New auctions: Freddy & Jacques Vandeneede & August Auction

Monday the 10th of August these new auctions will start: Freddy & Jacques Vandenheede (BE) & August Auction.

Freddy & Jacques Vandenheede (BE)
Youngsters related to 1-2-3 Nat. Limoges 2020

The best all-round loft in Belgium seizes 2020 once again to amaze the pigeon world. Starting with the 1e-6e-7e-8e-9e-14e-15e-19e-20-etc. prov. Vierzon old pigeons 7,838 d. and 1e-4e-8e-14e-15e-17e-18e-etc. prov. Vierzon yearlings ... to the 1e-2e-3e-8e-9e-16th Nat. Zone Limoges 5.024 d. on July 4 ... probably the culmination of their career on Limoges year (July 21) with the 1e-2e-3rd National of 9.756 pigeons. A victory race that has no equal. PIPA offers a unique chance on the Vandenheede gold in a very exclusive auction. 6 pigeons will be auctioned, all related to the performance pigeons of National Limoges 2020.


August auction
This is somewhat a blessing in disguise for fanciers that fancy one of these pigeons. It happens occasionally that fanciers overplay their hand by purchasing pigeons they cannot actually afford. Every season, PIPA hosts a number of auctions in which these birds are sold a second time. This makes for a varied collection of birds, often including some hidden gems from golden bloodlines, as we've come to expect from PIPA.