SG Freialdenhofen & Söhne (Aldenhoven, DE): Forrest Gump still leading the way!

Forrest Gump - his name will be forever associated with the pigeon loft of Freialdenhofen & Sons, since he has shaped the pedigrees of many of their best pigeons. In fact, he has played a pivotal role in the many successes of this pigeon breed.

What would this team have been without their Forrest Gump, who is now enjoying his retirement. He fertilized an egg for the last time in 2015, but he still stands above the rest of the team. He is perhaps the best breeding bird that team Freialdenhofen has ever had.

Heiko, Dirk and their father Heinz-Josef Freialdenhofen

And not only his direct youngsters were excellent performers: his grandchildren, great-grandchildren and even his great-great-grandchildren have helped team Freialdenhofen excel. This team has won an incredible number of national and international victories over the years. And this pigeon has had many years of service as a breeding bird. Forrest Gump 06348-00-789 spent the last couple of years in a box on his own, which he genuinely deserved. Is there any fancier that has had even more talented breeder in his collection? A breeder whose direct descendants have won so many victories over the years? Forrest Gump is a phenomenon indeed.

One of his direct sons, racing bird 06348-12-668, is the national winner from Perpignan in 2014, which goes to show that Forrest Gump was still breeding national champions even at the age of 12.

Another son of him, Son Forrest Gump 06348-05-420, is the sire of Forrest Junior 06348-10-196, winner of a 1st International Pau in 2012. Forrest Gump originates from the old bloodlines of Team Freialdenhofen, based around the lines of the Saya Brothers from The Netherlands, combined with pigeons of Yves Van de Poel/Buckley (Geetbets, Belgium). There is no denying that the fanciers of Team Freialdenhofen are excellent at breeding new champions, and that is one of the reasons behind their many successes in the extreme long distance. With one or more of such highly talented breeders in your collection, you know that you can get great results for many years in a row.

Freialdenhofen today

The Freialdenhofen pigeons have competed in the international classics again in 2018, of course. And they were yet again highly successful. They started the season with a team of very young yearlings; feel free to scroll through last year's palmares below. Their prize percentages are quite impressive, especially given the highly demanding racing conditions, with races taking a long time to finish. But that is what makes the Freialdenhofen birds so special: they will always come home, no matter the weather conditions.

Their results of 2018 at national level:

Pau National 1,295 p.: 35., 44., 51, 68. usw. (8 prizes with 11 pigeons)
Agen National 1,349 p.: 2., 4., 11., 12., 13., 16., 20., 27., 33., 39. etc. (48/97)
Agen National YLs 882 p.: 1., 3., 8., 9., 10., 13., 16., 21., 27., 31., 33., 37., 39. etc. (46/90)
Barcelona National 1,121 p.: 19., 36., 39., 53. etc. (8/13)
St. Vincent National 766 p.: 12., 55. etc. (4/9)
Marseille National 1,360 p.: 3., 12., 33., 38., 53., 66., 69., 73. etc. (19/39)
Narbonne National 909 p.: 3., 6., 21., 33., 35., 37., 42., 50. etc. (18/29)
Perpignan National 865 p.: 2., 15., 33., 57., 58. etc. (7/13)

The results in these races speak for themselves.

The top results of 2018

A group of 882 one year olds was basketed for the 2018 race from Agen, formerly Bordeaux. The winner of the race was 06348-17-11 of Freialdenhofen & Sons. That same 17-11 also claims a second prize at national level in the old birds' race. Let's have a look at the origins of this racing hen. Her sire is Son Forrest Gump 06348-13-595, which won a 1st national Agen of 1,177 pigeons in 2015. She also won a 26th national Agen in 2014, with just five feathers left. That was quite an achievement! The dam of the 11 is breeding hen 06348-09-598, a daughter of 1st National Bordeaux 06348-08-711 and the dam of Night Gump, 1st nat. Perpignan 2014. This 711 claimed a 1st national Bordeaux back in 2009, and he was paired to a grandchild of Forrest Gump.

