Triple Brive for Jacques and Freddy Vandenheede (Kruisem)

Just a few weeks ago, Jacques and Freddy delivered a stunning performance, winning a 1st, 2nd and 3rd national Limoges. It could have been the highlight of the 2020 season for them, but they did even better: they claimed all three podium spots in the race from Brive!

Football: Barcelona - Bayern Munich ends 2 to 8. Many football fans had to double-check that score to make sure they were not mistaken. And we reckon many fanciers have double-checked the national results in Brive as well, because they were difficult to believe at first. Vandenheede Jacques and Freddy winning both a national first, second and third? Did I read that correctly? Yes you did! Or maybe not entirely: they actually claimed a first and two second places, since the two pigeons that arrived home after the race winner were clocked simultaneously!

The world already knows that the brothers Vandenheede are no everyday fanciers. Still, they surprised friends and foes in the national classic from Limoges with a 1st, 2nd and 3rd national. This is almost impossible to match, although you never know what to expect from this team from Kruisem; they are always in for something that no one expects. And a few weeks later, they do it again: the Vandenheede racing birds claim all three podium spots in the race from Brive.

Brive nationaal

Brive national old bird: 1-2-2-14-19-23-28-29-47-54-85-103-129 etc.... of 3755 old birds Brive zone old birds: 1-2-2-13-17-21-26-27-43-50-79-96 etc.... of 1157 old birds Brive provincial old birds: 1-2-2-8-11-17-18-27-32-46-53-69-71-72 etc... of 1002 pigeons Brive national yearlings: 11-12-14-20-25-30-32-35-39-61-70-76-78-84-86-87-90-91- etc... of 4238 yearlings Brive zone yearlings: 10-11-13-18-23-27-29-31-35-54-62-66-69-74 etc... of 1369 yearlings Brive provincial yearlings: 6-7-9-13-16-18-19-22-24-31-36-38-40 etc... of 1143 pigeons
1st national Brive 2020

And their three podium finishers are rather special racing birds. The national winner (BE16-4065282) had already won a 3rd national Souillac, 13th national Vierzon, 15th national Aurillac, 17th national Brive etc. This is a very gifted racing bird indeed!

Their second place finisher (BE18-4097218) is a pigeon with a proven record as well, including a 9th national Tulle, a 14th national Vierzon etc. And their third prize winner did in fact win a silver medal as well, having been clocked simultaneously. This racing hen has an 11th and 21st national Limoges to her name, as well as a 26th national Souillac, 37th national Aurillac,  40th national Tulle etc.

Top class birds and top class fanciers, great results!

BE18-4097218, 2nd national Brive 2020 (ex-aequo)
BE18-4097065, 2nd national Brive 2020 (ex-aequo)