Reijnen-Bolton (Alphen, NL) reign over the One Loft Race competition worldwide

Any time the Reijnen-Bolton combination baskets a group of pigeons for an OLR, you know they are aiming for the win. To give you an idea, they claimed several several ace pigeon podium spots in five different OLRs over the past three years.

Pigeons for every discipline

Erik Reijnen does not believe in a specific type of bird for One Loft Races, and the achievements of his racing lofts in Alphen (NL) and Baarle-Hertog (BE) appear to prove him right. The bloodlines that enabled Erik to dominate the One Loft Racing scene worldwide are the exact same bloodlines that have been thriving in pigeon races in The Netherlands and Belgium. And he made his point in 2019, when Erik claimed a 1st National Chateauroux in Belgium with a grandchild of top breeder Zagato. The very next day, another grandchild of that same Zagato claimed a silver medal at provincial level in The Netherlands, in the very competitive Brabant 2000 province.

The charm of OLR

Erik finds OLR races to the most honest races of all. The best fanciers worldwide race against each other with their best pigeons, facing the same, often very demanding conditions. His first major success dates back from 2009 when he won a first place and a car in Sun City Africa, in a hotspot race. And in 2012 he won a final race in China. Besides, Erik was outstanding in the 2014 Derby Arona Tenerife, winning a car both in the semi-final and in Car Race 2. And he was again on top of his game in the finals of the Corabia Winter Races, where he won a car as well.

A success story based on six pillars

Barely more than a handful of birds have eventually made a difference for the Reijnen-Bolton combination. After many years, the descendants of his pigeons White Creator, Zagato, Son Generaal, Late v.d. Oude Bonte, Basic Breeder and Den Brom are still responsible for the many victories in One Loft Races, as well as in his racing lofts in The Netherlands and Belgium.

Zagato Dynasty

NL11-3021704 Zagato

Erik considers his Zagato NL11-3021704 to be one of the most important pigeons in his team. Zagato won himself a 1st Pithiviers of 3490 pigeons and he was 2nd Ace Pigeon in Rayon 4 of province Brabant 2000, but he proved most of all to be a very strong breeder. This became particularly obvious in September of 2019, when two grandchildren of Zagato were victorious in a single weekend: the first grandchild claimed a 1st National Chateauroux of 19,529 pigeons in Belgium, the home of pigeon racing (referred to as the Superleague by Brian Bolton), and the team was victorious again the very next day: they took a 1st and 2nd Morlincourt of more than 12,000 pigeons in Brabant 2000, with another grandchild of Zagato, Fast Morlincourt, finishing in second place.<

And the grandchildren of Zagato have been equally successful in One Loft Races, for instance in Race 2 of the Algarve Great Derby in 2018 of 1623 pigeons, and in a 150km race of the 2019 Algarve Great Derby IAPC. The pedigree of Zagato, which we will look at in a moment, features such illustrious birds as Sissi (Gaby Vandenabeele), one of the top breeders of Ad Schaerlaeckens, as well as Topo, Picanol and Rocket. And let's not forget Strakke x Dora of Wout Spierings. De Strakke would eventually be renamed to Creator by Mike Ganus.

Noé, 1st National Chateauroux 19,529 p.

BE19-6065829 Noé, 1st National Chateauroux 19,529 p.

Racing bird BE19-6065829 Noé is the icing on the cake for the fantastic Zagato dynasty. She is a granddaughter of Zagato and she claimed a 1st National Chateauroux of 19,529 birds (fastest of 22,370 p.). The pedigree of super class bird Zoé, which you can find below, brings together the bloodlines of Zagato, Late v.d. Oude Bonte, Son General and Golden Jewel.

NL14-3419980 Zoon Zagato, the sire of Noé, 1st National Chateauroux Belgium 2019
Sister 02tje, the dam of Noé, 1st National Chateauroux Belgium 2019

Creator Family

Another bloodline with a proven record is that of Creator Family. This strain not only excelled in the lofts of Erik Reijnen and Brian Bolton, it proved decisive in One Loft Races as well. The Creator Family is based around NL01-0182011 Strakke x NL98-7044309 Dora, the world class breeding pair of Wout Spierings. They are for instance the parents of the Best Young Bird in The Netherlands WHZB 2002. De Strakke was renamed to Creator when he transferred to the team of Mike Ganus.

