Fantastic racing season 2018 for Olivier Poussart (Bourlers, BE)!

Recent seasons are looking good for Olivier Poussart and his friend Paul Santens. Despite a very bad geographic situation, this loft from the extreme south of Belgium became one of the best from the country on its discipline: the sprint & the middle distance races.

The Poussart family booked another great season in 2018. The racing team has been on the right track all season long: on the very first sprint races against several thousands of pigeons or in the first middle distance races, then the interprovincial AWC races and finally on the national races. The Poussart is now stabilized between the big names of the middle distance from Belgium and it is not due to hasard. First, the pigeons are in the center of the priorities for the family and everything is achieved to shine during the racing season. Secondly, the pigeon stock is full of qualities. We can find all the descendants from the two base pairs, the 'Diamand Pair' and the 'Brilliant Pair' who added to their name some astonishing references over the last few years.

A family dedicated to the pigeons

In the Poussart family, everybody takes part in the cares brought to the pigeons all year long. It starts with Marie-France, the wife of Olivier, who goes often on the road to train the pigeons during the season when their son Justin is like the eyes and the hands of Olivier when he is at work. Aged of 13 years only, Justin is very talented to manage a loft. He can notice a lot of things into a loft despite his fairly young age. If he continues to enjoy the pigeon sport as much, a brilliant career is awaiting him.
Then, we must talk about the duo Olivier-Paul who is like the backbone of the loft. Both men are in sort of a filial relationship since many years already. Paul is the visionary, the man who draws the line that the loft will have to follow. He sets this objectives, seeks to strenghten the loft and tries to improve its quality. While Olivier is more like a bandmaster. He is a very meticulous pigeon fancier. He learnt his job at a young age together with his brother Daniel (who came back recently in the pigeon sport). The two brothers are both competitors that race pigeons to the same goal: winning. Since the start of their pigeon fancier career, nothing has changed and their ambition is a character trait they both share. When you take a look at the results of the Poussart loft, you quickly understand it.

The ‘Kamikaze’ from Leen Boers

A pigeon in particular caught our attention while we were browsing the pedigrees from the main racers of the Poussart loft. We are talking about the famous ‘Kamikaze’ from the Dutch Leen Boers. This fantastic breeder is to be found in almost all the pedigrees of the best racers, mostly via two pigeons: his son ‘Parzival’ (cock of the Diamond Pair) & his grandson ‘Baccardi’, two extraordinary breeders themselves who are both the partners of the two main breeding pairs from the duo Santens/Poussart.
But before Paul Santens purchased it, this 'Kamikaze' already bred two other super pigeons: one in Great Britain ('John Bull', see previous picture) and the other one at Leen Boers, being the 'Lion King':

- 'Lion King' :

36. Chantilly NPO – 16.824 p.
46. Chantilly NPO – 22.648 p.
51. Niergnies NPO - 15.899 p.
59. Niergnies NPO - 30.635 p.

Perzival x Astrid

Nowadays, the dynasty of the 'Kamikaze' is still living through his two main descendants: 'Parzival' & 'Baccardi'.
In fact, ‘Parzival’ forms with ‘Astrid’ (a granddaughter of 'Johnny Boy’ Munnik x line of the ‘Wittenbuik’) the ‘Diamond Pair’ from Olivier Poussart & Paul Santens.
Together, they are parents/grandparents of the following pigeons:

1. Bourges national 19.885 pigeons 2016 (highest speed from 39.620 p.)
2. Argenton national 11.223 pigeons 2015
9. Tulle national 8.621 pigeons 2015
3. Ace Pigeon GMD AWC 2017
1. Bourges Iprov 1.379 pigeons 2018
1. Vierzon provincial 2017

In 2018, three of their children born in 2017 were simply outstanding. We are talking about 'Tiam', 'Satou' & 'Tiger'. We will introduce them later in another report.
Let's underline also that the father of 'Astrid' is a pigeon from Geert Munnik christened 'The Cardinal' and he is the cock of the 'Brilliant Pair'. It's a direct son to his famous 'Johnny Boy'. In 2017, 'Golden Ace' (direct daughter of 'The Cardinal') won the title of 1st Ace Pigeon GMD AWC. So you can really notice that all the branch from this family are from superior quality.

