SG Jung-Jupid (Ebertshausen, DE): a first class loft

The partnership of Jung-Jupid consists of Jürgen Jung and his daughter Sarah. This is a top class loft unmatched in international pigeon racing. Their breeding loft houses a few world famous breeders.

In 2010 they sold a collection of pigeons at a PIPA auction. The reason was that Jürgen Jung had health problems at that time. This auction caught the attention of many fanciers. For many of them this was a unique opportunity to get their hands on a few outstanding pigeons, for instance the world famous ace pigeon Aladin. As expected, each of these pigeons cost a lot of money as they were of very high quality and some were world class birds. Some pigeons were offered for sale for the very first time. But Jürgen and Sarah have only sold part of their family. They have kept their racing pigeons and young birds, which all have excellent origins. Many of the remaining birds were, of course, descendants of ace pigeon Aladin. With these birds they could start again whenever they wanted and so they did. They did not have to start from scratch as they already had a great collection of birds. They have also obtained a few new pigeons and a few new bloodlines. With the help of Sarah, a new family of pigeons was created as never seen before. Thanks to a thorough breeding program the loft became even stronger, which resulted in international success. We do not want to overestimate their achievements but they have been doing great. However, let's focus on the facts: the loft of Jürgen and Sarah Jung is without a doubt, the best loft in Germany.

Two of their pigeons play a dominant role in their loft but unfortunately they are already quite old. Yet their bloodlines have turned this into a top quality loft. The two bloodlines are Aladin and Lucky 848. Both breeding birds were tested and were found out to be their best breeders. Their descendants have already won several top prizes; this proves their outstanding breeding qualities.

Aladin, NL 99-2308215

One of the big stars in the loft is Aladin, NL 99-2308215. Aladin is the best son of Kleine Dirk from Gerard Koopman. Let’s take a closer look at the pedigree of Aladin. As we said the sire is Kleine Dirk, NL 98-5821416, an excellent racing bird with such top prizes as a 1st from Troyes against 17,884 pigeons, a first prize from Bourges against 7,165 pigeons and a 1st from Maaseik against 3,522 pigeons. With these accomplishments he deserved a place in the Koopman breeding loft. Since then Kleine Dirk has demonstrated his breeding qualities, which are almost legendary. His sire is Gentil, NL 92-5310320, a top quality racer and breeder; his dam is Golden Lady B 96-6286060, a daughter of the legendary Kannibaal B 95-6246005, which was rewarded as national ace pigeon in Belgium. The dam of Aladin is Daughter Beatrixdoffer NL 95-1091674, a daughter of the famous Beatrixdoffer, NL 88-2763998, which is one of the stock birds in the loft of Gerard Koopman. Its dam and the grandmother of Aladin is Mother Emperor Qin NL 93-1768700, which stems from Eric NL 88-4024619, coupled with a sister of Zitter. The pedigree of Aladin basically contains all the best bloodlines of Gerard Koopman.

Aladin had already demonstrated his talent in the breeding loft of Marijke Vink. One of his sons was the famous Tips, which was in his turn the sire of 11 different first prize winners. Farah Diba was one of the amazingly good daughters of Tips and winner of the first national ace pigeon in the long distance WHZB 2003. She was sold for no less than 70,000 euro at the auction of Marijke Vink. One of the great sons of Tips was Reza, winner of a first prize from Peronne against 28,332 pigeons, a first from Chantilly against 21,892 pigeons and a first from Chantilly against 10,589 pigeons. The list of top class descendants of Aladin is almost endless. At the auction of Marijke Vink, Reza was sold for 84,000 euro. However, times are changing and today fanciers would pay even more for these invaluable pigeons.

There is a very long list of first prizes won by the different descendants of Aladin, so it would be difficult to fit them into one article. Week after week fanciers from around Europe win first prizes with descendants of the renowned Aladin. But Jürgen and Sarah still have the best breeding birds of this outstanding bloodline. In their lofts in Ebertshausen (in Rheinland-Pfalz) the breeding loft houses for instance, eight brothers and sisters of Tips. Imagine the sheer quality of the youngsters of these birds! For your information, the breeding birds belong to the old bloodlines of Gerard Koopman.