NL15-1782057 Little X, the dam of a 1st Final Race Corabia Winter OLR

Little X NL15-1782057 stems from a grandson of Creator x Dora. Her sire was paired to NL09-1674208 Maybehesbornwithit, one of the best pigeons in the 2010 SCMDPR (Gerard Koopman). Little X is for instance the dam of the winner in the Corabia Winter OLR final, and 3rd ace pigeon of 2063 pigeons. Little X is also the dam of Miss Chateauroux, which took a podium spot in the race from Chateauroux (3rd of 20,520 pigeons). The sire of both these birds is NL11-4124786 Son den Brom, which was in turn a son of NL06-0718300 Den Brom, winner of a 1st NPO Argenton of 8,338 pigeons before turning into one of the stock breeders for Reijnen-Bolton.

NL17-3714127 Finalrace Winner, 1st Final Race 470 km Corabia Winter 2018
NL16-1870098 Miss Chateauroux, 3rd national Chateauroux 20,520 p.
NL15-1782047 X Born withit, the dam of 1st Final Race Corabia OLR and car winner

The most sensational result of last week came in the Corabia OLR, where Reijnen-Bolton claimed victory in the 500km final against 1376 pigeons. They won a car and quite a bit of prize money. And what made this result even more sensational is the fact that the dam of the winner was none other than a sister of Little X, which was already the dam of an Ace Pigeon in the Algarve Great Derby OLR of 2394 pigeons and a race winner of 1935 pigeons in a 200km race of that same Algarve Great Derby.

NL17-1851435 1 Ace M-Distance

One of the great racing birds from the creator family is NL17-1851435 1st Acebird middle distance. His dam is Maybehesbornwithit. This racing bird was in great form in the Algarve Great Derby OLR, as 1st Ace Middle Distance and 2nd Ace Overall IACP, after winning an impressive 7th spot in the 450km long final.

Late vd Oude Bonte

Another bloodline which Erik Reijnen and Brian Bolton were particularly successful with is that of NL01-2099034 Late vd Oude Bonte. A long list of top results were won with descendants of this breeding cock in OLRs across the globe, going from a car winner in the Derby Arona Tenerifa and a car winner & 1st Hot Spot II SCMDPR 2009 (of 3883 pigeons) to race winners in finals or ace pigeons in the Algarve Great Derby and the Corabia Winter Race. On top of that, their 1st NPO Chateauroux 2012 stems from the bloodline of Late vd Oude Bonte as well.

NL13-1319588 Tiago, the sire of a 1st Prize Final 500 km Algarve Great Derby IAPC 2016

NL13-1319588 Tiago is a son of Late vd Oude Bonte, and he is responsible for several of the top results of this dynasty. Tiago is the sire of the winner of the Tinkerbel final in Branganca (500km) in the Algarve Great Derby IAPC 2016 PT.

NL15-1782048 .1 Prize Tinkerbel, winner in the final Branganca 500 km AGD IAPC 2016
NL16-3618383 Super Ace 383 granddaughter Late vd Oude Bonte 1st General Ace Pigeon HVB 2017

NL16-3618383 Super Ace 383 is one of the very best great-grandchildren of Late vd Oude Bonte. She was victorious in several major competitions, finishing in the top 1% (1:100) in at least ten races. It resulted for instance in a title of General Ace Pigeon in Entente Hart van Brabant.

NL17-3714057 4th National Ace '19 granddaughter Oude Bonte, 4th national Ace Pigeon sprint WHZB 2019

Introduction of Comb. van Wanrooij birds

Erik and Bryan are always looking for pigeons that can be successfully mixed into their own top team. And that brought them to the Van Wanrooij combination from Geffen, Brabant.

NL16-3641039 Son to "Now Howe", sire of a 1st Niergnies 8198 p.

NL16-3641039 Son to "Now Howe" originates from the Van Wanrooij combination. He is a son of NL08-3849110 Now Howe, which won a 1st NPO Chateauroux of 7663 p. for Harrie Kennis. This son to "Now Howe" in turn bred 19-3923029, which also proved his potential with a 1st Niergnies of 8198 pigeons.


Erik Reijnen and Brian Bolton have been working to put together a pigeon breed that is particularly tough to beat, including OLR final winners, ace pigeons across the globe, as well as victories at provincial and even national level. They have nothing to prove. If there was a master title for pigeon racing, the Reijnen-Bolton combination would be for sure a worthy winner.