Hardy Krüger & father (Rommerskirchen, DE) win a sensational national first, second and third from Poitiers in Germany

Hardy is 38 years old and he is a true champion. He has been racing at the highest level for the past 20 years. In fact he has never had a bad season in all these years. This is the story of Hardy Krüger from Rommerskirchen, who won a national first, second and third prize against 404 fanciers and 5,426 pigeons in the national flight from Poitiers.

Hardy Krüger

His career started at the age of 13 and he managed to win an important title only three years later: in 1992 he was already the youngest national German champion at the age of 16. This was not a youth championship but a championship for all German fanciers, which means he had beaten the very best pigeon fanciers in his country. He was national champion with 40 prizes and 7,789.29 points and he also took a fourth place at the national long distance championships. Klaus Kühntopp wrote an article about this remarkably young fancier in the pigeon magazine Die Brieftaube in December 1993: “Hardy Krüger is very talented and very serious about his sport; the fancier and his pigeons live in perfect harmony. The sum of the parts and the fact that he never makes a mistake has made him very successful. This means that this young fancier is actually better and stronger than many established names, who invest a lot of money and who have to agree at the end of the season that they have to start over again every year.” It appears that nothing has changed compared to twenty years ago.

Hardy Krüger has continued to race at the highest level. Throughout the years he has had a very strong pigeon family and his impressive national results from Poitiers are a crowning achievement.

The pigeon loft

Hardy and Bruno Krüger have always been racing from the same pigeon loft. Bruno is the father of Hardy. He is now less involved in the pigeon loft due to health problems but he is still an important part of the Hardy & Bruno Krüger pigeon loft, hence the name. We should not forget that there is another family member involved in this loft: Hardy’s mother Gertrud is very important as well and Hardy sometimes calls her his secret weapon. Hardy is 38 years old and has a full time job as an electrician, which means he has to put in the hours. As a result he has no time to train the pigeons in between the races. In fact Hardy is an amateur compared to many retired fanciers who can spend their entire week in the pigeon loft, as if they were professionals. He is lucky enough to be assisted by his mother, who takes care of his pigeons during the day. You can tell by the results that she does an excellent job. This allows Hardy and Bruno to race at a top level season after season.

The Krüger family basketed their pigeons for the 2012 edition of the national race from Poitiers as well. They did well from Poitiers in 2012 (29 July) with the following national prizes against 8,067 pigeons in the regions 411 and 415: 2nd, 34th, 36th, 37th, 85th, 185th, 278th, 368th, 372nd etc. (20/26). They missed the national victory by only ten seconds but no one doubted the quality of the Hardy Krüger pigeons at that time.

The National race from Poitiers 2013

We are in the 2013 season now. A national race is always something to look forward to; it is often the highlight of the season, also in region 411 and 415. 5,426 pigeons from 404 fanciers had been basketed for the race and the pigeons were released at 7 o’clock in the morning. The sun was shining, it was slightly cloudy and there was a south-west wind. Those were the weather conditions throughout the race. These were excellent conditions and it turned out to be a race without any problems. Top prizes were won by fanciers from all around the region but the first three prizes were won by Hardy Krüger and his father. Three pigeons arrived at the loft in Rommerskirchen simultaneously. The first pigeon was clocked at 13:39’58”, the second arrived at 13:39’59” and the third pigeon came in at 13:40’01”, after a race of 678.501km. This is really an amazing result in a national race and it is a unique feat. The first pigeon achieved a velocity of 1,696.394 m/min. They clocked their next pigeons at 13:51 (58th national prize), 13:51 (83rd prize), 13:52 (116th prize), 13:53 (147th prize), 13:57 (377th prize), 13:58 (409th prize), 13:58 (431st prize) and at 13:58 (432nd prize). These were the first prizes per ten that were won by the Krüger pigeon loft. They won a total of 14 prizes with 18 pigeons, which is an impressive result.

Balisto wins the first national from Poitiers against 5,426 pigeons

The glorious three

It takes some effort to win the first three prizes in a national race to say the least. You need to have pigeons of excellent quality. One early pigeon can be a matter of luck but three early arrivals can only be the result of a very strong basis that consists of pigeons with excellent origins. It is also a matter of getting your pigeons in great form at the right moment, which is not easy to achieve.

The first prize was won by 07274-12-947 Balisto, who has already won 11 prizes in 13 races. His sire is the well-known pigeon Bailey 07274-07-710, an Olympiad Pigeon in Posen (Poland) in the long distance competition. The parents of Bailey are Da Vince and Amelie, two exceptional breeding pigeons in the Krüger loft. The dam of Balisto is Letizia 07274-09-2079, which was bred from Streetfighter x  Dior, two great Krüger breeders as well.

Daylight wins a second national from Poitiers

Let's have a closer look at the winner of the second national prize as well: the 07274-11-467 Daylight finished right behind the national first prize winner. His sire is Black Pearl 07274-08-879, an excellent breeding pigeon from the pair Black Power 07274-00-1245 x Dior. Black Power 07274-00-1245 is an amazing breeder and has bred an amazing number of top class birds. He is without doubt one of the most important pigeons in their breeding loft. He was an excellent racer as well with, for instance, a fourth Ace Pigeon in the district races against 40,000 pigeons in 2002. He was bred from the two year old pigeon 07274-99-950, a grandchild of Carl Lewis, paired to the B 99-6264813, a hen of Kris Van Massenhoven. His son Black Pearl was a great racer and an even better breeder and he was also an Olympiad Pigeon in Posen in category H. The dam of Daylight, the second prize winner from Poitiers, is Shelly 07274-07-1089, another important Krüger breeder.

Bastian wins the third national prize from Poitiers

It was Bastian 07274-11-481 that took the national third prize. He was bred from Bailey as well, this time in a pairing with Angie 04667-08-1341. This hen is a 100% Günter Prange hen and an inbred pigeon of Ringlose.

This was the story of the three glorious pigeons from the loft of Hardy Krüger & Father. We are confident that this will not be our last article about this fantastic pigeon loft in Rommerskirchen. We wish Hardy Krüger, his father Bruno and of course his mother Gertrud all the best.