Davy Tournelle (Rummen, BE) wins 1st National Argenton old birds

Davy Tournelle, who had a very strong start to the season, has now put the icing on the cake with a national victory from Argenton old birds.

It is thanks to the descendants of golden stock breeder Tiësto and his son Torres (winner of a 1st Nat. Chateauroux 4,641 p., Olympiad Pigeon Continental Cup Budapest & Olympiad Pigeon KBDB in Nitra) that Davy Tournelle was able to become one of the leading names in the national longer middle distance in recent years. It led to several national first prizes, including Chateauroux of 4,641 p., La Souterraine of 4,699 p. and Issoudun of 8,263 p. We reckon that last victory is probably still fresh in everyone's minds: he took this victory last year with his fantastic Miss Torres.

And Team Tournelle - led by Davy and his father Patrick - soon were able to add another chapter to their success story: they had national top 100 finishers in the first two national races of this season from Bourges and Chateauroux. This is a telltale sign for any fancier that your pigeons are in great form.
For the third national race of the season from Argenton, pigeons had to return home into a strong headwind (a northerly wind in mid-France, northwest in the north of France and Belgium), and they decided to basket their entire racing team again. Davy Tournelle took home the gold medal this time, claiming victory in the national old birds' race. Their national winner, racing hen Tiesto's Lady, was clocked at 14:52'56" after completing 547.733km. It made her the fastest of 16,762 old birds, reaching a velocity of 1236.60 m/min. The pigeons arrived home almost one after another, so the overall results at national level were quite remarkable:

11/7 Argenton National 16,762 olds:
-8-42-67-71-83-104-109-115-122-133-154-179-188-190… and a total of 50 prizes with 64 birds

11/7 Argenton National 26,085 yearlings:
58-69-129-188-204-212-241-259-262-293-307-331… and a total of 63 prizes with 99 birds (per 4)

An impressive achievement!

Tiesto’s Lady wins 1st Nat. Argenton olds

This national winner claimed a top result three weeks in a row, in the first three national races of 2020. And she got stronger by the week, going from a 762nd Nat. Bourges to a 12th Nat. Chateauroux the following week, and eventually taking a national victory in Argenton. We browse through some of her best results so far:

Tiesto's Lady in handTiesto's Lady vleugelTiesto's Lady oog

-Tiesto’s Lady BE18-2038246

  1. Nat Argenton - 16,762 olds ’20
12. Nat Chateauroux I - 20,800 p. ’20
55. Nat Chateauroux IV – 12,855 p. ’19  
53. Prov Blois - 3,050 p. ’19
  5. Soissons –    726 p. ’19
  5. Soissons –    610 p. ’18
18. Chevrainvilliers –    1,855 p. ’18
135. Nat Bourges II – 10,401 p. ’19
762. Nat Bourges I –  23,195 p. ’20

Sire: Brother 1. Nat Chateauroux BE12-2067172
A full brother of a 1st National, 2 x 1st Interprovincial and 2 x 1st Provincial. In other words, he stems from the parents of a 1st Nat. Chateauroux 3,936 p., a 1st Intprov. Sens 2,172 p., a 1st Intprov. Sens 2,482 p., a 1st Prov. Salbries 1,614 p. and a 1st Prov. Salbris 1,850 p. Those parents are Zoran BE06-2233925 x Blauw Nationaaltje BE07-2192078.

Dam: Fantasy Lin BE17-2058182
A daughter of Tiesto’s Fantasy BE11-2077362 (son of golden stock breeder Tiesto BE05-2217970) x Lin BE14-2064737, a 1st Prov. Ace Pigeon KBDB KBDB 2015 (2nd Nat. Chateauroux, 9th Nat. Argenton, 39th Nat. Chateauroux and 41st Nat. Bourges) of Stefan Steenbergen

She does have quite a few national race winners and ace pigeons in her pedigree, which did not really surprise us!

Great references in other lofts

The 2020 racing season was off to a slow start due to the coronavirus. And yet, we have already seen quite a few references from successful Tournelle pigeons this year.

Take for instance Poudy BE17-2058196 (son of Mystery Men x Torres Star, a daughter of Torres and hence a granddaughter of Tiesto). This was a present from Davy Tournelle to Eddy Claes from Kortenaken who was making a fresh start. And this cock did have tremendous breeding potential. Poudy is...

- the sire of Ella BE18-2142643, a super class hen that claimed 18 prizes in 18 races as a yearling. She started the 2020 season with a five out of five, including the following top results:
1st Etampes    728 p. ’19
1st Sermaises 313 p. ’20  
1st Sermaises 217 p. ’20

- the sire of BE19-2083170: 1st Soissons 226 p. (214 Km)
- the sire of BE19-2083165: 2nd Fay-au-Loges (behind teammate), 2nd Salbris 156 p.
- grandfather of E19-2083171: 2nd Ace Pigeon shorter middle distance DWV Oplinter 2019
- grandfather of BE20-2049545: 1st Soissons 267 p.

Polish fancier Cosmin Olteanu obtained three pigeons from Davy Tournelle: BE15-2304259 (from Brother 1st Nat. Chateauroux x Daughter Tiesto), BE14-2188946 (from sire and grandfather 1st Nat. Chateauroux, 1st Nat. La Souterraine and 2nd Nat. Bourges 'Timothy', a son Tiesto x Daughter Allesi) and BE15-2304261 (from Son Olympic Road Runner x Naomi, paired to June). Youngsters and grandchildren of these three Tournelle birds performed as follows:

Image removed.

Talented birds tend to make it to the top fairly quickly. We saw that in the loft of Davy Tournelle, as well as in many other lofts that invested in pigeons from Rummen. But what else can you expect from such a talented group of birds, developed around the bloodlines of world class stock breeder Tiesto and his son Torres? These pigeons are born to win races, and the racing team is clearly in good form. No one would be surprised if the Tournelle pigeons continued to perform like this in the next several weeks. They already have a national victory under their belt, and they are probably already longing for more. Many congratulations!