Claude & Philippe Dermience (Rochefort, BE) win the 1st provincial (Namur) Montélimar 696 p., with the 12th national!

It has been less than one year since we visited these fanciers. Now, they are back again with a wonderful provincial victory from Montélimar.

With an average speed of 1,225 m/min, their new champion won the 1st provincial prize from Namur against 696 pigeons, the 2nd place in the result was Liège-Namur-Lux against 1,449 pigeons, as well as the 12th place in the national with 6,912 pigeons competing.

Philippe Dermience with the provincial winner of Montélimar.

The loft of the partnership consists of Claude and Philippe Dermience, a father and son who are well known both in Namur and also in Luxembourg. Before being basketed for the national and semi-national races from the CFW, their pigeons must fly the races of the Groupement Luxembourgeois and it is sometimes hard as the weather is against them.
At the beginning of the season, their lofts consist of 20 old widowers, 30 yearlings raced on the natural system as well as 63 hens raced on a nest or without mates too. This year, 150 youngsters were bred by the thirty breeding pairs.

The latest provincial winner from Montélimar is a wonderful 3 year old chequer cock. He has very silky feathers and has strong bones and muscles! These kind of characteristics are those you can find on most of the pigeons able to achieve top prizes in the races from the Rhône valley!

The 1st provincial in his box.

Pedigree of the new champion  (BE 09-8004612):

Sire: BE 07-7005867. Already won a 1st semi-provincial Nevers as well as a 4th provincial Montluçon. He is the son of the BE 05-3005409, pure Denijs, son of the 6th national Barcelona. His mother is the best breeding hen of the Dermience loft : the Golden breeding hen (BE 03-8026735). She is already a mother and grandmother of the best pigeons of the loft's racing team. She comes from the line of Teen of G.Verbruggen (via Wouters Coremans). You have got to understand that this super breeding hen is a full sister of Libelle, 2nd national Libourne in 2009.

Dam: BE 04-8030375. She won a 1st semi-provincial Bourges (709 p.) as well as a 1st Liège-Namur-Lux. Also Argenton (335 p.). She comes from a pairing between the Batenburg, coming directly from the Batenburg loft and a hen from Tossens.

If you want to know more about the management of the loft as well as the strains kept in their breeding loft, you can check to the previous report written and published last year on pipa by clicking here.

Actually, the main basis of the loft consists of the descendants from the Golden breeding hen (BE 03-8026735, see the pedigree above).
These pigeons have also performed well in other lofts. That’s how Laurent Yasse (Marche-en-Famenne, BE) won the 2nd national Marseille with a pigeon from which the
mother was a full sister of the Golden breeding hen.
The same happened for André Guebs (Longchamps, BE) as his famous champion (ring number BE 09-8004614) has had already achieved a few top prizes from the Centre & East races. He is a grandchild of this super breeding hen.

Claude, Philippe, congratulations on your provincial victory and for your perseverance with regards to staying at the top level in your regional area, an area which is not condusive to the practice of our favourite sport.