Hadrien Marsille (Ophain, BE) crowned as 1st national champion youth KBDB!

Despite his young age, each season seems looking the same for Hadrien Marsille. He has been recently crowned as National Champion Youth KBDB for the third time during his young career (2015, 2016 & 2018) but he doesn't limit himself to shine on the youth championships.

In one of our previous reports, we already underlined his great maturity he shows practicing his hobby, really incredible for a young guy of only 19 years. Hadrien enjoys any time he can spent talking to pigeon fanciers, both the smaller and the bigger champions. He already visited many events related to pigeon sport including many live auctions so he always has the opportunity to handle as much crack pigeons as possible. All the credit is given to his father who never missed the opportunity to drive him anywhere he could. With his thirst of knowledge, he always likes to visit any pigeon fancier to adapt any informations to his own loft and his results prove that he is on the right track. During the very difficult racing season of 2018, he won for the third time in his career the title of National Champion Youth:

1. National Champion Youth KBDB 2015
1. National Champion Youth KBDB 2016
1. National Champion Youth KBDB 2018

To be classified in this championship, you must be a pigeon fancier aged less than 25 years and you must be able to proove that you take care of your pigeons by your own. In the past you could already find some good fanciers who were not limited to shine in this category. At the second place this year, you can find Gert Rondags who won also in 2018 the title of 1st National Ace Pigeon Sprint Ybs KBDB and Cyril Harchies is at the third place. A fancier with a bright future ahead as well. This being said, you will understand that several young fanciers classified in this championship already showed some great skills and we're only starting to hear their names more frequently.

An excellent relationship with AT Breeding Loft

Hadrien owes his recent success to a providential meeting from several years ago. In fact, in addition than the help of his father Patrick, he also has the opportunity to receive each year a big part of the breed from the AT Breeding Loft (Thierry Aerts). This collaboration is the fruit of the excellent relationship that reigns between the family Marsille & Thierry Aerts. As a very busy businessman, Thierry has not the time to manage his own colony. However, he has always been really passioned by pigeons. That's the reason why he chose for a collaboration with Hadrien who became the satellite loft of the Aerts breeding lofts. For Thierry Aerts, nothing is good enough when it's time to strenghten his breeding loft. In addition to his basic pair, we're going to introduce later in this report, he also purchased several children of two of the most iconic pigeons currently: 'Rudy' from Vandenabeele & 'Harry' from Hooymans. The first descendants from these two emblematic pigeons are starting to show what they are made of in the racing lofts of Hadrien Marsille, the proof that these introductions were a direct hit. More recently, the pigeons of Bart Geerinckx and Marcel Wouters were introduced into the AT Breeding Loft but it's still too early to talk about them. We also have to give a shout out to the excellent relationship with Alain Lefevre (France) who also owns several prestigious breeding lines and with him several joint breeding has been made.

However, if Thierry Aerts invested a lot in famous breeding lines, his old strain is still doing an astonishing job in the racing team. His number one basic pair is formed by a cock called 'Clyde 018' and a hen called 'Barbara'. 'Clyde 018' is a direct Deno-Herbots and full brother of 'Lola', 1st Argenton national against 21.092 pigeons. He was bred from a crossing Houben x Roosens x Kannibaal.
About 'Barbara', his father is a full brother of 'Yvan', the most famous pigeon from the Herbots family while her mother is a granddaughter of 'Axl' from Chris Hebberecht.
This pair had a large impact on the racing loft of Hadrien Marsille as it's thanks to this pair that our young friend won his first rankings in the KBDB ace pigeon championships. No less than 4 differents children of this pair won a ranking at provincial and/or national level! Let's start with the best of them, a dark chequered cock named 'To wait for'.

- 'To Wait For' (BE14-2229284)

Before he joined the breeding team during the winter 2016-2017, he was the real star of the Marsille's racing loft. He classified himself two times into the top 20 of the national ace pigeon KBDB in middle distance. Now in the breeding loft, he already started to show his worth as a breeder.  This year he became father of the very good 'Angelo', a cock born in 2018 who won the title of 1st Provincial Ace Pigeon Sprint Ybs KBDB. Once again, ace pigeons are breeding ace pigeons!

