Philippe Dermience (Jemelle, BE) climbs on the national podium thanks to the descendants of 'L'Eclair'!

When you live in a real pigeon desert and you must take the road for a dozens of kilometres just to get to the club and basket your pigeons, you have to have a lot of determination to be a pigeon fancier. But when you regularly rank on the national podium with all these circumstances, you simply deserve a medal.

This is the case of Philippe Dermience. Living in a 'hostile' area for the practice of the pigeon sport, Philippe clings and fights each year with himself to continue the practice of his favourite hobby. It must be said that most of the fanciers would have stopped racing in his situation. A true pigeon fancier desert, a terrible geographic situation and, on top of everything, a huge amount of predators who catch each year a hundred of his pigeons. There is no doubt: you must be really passionate to keep on racing in such conditions. However, if you follow regularly the national races in Belgium, the name Dermience might sound familiar to your ears. Philippe already booked some early classifications at the national level with a.o. 2 x 2nd national (Libourne & Brive), a real trick when you know where his loft is located. You can have a better idea of it while taking a look at this map:

In fact, Philippe must have the benefit of certain flying conditions to be able to win an early prize. He sometimes has to wait a whole season without having really a possibility to clock early at the national level but it doesn't affect his motivation. The wait is well worth it when one of his pigeon ends up to fight for the final victory!
Here is a small overview of all his national top 15 places won since 2009. We are still wondering how he has been able to win so many of them seeing where he lives.

1.  Châteauroux semi-nat -  6,281 p. '11
1.  Limoges Bénélux      -  3,196 p. '14
2.  Brive national       -  9,049 p. '15
2.  Libourne national    -  8,713 p. '09
4.  Marseille nationa    -  2,165 p. '15
    10. International    - 10,238 p.
10. Jarnac national      -  4,559 p. '15
10. Jarnac national      -  4,696 p. '09
12. Montélimar national  -  6,912 p. '12
15. Narbonne national    -  4,558 p. '14

As is often the case, in all the lofts who race well over many years, you can find in all the top results the influence of only one pigeon. In this case, we are talking about L'Eclair (The Thunder). This former racing talent (he won a semi-national victory from Châteauroux against 6,281 pigeons while winning the highest speed of the 14,373 basketted pigeons) bred all the top racers of the new generation at Dermience.

- L'Eclair (BE09-8004657)

1.  Châteauroux semi-nat - 6,281 p. '11
(Highest speed from 14,373 p.)
2.  Nevers provincial    -   488 p. '10
9.  Auxerre provincial   -   473 p. '10
13. Vierzon semi-nat     - 3,814 p. '10
83. Montluçon semi-nat   - 5,907 p. '10

Is this Eclair as rare as hen’s teeth? Clearly, yes! After he proved his worth in the racing loft while booking a.o. his semi-national victory, he was placed in the breeding loft of Dermience. Of course, nobody had an idea of the real impact he would have in the coming years. Nowadays, we are forced to conclude that L'Eclair was a real influence on the development of this loft. The current breeding loft is mainly built around descendants of this top pigeon. Here is an overview of his most prestigious descendants:

- La Brive (BE14-1138401)

2. Brive nat   - 9,049 p. '15
93. Tulle zone - 1,014 p. '15
   376. nat    - 8,621 p.

- La Narbonne (BE12-8017648)

15. Narbonne national   -  4,558 p. '14
   6.  Internat femelle -  5,318 p.
   27. International    - 12,528 p.
1. Bourges régional     -    105 p. 
10. Montelimar rég      -    192 p.
12. Nevers Zone         -    430 p.
88. La Souterraine Zone -    648 p.

Actually, the biggest part of the current colony is built around the descendants from L'Eclair. Philippe is now waiting for one thing: to discover who will be the next successor of his Brive, the last pigeon that has been able to wina top national position.
We wish that Philippe will be able to fullfill his craziest dream: to win a national victory! With the quality of his loft and his motivation, we are sure it is only a matter of time!