The 3rd prize in the yearlings' race and the 4th prize overall in Agen was won with 06348-17-15, another grandchild of Forrest Gump. The 15 originates from Night Gump, 06348-12-668, paired to Blauwe Witpen of Bernd Morsnowski.

And then came the race from Marseille, with 1,360 pigeons at national level. Team Freialdenhofen claim a 3rd prize national with Blauwen Marseille 06348-17-9, as well as a 15th international of 9,383 pigeons. Grands Forrest Junior 06348-14-914 is the sire of this racing cock. And his name says it all: he stems from Son Forrest Junior, which in turns stems from Forrest-Junior, which is a son of Son Forrest Gump. Forrest Junior was paired to a grandson of Forrest Gump. The dam of the 17-9 is a Dutch hen of C. De Boer with ring number NL-08-2003414.

And let's not forget the top result from Narbonne, for which 909 pigeons were basketed at national level. Freialdenhofen & Sons claim a 3rd national with their 06348-17-401. We have already talked about the sire of this pigeon: Son Forrest Gump 06348-13-595, winner of a 1st national Agen. The dam of the 401 stems from SG Röntgern and son.

The two year old racing cock 06348-16-703 did great in the national race from Perpignan, winning a 2nd national of 865 pigeons. He has a familiar Freialdenhofen pedigree: his sire is Night Gump 06348-12-668, a son of Forrest Gump, paired to a daughter of the 1st National Bordeaux of 2009. Night Gump has a 1st National Perpignan 2014 to his name. The dam of the 703 is Käthe 06348-11-427, winner of a 1st National Barcelona of 1,729 pigeons in 2013, as well as a 14th international of 25,294 pigeons.

And we think the winner of a 15th national Perpignan deserves a mention as well: 06348-16-242. He too has a classic Freialdenhofen pedigree. His sire is yet another son of super class breeder Forrest Gump, with ring number 06348-11-550. His dam is 06348-14-787, a daughter of Marseille Star 06348-02-432, 2nd International Ace Pigeon 2005. The dam of the 242 is First Lady 06348-02-400, winner of a 1st International Bordeaux of 1,785 pigeons in 2003.

Those were the strongest racing cocks and hens of 2018.

To conclude

A pigeon fancier with such a talented breeder as Forrest Gump in his collection is in a comfortable position. And when the youngsters, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren turn out to be highly talented breeding birds as well, you know that Freialdenhofen & sons have a bright future: we reckon we will continue to report about their achievements in the extreme long distance for years to come.

Some race winners with Freialdenhofen origins:

