SG Jung JUPID - Top success in other lofts

It is not a secret that Jürgen & Sarah Jung (SG Jung-JUPID) own top birds. Only the Best of the Best is sitting in the breeding loft in Ebertshausen. This top class of birds are also responsible for top results all over the world. One of the best seasons for the father-daughter combination was 2011. The Jung pigeon is conquering the world!!!

These references show that Jürgen Jung is on the right road and owns fantastic breeders. One of the best fanciers who races spectacularly with the birds from Jung-JUPID is without doubt Team Hlavica from Czech Republic.

Rostislav Hlavica, Jürgen Jung and Martin Hlavica
Top hen "Martina" - Original SG Jung-JUPID
This fantastic hen won a.o...:
4th National Acebird (youngsters) (Olympiad Category F)
34th National Acebird (youngsters) 2011
1st Tabor - 2.372 p. - 250 km (1159,153 m/min)
1st Prosimerice - 2-195 p. - 140 km (1213,835 m/min)
15th Plzen – 1,000 p. - 339 km (1230,231 m/min)
363rd Jihlava - 2.365 p. - 178 km (1266,475 m/min)

She is bred from"Nagim x "Amaris" - of course two Original SG Jung-JUPID. Both parents of "Martina" are grandchildren of the legendary "Aladin"!

Top hen "Martina"

Find here some race results of the Toppers from SG Jung-JUPID in One Loft Races and other Top lofts:

Race results JUPID 2010 and 2011/2012

1st  nat.  La Souterraine  16.576 birds 2011 youngsters (“Josephine”)
5th nat. Champion youngsters Team Hlavica – Jung 2011, Czech Republic
1st prize final race Delta One Loft Race Hungary 2011 (“Balaton Queen”)
1st prize final race Mallorca Derby (race over sea) 2011 (“König von Mallorca”)
4th prize final race Mallorca Derby (race over sea) 2011 (“Marlene”)
5th prize final race Belgian Masters 2010
6th prize Car Hot Spot Race 4, One-million-dollar-race, South Africa 2011 (“Paavo”)
16th prize Car Hot Spot Race 1, One-million-dollar-race, South Africa 2011 (“Soraia”)
34th prize Car Hot Spot Race 5, One-million-dollar-race, South Africa 2012 (“Soraia”)
36th prize final race,  One-million-dollar-race, South Africa 2012 (“Soraia”)
1st “Knock-out” winner (over all races), One-million-dollar-race, South Africa 2012 (“Soraia”)
6th place “Car races”  (over all car races), One-million-dollar-race, South Africa 2012 (“Soraia”)
2x fast series (2 birds), One-million-dollar-race, South Africa 2012 (“Soraia” & “Paavo”)

More race results of JUPID 2011/2012

Sun City – 1-Million-Dollar-Race

26.10.    5th Prize   “Soraia”              51 km  TF 2      5322 p.           
16.11.    26th Prize   “Omarion”            81 km   TF8       4617 p.
          172nd Prize   “Paavo”
19.11.    12th Prize   „Paavo“              131 km   TF9      4547 p.
          134th Prize  „Soraia“    
          160th Prize   „He Man“
24.11.    155. Prize  „Omarion“             64 km  TF10     4511 p.
30.11.    56. Prize  „Omarion“              82 km  TF11     4485 p.
03.12.    19. Prize  „Soraia“               131 km  TF12    4452 p.
          88. Prize  „Bobbie“                  
          184. Prize  „Paavo“
07.12.    52. Prize  „Soraia“               82 km   TF13    4422 p.
          178. Prize  „Ditha“
21.12.    2. Prize  „He Man“                82 km   TF15    4080 p.
          81. Prize  „Omarion“       
          204. Prize „Soraia“
04.01.    49. Prize  „Soraia“                82 km    TF18   3878 p.
          131. Prize  „Ditha“
          150. Prize  „Omarion“
14.01.    87. Prize  „Soraia“                82 km   TF20    3521 p.
          179. Prize  „Bobbie“
21.01.    65. Prize  „Omarion“               131 km   TF22   3513 p.
          163. Prize  „Ditha“

Jürgen Jung talks to Rostislav Hlavica. As you can see he is very proud and happy about the top results of his birds.

Sarah supports her father in everything he do. She also has the special feeling for birds (especially for really Toppers). This is also an example of how the youth conquer the pigeon sport. With new ideas and new ways.