Bart Geerinckx (Wommelgem, BE) is off to a flying start

Last week we finally had our first few official races after a long and difficult corona lockdown. And Bart Geerinckx smashed the field in his first middle distance race.

Last weekend marked the start of the new pigeon racing season. The corona crisis forced us to be patient and to improvise but it looks like the season is now well under way. And Bart Geerinckx had quite an impressive opening weekend: he had basketed 76 pigeons for the middle distance race from Melun (313), and 55 of them managed to win a prize per three. And he had no less than nine pigeons in the top sixteen of 1,944 old birds. A solid performance!

Melun (313km) - 1,944 old birds:

2-3-4-5-7-7-9-15-16-23-25-39-40-41-42-53-55-60-66-72-74-86-90-92-98-... (55/76)

If we take a closer look at these pigeons, we see that such stock breeders as Gladiator, Wittekop Sylvester and Luc are a recurring theme in this loft. What follows is an overview of the team's best performing birds in Melun.


References in other lofts

"I could tell that my pigeons were in good form but I am just as pleased to see other fanciers achieve great results with my bloodlines", Bart explains.

It is fair to say that last weekend was a proper Geerinckx weekend, with several other lofts getting fantastic results thanks to the Geerinckx bloodline. Here is a brief overview.

Guy Van der Auwera, Wuustwezel

Guy took a double win, with a 1st Melun of 3,970 old birds to begin with. The dam of his race winner is a granddaughter of Gladiator. And he was victorious again in the yearlings' race from Melun of 1,108 pigeons. The sire of this bird is a great-grandson of Gladiator; the dam is a granddaughter of Luc.

Jorgi Ferrari, Wilrijk

Jorgi took a 2nd Melun of 3,970 pigeons with racing bird Silver. The dam of Silver is a daughter of Jorgi's top bird Jack, and Jack is in turn a grandson of Blue Lagoon. The dam of Silver is a daughter of Jack x a daughter of Gladiator x Sweety.

The three pigeons of Guy Van der Auwera and Jorgi Ferrari ware also the fastest birds overall in Melun on a total of 16,671 pigeons.

The Geerinckx pigeons are clearly guaranteed to deliver. We are really looking forward to how the 2020 season will unfold!