Cyriel & Remi Fourneau (Moen, BE) make their way to the top at national level

The Fourneau pigeon loft is run by Nico, who races under the name of his two youngest sons Cyriel & Remi. His racing team has been incredibly strong in 2020 both in the long distance and the extreme long distance.

The pigeon breed of the Fourneau family earned its place among the country's best extreme long distance lofts, with a rather limited number of pigeons. This fancier can rely on a group of fantastic racing birds that perform consistently well, and the team's first two nominated have been getting great results on a regular basis. As a result, they did very well in the championships KBDB as well, claiming the following titles: 5th General national champion KBDB 2019, 3rd National champion KBDB extreme long distance 2019, 5th National champion KBDB long distance & extreme long distance yearlings 2019, 5th National ace pigeon KBDB extreme long distance 2019, 11th National ace pigeon KBDB long distance old birds, and 6th National champion KBDB extreme long distance 2020.




A breed based around Ernest duivin

Nico Fourneau has been fortunate enough to have some super class pigeons in his collection on his way to the top. And one particularly important name in this success story was Ernest duivin (NL06-1211347), the dam and grandmother of several highly talented birds for the Fourneau family. This pigeon happens to originate from an iconic extreme long distance fancier from The Netherlands: Jan Ernest from Steenbergen.




Ernest duivin: the team's stock dam

This stock dam is for instance the dam of Mr. Agen (BE14-3113946), which excelled in the national extreme long distance three years in a row, winning for instance a 14th nat. Agen 2016, a 45th nat. Agen 2017 and a 73rd nat. Narbonne 2018.




Mr. Agen: kilometervreter pur sang, dit meerdere jaren na elkaar

Racing bird Marseille (BE15-3014714) is another youngster of this fantastic breeder. Marseille was truly outstanding in the marathon competition, winning most notably a 1st Provincial Marseille in 2018! And he continued to deliver in the following years: 29° prov. Barcelona + 8° prov. and 38° nat. Perpignan in 2019. And Marseille claimed another top result in 2020, with a 6° prov. and 37° national in BarcelonaKleinen (BE17-3089027) is another very talented son of Ernest duivin; he had a great 2020 season, especially given his age. He wins a 12° prov. and 39° nat. from Perpignan.




Daughter Le Barcelone, another exceptionally gifted stock dam

This Daughter Le Barcelone (BE13-9046879) has played an important role in the Fourneau success story as well. She comes from Philippe Deleu from Houtem, where this very hen is one of the cornerstones.




Daughter Le Barcelone: the dam of Carolientje and others

This beautiful pale coloured hen is the dam of Carolientje (BE17-3089116), one of the absolute stars of this pigeon family. Carolientje won an 8° national Pau of 2,797 pigeons in 2019 and a 44° national Narbonne of 3,873 pigeons. This top class hen closed the season as 5° Nat. ace pigeon KBDB extreme long distance. Her brother The 409 (BE15-3114409), which won two national top 100 prizes (Perpignan and Barcelona in 2019), is a youngster of Daughter Le Barcelona. Meanwhile, one of her grandchildren, Super 042 (BE18-3079042), won a title of 4° national ace pigeon extreme long distance in the 2019 PIPA Ranking, after winning a 41° nat. Agen of 4,650 p. and a 70° nat. Narbonne of 3,580 p.




Super 042: 4th Ace Pigeon extreme long distance PIPA Ranking

One Time Barca : the sire of several top class birds

One Time Barca (BE10-4178494) is not only the sire of the aforementioned Carolientje and The 409, he is also the sire of Meetje 152 (BE14-3118152), which put the Fourneau family in the spotlight as well, winning a 6° national Narbonne. The fact that he originates from some of the best bloodlines of none other than De Smeyter-Restiaen has probably helped a lot.




One Time Barca : the sire of some fantastic pigeons

Another pigeon that deserves a mention in this article about the Fourneau pigeon family is Laurent (BE13-3065487). This successful breeder comes from Laurent Crombez from Nieuwmunster, and he is a grandson of two great pigeons of Eddy D'Heedene, from the lines of his 1° prov. Barcelona and 2° Primus Inteprares 2010-2014. Laurent is the sire of Mr. Agen and Kleinen 027 (see earlier) in Nico's pigeon lofts, making him one of the main pillars of the breeding loft in Moen.




Laurent: a top class breeder

Regular national top 100 spots in the extreme long distance

The pigeons of Fourneau have rarely missed a spot in the national top 100 in the marathon competition, despite racing with just a small group of racing birds. This makes it all the more impressive.

Here are the results from 2019: 8° nat. Pau (4 out of 5), 41° Nat. Agen, 6° + 44 ° nat. Narbonne olds (10 out of 13), 70° nat. Narbonne YLs (4 out of 5), and of course the memorable race from Perpignan: he had basketed four pigeons, which claimed a 38°, 65°, 91° and 96° national! This means ALL FOUR basketed pigeons finished in the national top 100, racing against almost 4,000 pigeons in one of the big classics of the season. 

The pigeons of the Fourneau family were impossible to hold back in 2020, as they claimed the following national results: 64° nat. Marseille, 37° + 94° nat. Barcelona (with only 3 pigeons in the race), 39° nat. Perpignan (5 out of 6),... 




Cyriel & Remi Fourneau in the pigeon lofts

With so many top quality bloodlines in this loft, the pigeon breed of the Fourneau family was almost destined to become a top name in Belgium one day. Their achievements speak for themselves and as you know, numbers don't lie. Keep in mind that Nico is winning so many great results with just a handful of racing birds, which makes his list of achievements even more impressive. His team has been taking a remarkable number of top results lately with a high scoring percentage, think for instance of their many national top 100 finishes in the extreme long distance classics. We think this pigeon family is pretty much unstoppable.