Chris Hebberecht - Evergem (BE) After ‘stunt’ from Brive, once again ‘top’ from Cahors!

We definitely don’t need to introduce the Chris Hebberecht colony to the broad pigeon public. The exploits that this colony managed to put down on paper this last season have prompted admiration in pigeon land.

With a 1° National Ace pigeon Grand Distance 2005 (with ‘AXL’), 2° Nat Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB in 2004 + 2005 (with ‘Pancho’ + ‘Champion’), and titles such as 2° Nat Champion KBDB in both Long Distance and Grand Distance in 2004… and in 2008 also 1° Prov Montauban and winner of the ‘Thailand Grand Pigeon Race’… Chris gave ‘colour’ to our national pigeon sport, call it ‘national domination’! The majority of these super cracks were put to breed and now stand guarantor for a new generation ‘top racers’ which is completely coming out of its shell.
The top celebrity out the East-Flemish Evergem is since the season’s  opening 2009 in the national long distance races, once more never out of the burning news. The start from Etampes and Vierzon gave good hope for the future, something which was confirmed. From Brive there was what we call by pigeon standards the so called ‘pigeon weather’ on the agenda, clear skies with an East-North-East wind… ingredients to the butt of the Hebberecht team who achieved a rarely seen before ‘stunt performance’ up to national level with:
Club   428 p.  1,3,4,6,7,8,9,12,21,27,28,38,41,46,50,61,62,73,88,91,114 (21 op 25)
Prov  3.077 p.  3,6,7,19,25,28,45 etc…
Nat   17.466 p.  8,17,20,96,121,132,207,461,768,892,926 (and probably 21/25)

A resounding stunt result that shook the ‘Fondclub Lokeren’ to its foundations! The winning pigeon  was ‘JAWS’ ring B07-4081813, a son of ‘Pokémon’, self 1° Prov Brive (and son of stock father ‘Bjorn’ x ‘Mieke’) x Chequered 179/04 (daughter of the ‘Krommen’). It wasn’t the first win for this ‘JAWS’, because he had already won:
’08 Limoges YL   801 p.   1
    Nat Zone A   7.823 p.  4
’08 Chateauroux  517 p.  1
    Prov  3.602 p.  66
A chap that had shown what he was capable of as a yearling, who knew what ‘front racing’ and ‘winning’ involves!
A week later from the ‘rainy’ Montélimar Chris had his 1° + 2° nominated pigeon in the clock with:
Club  114 p.  3,20 (2/5)
Nat  8.193 p. 174,… (first Nat. Prognosis)

Then the Cahors from last weekend was on the programme, with excellent flying weather once again and a velocity just above the 1200 metres. The ‘Hebberecht-team’ performed the following:
Club  120 p. 1,2,12,14 (8)
Nat    7.292 p.    21,25… and also here 4/8.
The winning pigeon from Cahors is the ‘SUMO’ B05-4391930/05, a half-brother of ‘Tarzan’ (5° Nat Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB ‘04) on father’s side, as well as being a son of the ‘Galanten’… while on mother’s side he is a half-brother of ‘Pokémon’ (1° Prov Brive 3.433 p., and 12° Nat Brive) as well as being a son of ‘Mieke’.
The pigeon that won 2° in the club is the ‘SANTOS’ B05-4260399, a son of the aforementioned ‘Tarzan’ (5° Nat Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2004) x ‘Daughter Vedette’. A chap that immediately left his ‘visiting card’ and puts himself forward as ‘candidate’ for ‘National Ace pigeon’ Long Distance 2009 with the following performances:
’09 Brive  Club    428 p.   6
        Nat 17.466 p.   96
’09 Cahors  Club 120 p.   2
        Nat  7.292 p.  25
A lot depends on the programme that this clapper will have to race of course, but with Orange or Limoges, Souillac and Tulle there are still 3 beautiful classics for putting a 3° national top  prize on paper, and/or… who knows, sharpening up his coefficient somewhat! Chris is now busy… stippling out the right programme for this clapper!
It is in any case clear that the ‘top condition’ is present in the long distance team ‘old birds’, and that we can and may expect more stunt work over the coming weeks from the Hebberecht-team! Congratulations to the Chris Hebberecht-team, and success for the future!