Jürgen and Sarah take part in a lot of one loft races, in which they are quite successful. They have collected numerous victories and top prizes in these competitions. Most of the successes in the one loft races were achieved by descendants of Aladin. I think it would be fair to say that Aladin is one of the very best breeding pigeons in the world at the moment. I cannot think of any better breeding bird. However, at the moment Aladin is not paired anymore. His sons, daughters and nephews continue his legacy.

De Rauw-Sablon

Another important factor in the loft of Jürgen and Sarah is Lucky 848 B 00-4065848, a De Rauw-Sablon bird. At the moment the De Rauw-Sablon pigeons are more popular than ever. This is not surprising because these bloodlines have been very successful all over the world. In any case, buying Lucky 848 was quite an investment for the Jungs family. There was another fancier who was particularly interested in buying this bird: Nikolaas Gyselbrecht. He wanted to have Lucky 848 in the PIPA Elite Centre breeding loft at any price. That is why Nikolaas made a proposal: “Why not join forces and buy the bird together?” As a result Nikolaas and the Jungs family formed a breeding team which is unique in international pigeon racing. For one half of the breeding season Lucky 848 is paired with breeding hens from the PIPA Elite Centre. For the other half of the season the bird is paired with hens from Jürgen and Sarah Jung. One thing is sure: Lucky 848 has bred a number of sensational first class pigeons both in the PIPA Elite Centre and in the loft of the Jung family. So the goal is to breed direct Lucky 848 descendants. For example "Amadeus" was sold last year on PIPA, a youngster raced this year 2x 1.prize!

In the meantime, Jürgen and Sarah have obtained additional De Rauw-Sablon birds for their loft. At the moment they have about 30 outstanding birds that stem from the very best breeders. Take, for instance, Montego, a full brother of the famous New Freddy, awarded as first ace pigeon KBDB grand middle distance 2010 and winner of two provincial first prizes. Another addition is Pros, an original Pros Roosen bird bred from Freddy. This is an excellent De Rauw-Sablon breeding bird. Sitala, another original Pros Roosen and bred from Freddy x Daughter Blauwe Prins is housed in the loft in Ebertshausen as well, just like Alberta, which is an original Aelbrecht hen. She is a daughter of the world famous Bak 17, these are only a few of the De Rauw-Sablon birds in this loft.

One more thing about the descendants of Lucky 848: his sire is Super Breeder B 91-4560548 from Marcel Aelbrecht. This bird also stems from two De Rauw-Sablon pigeons, namely Albert B 90-4002911 and Paola B 90-4002926. The dam of Lucky 848 is Mother Smallen B 93-4429368, which Marcel Aelbrecht obtained from De Rauw-Sablon in a round of eggs. Another interesting fact is that the dam of the hen, B 91-4261235, is a full sister of the sire of Lucky 848. So this is basically a top class inbred. Is this the best way to breed outstanding pigeons? Difficult to tell….

In good hands

A collection of stock birds like these needs a lot of care and attention. Jürgen Jung and of course his daughter Sarah, treat their birds with great care. In addition the entire loft gets medical supervision from the veterinary surgeon, Ferdi Vandersanden from Belgium. His task is to make sure the pigeons are always in good health. Ferdi constantly examines the new birds in the loft to make sure they have no infections or diseases. As a result this loft will only offer fully healthy birds. A DNA test is available for all young birds, carried out by Ferdi Vandersanden. He is a specialist in the field of DNA analysis for pigeons. Jürgen explains: “In my loft I know which bird stems from which sire and dam. This comes down to honesty and trust, which is very important in pigeon racing. That is why I offer a DNA test to prove the parentage of my pigeons. This is part of my policy.”