And finally Baccardi

The other famous branch of this family is built around a grandson of the 'Kamikaze' who received the name of 'Baccardi'. This pigeon became father of two of the main racing hens from the Poussart loft:

- ‘Yena’ (BE16-4094647)

1. Bourges Iprov     – 1.183 p. ‘18
   9. National       – 5.831 p.
1. Châteauroux Iprov – 1.014 p. ‘18
   11. National      – 2.855 p.

Father: ‘Baccardi’ (BE09-4273928), cock of the golden pair number 2. It's a grandson of two legendary pigeons, being the ‘Kamikaze’ from Leen Boers and the ‘Bartoli’ from the Eijerkamp family.
Mother: ‘Nele’ (BE13-4256603), the whole mix between the crossings Leen Boers x Mark Evans realized by Paul Santens and at the base of the main success booked by Olivier Poussart. The mother of ‘Nele’ is a direct daughter of the ‘Kamikaze’ from Leen Boers while paired to a descendant of the ‘Wittenbuik’ Vandenabeele via Mark Evans.
Click here to check her pedigree.

It was not the first time that this fantastic pair bred a super pigeon because last year, ‘Justine’ already booked the title of 2nd Interprovincial Ace Pigeon GMD AWC. By the way, let's mention that Olivier Poussart won the 1st, 2nd & 3rd place from this Interprovincial Ace Pigeon championship, a level of racing where several thousands of pigeons are competing each year. Here is the performance list of ‘Justine’:

- 'Justine' (BE15-4152556)

2nd Interprovincial Ace GMD AWC 2017
8. Nevers Iprov    – 1.818 p. ‘17
9. Bourges Iprov   –   917 p.
10.Vierzon Iprov   – 1.104 p. ‘17
12.Montluçon Iprov – 1.090 p. ‘17
14.Argenton Iprov  – 1.028 p. ‘17

The mother of 'Yena' & 'Justine' is a hen called 'Nele'. She is a granddaughter to a Mark Evans pigeon called 'Brandy' (that we also find in the pedigree of 'Golden Ace') when paired to 'Back Home', a daughter of the.... 'Kamikaze'. Do you still have doubts about the core of this loft? Not really, no? It shows the great worth of the genetic material from this breeding loft but also the skills of the pigeon breeders that are Olivier and Paul.

However, the racing sensation from 2018 is not related to these breeding lines. But we couldn't hide you her astonishing performance list:

- ‘Grace’ (BE16-1046504)

1. Gien Iprov     – 1.098 p. ‘18
1s. La Ferté prov –   652 p. ‘18
   2. Iprovincial – 1.224 p.
3. Bourges Iprov  – 2.583 p. ‘18
3. Trélou reg     –   683 p. ‘18
3. Orléans reg    –   471 p. ‘18
4. Fay regional   –   598 p. ‘18
   38. Iprov      – 1.863 p.
5. Trélou rég     – 1.250 p. ‘18
6. Gien regional  –   191 p. ‘18
18. Sens regional –   988 p. ‘18
20. Sens regional – 1.349 p. ‘18
29. Bourges prov  –   730 p. ‘18

Last season, she already showed what she was made of:

2. Vierzon reg     –    457 p. ‘17
   5. Iprovincial  –  1.104 p.
8. Tulle Iprov     –  1.891 p. ‘17
   53. National    –  9.578 p.
10. Bourges Iprov  –  2.083 p. ‘17
   264. National   – 12.449 p.
12. Argenton Iprov –    650 p. ‘17
   86. National    –  3.917 p.

Father : ‘Hunter’ (BE10-4219037), 100% Leen Boers.
Mother : ‘Daughter Golden Logan’ (GB10-8867), direct Mark Evans (G-B) and 100% Vandenabeele (breeding line of the famous ‘Bliksem’)
Click here to check her pedigree.

Some results from 2018

15/07 Bourges Iprov - 2.583 olds: 1, 3, 16 (3/3)
11/08 Bourges Iprov - 1.183 olds: 1, 9, 37, 41, 63, 105, 111, ... (17/22)
18/08 Châteauroux Iprov - 535 olds: 1, 11, 14, 41, 42, ... (10/16)
01/09 Argenton Iprov - 580 olds: 1, 2, 6, 14, 21, ... (8/9)
15/09 Châteauroux Iprov - 424 olds: 4, 5, 7, 9, 16, ... (7/8)
15/09 Châteauroux Iprov - 887 youngsters: 2, 11, 65, 70, ... (15/33)

We would like to congratulate the entire Poussart family for this incredible racing season 2018!