A report on the British International Championship Club old bird race from Coutances on 12th September 2020

121 members sent 639 pigeons to the British International Championship Club old bird race from Countances. They were liberated at 10.50CEST into light westerly winds. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.
Fagg & Nicholas

First open and first east section was a two year old on 1422mpm over 183 miles for Fagg and Nicholas of Hartlip. The sire of the winner is a direct Marcel van Oaesteyan that has won twice from Poole, whilst the dam is a Frans Laereman that has won the combine for the partners. The winner was fourteenth open from Falaise earlier in the season. It has been named Our Brooke after their grand-daughter who has just achieved amazing result in her exams.

Our Brooke - First open Coutances
John Cowlin

John Cowlin of Hullbridge was second open and second east section with a three year old on 1394mpm over a distance of 201 miles. John timed a Frans Zwols hen which has twice been in the top thirty in past BICC results. It is a direct daughter of Formula One Lofts' D'Artagaian 749.

Chapman & Eastoe

Chapman and Eastoe of Great Yarmouth timed a two year old on 1358mpm over 286 miles to take third open and first north-east section. Their hen was sent sitting ten day eggs and was bred from stock brought from Eric Higginbottom.

Tony Meader

Fourth open and third east section was a yearling on 1354mpm over 194 miles for Tony Meader of Benfleet. The sire of Tony's winner is a Gaby x Zwols pigeon, a grandson of Pre Olympia and Prince of Rekkem. The dam is a Staf Van Reet.

J M Cook of Bexley Heath was fifth open and fourth east section with a two year old on 1353mpm over 182 miles. 

Stephen Kaschner

S Kaschner of Diss clocked a yearling on 1351mpm over 259 miles to take sixth open and second north-east section. Stephen's winner was bred from two Bob Fenech pigeons, a Van den Bulck x Cooreman. This season this breeding has led to two young bird wins plus this yearling hen.

R Hacon

R Hacon and Son of Norfolk timed a five year old on 1349mpm over a distance of 281 miles to take seventh open and third north-east section. The partners timed a widowhood cock containing Busschaert x Jan Aarden bloodlines.

Eighth open and fifth east section was a yearling on 1346mpm over 177 miles for P Jackson and Son of Bromley. 

D Heywood and Son of Laindon were ninth open and sixth east section with a yearling on 1339mpm over 194 miles. 

Completing the top ten and in seventh east section is Dean Burns of Dagenham with a yearling on 1338mpm over 187 miles. 

Around the sections

Andrew Camis

Andrew Camis of Hanworth was first centre section and fifteenth open with a yearling on 1310mpm over 172 miles. Andrew timed a chequer pied hen, sent sitting seven days and containing Janssen x Van Reet bloodlines.

Neville Potgieter of Hook was second centre section with a yearling on 1280mpm over a distance of 155 miles. 

Daniel Seedwell

D Seedwell of Feltham timed a yearling on 1271mpm over 173 miles to take third centre section. Daniel timed a yearling hen sent racing to a fifteen day old squeaker and bred by Malik and Khan of Ace Lofts. The sire is Nelson, one of their top stock cocks bred from Ace Euro when paired to Hen 64. The dam was a trial pairing between Tipsy and his daughter, Zarella.

Mike Hathaway

M Hathway of Bristol was first west section and forty-first open with a three year old on 1154mpm over 171 miles. The section winner is a blue, white flight hen, the dam of which contains Staf van Reet bloodlines. The sire came from Steve Moseley. The week before this hen was sixth section from Coutances with the NFC.

John Halstead

John Halstead of Kingston Magna was second west section with a yearling on 1151mpm over 141 miles. John clocked a Kees Boshua yearling hen sent sitting thirteen day eggs. A brother to this hen was first Dorset Federation earlier in the season.

Phil Bond

Phil Bond of Ilton timed a yearling on 1090mpm over 148 miles to take third west section. Phil's blue pied cock came out of the north-west to trap. It was sent flying to its nestbowl and contains Janssen x Jan Aarden x Van Geel bloodlines.

J & K J Connor

J and K J Connor of St Ives were first north-centre section and twenty-ninth open with a two year old on 1241mpm over 235 miles. The partners timed a Herman Ceuster x Vandenabeele hen that is a daughter of their stock cock 59, twice a federation winner.

Second north-centre section was a yearling on 1197mpm over 212 miles for Brian Clarke of Hitchin. 

John Black

John Black of Hitchin was third north-centre section with a yearling on 1179mpm over a distance of 212 miles. John timed a chequer hen sent feeding an eight day old youngster. The sire is a son of Lady Teresa, first international Perpignan for Johnny Chipperfield. The dam is a daughter of Joe, Johnny's first international Pau winner.

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British International Championship Club old bird race from Coutances.