1st National Champion over the International races 2018 (Germany)
st National Champion Mediterranean Sea 2018 (Germany)
1st + 2nd National Marathon ace pigeon hen 2018 (Germany)
1st Prize Vilnius 873 km 7.412 p 2018 (Romania)
1st Prize Berlin Zone II 1033 km 2,411 p 2018 (Romania)
1st prize St. Vincent Zone I 905 km 2018 (Germany)
1st prize Klotz Lake Up North Combine 791 km 2018 (Canada)
1st place Marathon champion Province Limburg (Belgium)
1st place Grote Fond champion Province Limburg (Belgium)
1st place AS MARATON TIMIS over 3 races 2017 (Romania)
1st Prize Palanca 560 km 4,700 p 2017 (Romania)
1st prize Gorzow 511 km 1,268 p 2017 (Poland)
1st prize Zone I Agen 767 km 921 p 2017 (Germany)
1st prize Up North Combine 402 km 579 p 2017 (Canada)
1st prize Zone C Libourne 822 km 462 p 2017 (Belgium)
1st club Windsor RPC Coutsnces 268 birds 2017 (UK)
1st prize section + 3 Nat. St. Vincent 854 km 2017 (UK)
1st National Birzai 1,041 km 4,069 p 2016 (Romania)
1st Central Lancashire Combine 3,326 birds from Bath 232 km (UK)
1st Semi-National Chalon – S – Saone 2,490 pigeons 364 km 2016 (Belgien)
1st Open and 1st Section NW 2,937 birds from Coutances 262 km 2016 (UK)
1st National Palmares 3 ani Ace Marathon Maturi 2016 (Romania)
1st National ace pigeon European Championship Mira FCI 2016 (UK)
1st prize Sosnicowice 163 km 493 p 2016 (Poland)
1st prize 167 km 206 p 2016 (United Arab Emirates)
1st Nat. Narbonne Yearling 747 km 2,412 p 2015 (France)
1st Nat. Karkov 1,038 km 3.904 p 2015 (Romania)
1st Nat. Petropavlivka 958 km 1,953 p 2015 (Romania)
1st prize Legnica 356 km 1,917 p 2015 (Poland)
1st prize Sosnicowice 163 km 1,614 p 2015 (Poland)
1st prize Brzeg 263 km 726 p 2015 (Poland)
1st International Euregio Narbonne 897 km 740 p 2015 (Germany)
1st prize interprovincial Bourges 360 km 873 p 2015 (Belgien)
1st prize Zone III Pau 1,068 km 2015 (Germany)
1st prize Zone III St. Vincent 1.069 km 2015 (Germany)
1st prize Agen ZLU NIC 2,563 Simpelveld 403 p 2015 (Nederland)
1st Ace Pigeon Younger Longwan International Club 2014 (China)
1st National Ace Pigeon Cocks International races 2014 (Germany)
1st DAMBOVITA-MARATON EXTREME Yearlings 2014 (Romania)
1st National St. Vincent 987 km 3.824 p 2014 (Nederland)
1st Regional KARLSRUHE 792 km 2014 (Denmark)
1st National Barcelona Hens 1,094 km 2014 (Germany)
1st Interprovincial Bordeaux 775 km 2,113 p 2014 (Germany)
1st prize Zone III St. Vincent 2014 (Germany) 
            The same pigeon also wins a 1st prize Pau Zone III 2014
1st prize Zone III Pau 2014 (Germany)
1st prize sektion Limburg 691 km 2014 (Denmark)
1st prize Cycow 540 km 9,320 p 2014 (Romania)
1st prize Maslow 306 km 3,673 p 2014 (Poland)
1st prize OLKUSZ 100 km 3,118 p 2014 (Poland)
1st prize TF13 SCMDPR 121 km 3.903 p 2014
1st Place ACE Marathon Neamt 2013 (Romania)
1st Place Marathon Neamt 2013 (Romania)
1st Place Marathon Palmares Neamt 2013 (Romania)
1st National Primus Inter Pares Barcelona 2009 – 2013 (Germany)
1st ace pigeon yearling 2013 Nowy Sacz II (0233) in Poland
1st Ace yearling Marathon over 700 km Nowy Sacz II (0233) in Poland
1st Ace pigeon Extreme Marathon 2012 (Romania)
1st prize GDANSK – I - 3,023 p 1,045 km 06.07.2012 (Romania)
1st prize GDANSK – I I-1,006 p 1,064 km 26.07.2012 (Romania)
1st National Perpignan 1,185 p 2012 (Germany)
1st Nat. ace pigeon hen 2012 (Germany)
1st Nat. Grand Averages ace pigeon by the SCMDPR 2012
1st + 2nd Sector II Olympiad race London 2012 (Germany)
1 prize sektion Trier 2012 (Denmark)
1st prize sektion München 2012 (Denmark)
1st prize section München 2011 (Denmark)
1st National Narbonne 1,180 p 2011 (Germany)
1st Sector II PAU 2011 (Germany)
1st Sector II Tarbes (Agen) 2011 (Germany) 
       The same pigeon also wins a 1st prize Pau Zone II 2011
1st, 2nd + rd prize Varsovia 780 km regional club BACAU 857 p 2011 (Romania)
1st prize regional München 2011 (Denmark)