Marcel Sangers (NL), 59,700 EURO for 23 youngsters, Collectors Items 2,886 EURO / pigeon

The following auctions ended on Sunday 4 October: Collectors items & Sangers pigeons (NL).

Collectors Items - 37 pigeons - 2,886 EURO / pigeon
It was not just another collector's item edition this time. Children of MG430, Porsche, New Remy and New Bliksem, among others. From New Bliksem there were even two available in this auction. The Chinese buyer was able to purchase both and will soon welcome a son and daughter of New Bliksem to his loft. The pigeons change from owner for 15,000 EURO and 12,400 EURO. This also turned out to be the most expensive pigeons in the auction. The son of MG430 whose mother is Kleine Jade 6 does not have to travel too great a distance to reach his new owner. He moves to the Netherlands for 10,000 EURO. The 37 buyers come from: Taiwan (12), France (4), China (3), Great Britain (3), Netherlands (3), Belgium (2), Japan (2), Turkey (2), United States ( 2), Germany (1), Hungary (1), Philippines (1) and Poland (1).

Sangers Pigeons (NL) - 23 pigeons - 2,596 EURO / pigeon
Again and again Sangers Pigeons manages to put together a beautiful collection for auction at PIPA. The créme de la créme is always sought in order to really serve the buyers with something beautiful. Also this time with children from Gold Dust, Banksy, Angelina, Skittel and so on. The colorful group produced a beautiful end result. 59,600 EURO for 23 youngsters, an average of 2,596 EURO / pigeon. Most interest went to a son of Gold Dust x Katu named Golden Flavour. Golden Flavour is therefore also a double grandchild of Olympic Rosita. It was sold for 10,400 EURO and moves to the eastern neighbors in Germany. The same buyer also bought Banksy Junior. Bred from Banksy x Angelina. This second most expensive pigeon from the auction was sold for 9,000 EURO. The other buyers come from: Great Britain (8), Qatar (5), the Netherlands (4), China (2), Belgium (1) and Germany (1).