentiated themselves in this short marathon season.

Next generation Milos

Miss Milos was placed in the breeding loft fairly early, because of her pedigree and achievements. In the few years that she participated in marathon-flights she achieved the following:

9th National Perpignan ZLU (4,789 p) ‘17 16th International Perpignan ZLU (14,682 p) ‘17 9th International Perpignan ZLU (3,487 p) ‘17 15th National St. Vincent ZLU (2,037 p) ‘17 7th International St. Vincent ZLU (2,286 p) ‘17 94th National Pau ZLU (3,551 p) ‘18 2nd European Ace pigeon International flights ‘17 3rd National Ace pigeon ZLU TBOTB/WHZB ‘17

The dam of Miss Milos is, another great breeder, Chanel Messi, who is also the dam of e.g. Red Messi (23rd National Perpignan 4,789 p. and 31st National Pau (3,551 p.).

Now, at quite a young age, she has proven her breeding worth. In 2018 she was coupled to a grandson of Red Rose and she gave daughter Milo. In a very hard NPO Agen, Milo won 3rd NPO of 987 pigeons and 9th national secor 2 against 3282 pigeons. This as a yearling, racing against both yearlings and old birds. In 2020 Milo couldn’t be participating in races. During the training she returned home wounded one day. She was not healed in time for the shortened season. However, in 2021 she will return to competition.

In 2019, Miss Milo was coupled to the famous Robben and again she proves to be worth gold as a breeder.

Robben is a great achiever as a flyer and a breeder. Some of his best achievements are:

1st FCNH Pau 339 pigeons ‘18 (1.5 h lead) 1st SNZH Pau 1305 pigeons ‘18 5th National Pau 3351 pigeons ‘18 7th International Pau 11,739 pigeons ‘18 19th National Pau 3526 pigeons ‘17 21st International Pau 11,285 pigeons ‘17 7th SNZH Cahors 2581 pigeons ‘15 39th National Cahors 5810 pigeons ‘15 101th National Agen 5,055 pigeons ‘15 322nd National St. Vincent 3,387 pigeons ‘16 374th National St. Vincent 3,037 pigeons ‘16 1st National Ace pigeon Pau 2017-2018 1st International Ace pigeon Pau 2017-2018

The coupling of two absolute top birds, Miss Milos x Robben, has given two great yearling daughters for the 2020 season. Lady Milos I and Lady Milos II, as the sisters are named, were the first yearlings on Agen and Narbonne in the strong department of North Holland. The name Lady Milos has been chosen because Lady I carries a special pink ring. This is the ring of the Ladies League in the Netherlands. Lady Milos I got the 1st Agen against 1210 pigeons (old and young birds). Lady Milos II is the first yearling and became 2nd Narbonne against 608 birds (old and young).

All above introduced youngsters of Miss Milos are grandchildren of Milos. It is remarkable to see that these pigeons of Michel and Peter are ‘ripe’ early, which means that they achieve phenomenal success as yearlings. In 2020, they competed in two yearlings' races; Agen (970 km) and Narbonne (1019 km). On the flight from Agen they clocked 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc fastest yearling (department 6). On the flight from Narbonne they had 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th etc. fastest yearling (department 6). Inbreeding followed by crossbreeding is the breeding method with which the men of Mijdrecht have created success for years. Their key to success has always been their own inbred strain in a successful crossing with birds of other renowned marathon. A great example of this is...

MG story

Michel and Peter have had great contact with Arjan Beens for years. In 2012, they traded a few birds. They obtained two sisters from Arjan and, as it turned out, they came from the super couple Mr. Beautiful x Olympic Miss Gijsje. In the winter of 2014 one of the sisters escaped unfortunately. The NL12-1106780, meanwhile being named MG780 (MG stands for super hen Miss Gijsje), was retained. (Olympic) Miss Gijsje was truthfully a super bird and won among other things:

6th N.U. Brive 18,246 birds 7th N.U. Montp. 10,253 birds 7th National Cahors 11,054 birds 15th N.U. Brive 12,322 birds 35th National Aurillac 10,219 birds 40th National Albi 5,949 birds 1st Olympic pigeon Nitra 2011-2012

At the total sale of Arjan in the end of  2014, Michel and Peter bought the last son of the couple Mr. Beautiful x Rood Meisje (‘Red Girl’, full sister of Miss Gijsje). Rood Meisje was also a great flying bird. She had a 2 hour lead out of Brive (896 km) with warm weather and a headwind against 7,092 birds.

The most famous out of the MG line is the MG430 of Jelle Jellema that Jelle got from Arjan. The MG430 is the best breeding cock for marathon birds that has ever lived, as said by many. Sadly, MG430 escaped. His youngsters won amongst others:

1st National Barcelona ‘20 3rd International Narbonne ‘16 8th National Agen ‘18 9th National Perpignan ‘16 10th National Barcelona ‘16 13th National Marseille ‘16 14 National Pau ‘19 22nd NPO St. Vincent ‘16

Michel and Peter have a full sister of this MG430, the earlier named MG780. In the first years she was not bred very often for various reasons. They only later found out that MG780 is a fine breeding hen, when her son (Frenkie) won two times as a two year old in 2019. With a 13th National Agen and the 20th National Pepignan, Frenkie became 3rd National Ace pigeon of the Netherlands in 2019. Unfortunately, Frenkie was attacked by a peregrine falcon on Christmas morning in 2019.

Not only the youngsters, but also the grandchildren of MG780 are achieving great success with Michel and Peter and in other lofts. A fun detail is that Arjan Beens bought a inbred bird (MG780 x Rex, son Mr. Beautiful x Rood Meisje) of Michel and Peter at the PIPA auction at the end of 2018. Shortly after, Arjan bred a yearling out of this bird which flew 43rd National Bergerac (7429 birds) and 57th NPO Perigueux (3389 birds) in 2020. Next to this, Arjan got 2nd and 3rd place on National Bergerac with his own MG line.

Another inbred hen out of the MG780 is a real champion in Romania. The following achievements have been made by (grand)children of this hen:

13rd of 4642 birds 960 km 6th of 1793 birds 1150 km 1st of 9753 birds 950 km 4th of 5400 birds 940 km

A very strong basis for the future

Only a few great birds of the Milos strain have been introduced above. We could have easily introduced you to many more. Here you can find the report of the Milos dystany of 2019. And the MG strain has also proven itself in the lofts of Mijdrecht. With these two well proven breeding strains, Milos and MG, it is obvious that Comb. Verweij - de Haan will continue to be one of the leading names in the (inter)national marathon competition for quite a while.