Click here to check his pedigree.

In a very short period, 'To wait for' became father of:

- 'Angelo'

1. Provincial Ace Sprint YBs KBDB 2018
Laon 1/1.132 p.
Nanteuil 1/577 p.
Soissons 2/1.196 p.
Soissons 4/187 p.
Soissons 16/1.000 p.

- 'Angela'

Nanteuil 3/1.368 p.
Soissons 3/1.196 p.
Soissons 4/827 p.
Nanteuil 7/1.123 p.

- 'La Bourges 17'

Bourges 1/361 p.
Châteauroux 10/1.370 p.

Let's introduce now the second pigeon, the hen 'Angel'. She is nothing but the nest sister of 'To wait for'.

- 'Angel' (BE14-2229283)

This fantastic hen is made of the same level than her nestbrother as she also added several ace pigeon rankings to her name. In 2016, she was 14th National Ace Pigeon middle distance KBDB. At the provincial level, she was crowned as 1st Provincial Ace Pigeon middle distance KBDB in 2015 & 2nd Provincial Ace Pigeon middle distance in 2016.
She joined the breeding team just before the start of the 2018 season, so it's still too early to talk about her breeding potential.

Click here to check her pedigree.

- '302/16 (BE16-2089302)

The introduction of this hen is like a tribute as she was lost on one of the very first races of 2018. In 2016, she was 14th National Ace Pigeon sprint KBDB. It's also a direct daughter of the basic pari 'Clyde 018' x 'Barbara' so a full sister of the two previous pigeons.

Click here to check her pedigree.

- '711 Superbreeder' (BE15-2124711)

Here is the 4th child of this famous golden breeding pair. He won himself the title of 1st Provincial Ace Sprint KBDB in 2015 and is currently a member of the breeding team.

Click here to check his pedigree.

The 2018 season was also the opportunity to discover some new talented pigeons who will be in charge to ensure the future of the Marsille loft. Several children from this basic pair also showed what they were made of during this very difficult season. Let's have a look:

- 'Gemini'

1. Provincial Ace middle distance Yl KBDB 2018
2. Provincial Ace middle distance Ybs KBDB 2017
25. National Ace middle distance Yl KDB 2018
Nanteuil 1/310 p.
Orléans 1/159 p.
Toury 2/1.075 p.
Soissons 2/471 p.
Toury 2/418 p.
Orléans 3/620 p.
Toury 3/277 p.
Toury 4/798 p.

- 'Scarface'

4. Provincial Ace Sprint Yl KBDB 2018
Nanteuil 2/483 p.
Soissons 4/314 p.
Nanteuil 4/176 p.
Soissons 8/301 p.

- 'New 18'

6. Provincial Ace sprint Ybs KBDB 2018
Soissons 1/1.196 p.
Nanteuil 1/1.186 p.
Nanteuil 4/1.123 p.
Soissons 6/827 p.

What about others descendants?

The 'Clyde 018' has produced several other crack pigeons after being coupled with different hens. Here is a list of his other best descendants bred from another pairing:


- 'Peugeot'

5. Provincial Ace middle distance KBDB 2017
Toury 1/787 p.
Nanteuil 1/189 p.
Soissons 6/620 p.
St-Quentin 5/289 p.
Toury 5/245 p.

- '251/14'

Laon 2/521 p.
Châteauroux 51/5.700 p.

- '428/16' (raced at Surinx-Pletsers)

Bourges nat 87/28.078 p. '16
Bourges prov 13/21.226 p. '17
Bourges prov 8/2.071 p. '18

In conclusion

With breeding material in the loft of his friend Thierry Aerts, Hadrien has now all the tools to keep on improving his results and trying to grab more prestigious titles. The global philoshophy both in the racing lofts from Ophain and in the breeding lofts from Hoeilaart are starting to pay off. We won't be surprised to find his name at the top of a national race in the future. Time will tell...

Hadrien, congratulations for your fantastic season but most of all for your brand new national title. Good luck.