4 weeks in a row victory against massive birdages... King of speed Alwin Petrie shook up the pigeon world!

Last weeks, wonder man Alwin Petrie from Brummen seems to be unbeatable on speed races, from 100 up to 400 km. The entire competition, consisting of International top fanciers, has no answer to the supremacy of the Petrie express. With a racing team of only yearlings he makes unbelievable prize series en breaks all records winning 4x 1. prize in a row in big competition. Can this National sensation be beaten when he is on a role?

23-05-2009  1-7-9 Strombeek   1.331 birds
30-05-2009  1-2-3-5 Pommeroeul  6.847 birds
06-06-2009  1-3-4-8-9-10 Pommeroeul  1.017 birds
13-06-2009 1-2-3-4-6-7 Morlincourt  1.170 birds

Figures often say more then words. View the following performances and be your own judge:
23-5-2009 Strombeek (185.586 km) 1,331 birds. 41 pigeon entered, 33 prize cards
30-5-2009 Pommeroeul (251.732 km) 6,847 birds 40 pigeons entered, 35 prize cards
6-6-2009 Pommeroeul (251.732 km) 1,017 birds 39 pigeons entered, 31 prize cards
13-6-2009 Morlincourt (359.492 km) 1,170 birds 39 pigeons entered, 31 prize cards

A fabulous continuation
After a sabbatical year Alwin started racing pigeon once more in 2008. In young bird racing he excelled every week and in 2009 the yearlings are testes thoroughly. As youngsters these pigeons showed to poses great capacities; in 2008 they already won the following series of prize cards:
Strombeek          2,005 b.: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-13-23-31-34-43-45-46-47-48-etc.
                          6,000 b.: 3-7-11-12-13-17-18-19-20-34-61-73-81-etc.
Pommeroeul        1,906 b.: 5-6-8-9-10-13-14-15-16-18-21-35-36-37-42-43-etc.
Peronne              4,229 b.: 1-7-9-15-16-19-27-28-29-31-39-41-44-45-47-48-etc.
Morlincourt         3,788 b.: 8-12-13-14-15-22-31-32-33-34-36-39-47-48-etc.
Breuil NPO North 5,800 b.: 3-11-27-30-32-36-43-47-54-98-99-etc.
Pommeroeul       5,964 b.: 6-7-8-10-21-22-23-24-25-26-27-28-29-30-31-32-34-38-45-49-etc.

The results of the past weeks have been really amazing. Alwins fabulous strain of breeders is head responsible for these successes, looking at the toppers so far the great class of these producers becomes clear once more.

NL08-1096332 ‘Marshal’
1. acebird short distance Zutphen Fed. 2009
1. Pommeroeul ’09 1,017 b.
3. Strombeek ’09  2,234 b.
7. Pommeroeul ’08  5,964 b.
11. Duffel ’09   8,792 b.
22. Strombeek  1,331 b.
Exceptional, that is the best qualification for this chequer cock. As youngster he already won 7 prize cards and as yearling he did not miss his prize yet. Seeing its pedigree, makes success looking just a bit more predictable.
Father: ‘Majesty’, crowned as 1. acebird Zutphen Fed in 2001 and 2002! He won 4x 1. prize and in big competition a/o 1. Hensies 10,973 b., 5. Houdeng 8,498 b., 5. St. Ghislain 3,224 b., 5. Boxtel 4,707 b., 6. Bourges 2,665 b., 9. Houdeng 13,085 b., etc. ‘Majesty’ is a son to the top pair ‘Massaratti’ x ‘Blue Dahlia’.
Mother: ‘Sanne’, a wonder racer with a/o 1. Lommel 10,290 b., 1. Lommel 425 b., 1. Arras 415 b., 1. Pommeroeul 167 b., 2. Breuil 4,305 b. (after loft mate). Her father is ‘Crack’, direct Henk Bussing and winner 4x 1. prize. He was than paired to a daughter of the new breeding sensation ‘First Knight’

'Majesty', father to 'Marshal'

NL08-1096331 ‘Myrna’
1. Strombeek ’09  1,331 b.
12. Duffel ’09   8,792 b.

This pretty blue hen won 6 prize cards from 6 basketings in 2008 and winning Strombeek as yearling makes the success complete.
Father: ‘Mike’, 1. acebird Zutphen Fed. and 7. National acebird allround Best of the Best 2004 with 4x 1. prize. ‘Mike’ is a son to super pair ‘Massarati’ x ‘Blue Dahlia’.
Mother: Granddaughter ‘Porsche Bond’. This top producer himself was crowned 1. acebird in combine 1996 and in the meanwhile 3 children to him won a NPO race.

NL08-1096310 ‘Lancelot’
1. Pommeroeul ’09   6,847 b.
3. NPO Noord Breuil ’08  5,800 b.
25. Pommeroeul ’08   5,964 b.

This cock is a cross of Alwins old lines with with pigeons of Maurice Hassendonckx from Belgium. Speed devils that are also at the base of the strain Heremans-Ceusters.
Father: ‘Mauritz 958’, inbred to ‘De Jan’ (1. Nat. acebird Regina 2002 speed, 1. Nat. acebird 2002, 1. Nat. acebird 2003, 2. Nat. acebird 2004 speed) and ‘Bettinie’ (2. Nat. acebird middle distance 2006).
Mother: ‘Beauty Star’, a talented breeding hen, direct from super breeder ‘First Knight’.

NL08-1096355 ‘Chanel’
1. Morlincourt ’09   1,170 b.
3. Morlincourt ’09   5,280 b.

The beautiful hen ‘Chanel’ completed the foursome of 1. prizes in big competition. She is bred from founding father ‘Massaratti’ and therefore half sister to a/o ‘Majesty’, ‘First Knight’, ‘Mike’ and a full sister to ‘Rossi’, 2. NPO North Peronne 10,274 b. Her mother is bred by Maurice Hassendonckx and is a granddaughter to ‘Kleine Blauwe’ and ‘Goede Jaarling’.