Nihoul & Son (Senzeilles, BE) - 1st National Champion Long Distance KBDB 2011 for the third time in 4 years !

When talking about the continuity the least we can say is that Roland & Guy are the masters in the field! After two successive national titles in 2008 & 2009, they are again on the highest rung of the national podium in Ostend for the third time in just 4 years !!! An astonishing performance that nobody has previously achieved...

Here is a small balance of the classifications in the national championships since 2008:

1st National Champion Long Distance 2008
1st National Champion Long Distance 2009
1st National Champion Long Distance 2011
8th National Champion Extreme Long Distance 2009

But also:

1st Long Distance Champion 'Bricon Trophy' 2011
1st Long Distance Champion LCB 2011
1st Provincial Champion Long Distance 2011

No, you are not dreaming! In Belgium, actually nobody did better than what they just achieved. The Nihoul father and son are true masters in the expertise of their pigeons and they are able to detect the lesser characteristics for each pigeon when they are growing into the form curve. In addition, they own a true team of superior long distance cracks, so the designation of the two first nominated is as easy as hard because it can happen that the two favourites are often beaten by one of their colleagues! Here are the results sent to the national federation that allowed them to be pronounced as national champion:

18/06 Cahors National (670Km) - 8.105 pigeons : 128th 'Athos VI' (9091507-07)   
                                                 32th 'Claudio'   (9068123-08)  

25/06 Montauban Zone C (722Km) - 3.007 pigeons : 54th 'Ludo Duiver V' (9043631-09)
                                                 38th 'Marco' (9043654-09)   

02/07 Orange Zone C (673Km) - 2.926 pigeons :  3th 'Turbo' (9048374-06)  
                                             107th 'Rousillon' (9068147-08)    
Total coefficient : 8,7928

As you can see, 6 pigeons are involved in this title, something that is quite normal as this championship was won with three races in a row! At the end of June the pigeons were already at the top, it's like a tradition in Senzeilles where, in the past, there was often traces of gun powder in races like Cahors.

This combination is probably situated in one of the worst areas to race with the pigeons in Belgium (area of Philippeville, south of the province of Hainaut) and so, the Nihoul must only race with pigeons able to fly alone, to get out of the massa and so be able to make the 'difference' as fast as possible. One must say that when you fly more than a hundred kilometers less than the furthest point, you just don't have the choice. We need to emphasize that the tough races with head wind and hot temperatures fits perfectly for their pigeons and their localization. The selection is based on this principle: they only keep the best and, when you know that these pigeons come out of couplings 'good' x 'good', everything is clear! The new introductions are rare, the colony of Senzeilles is not a mix of a lot of lines. Father and son own a strong homogeneous strain and it seems that they are getting better like a good old wine from Bordeaux! Anyway, that's what the results are suggesting...

Actually, the basis consists of old purchases done a few decades ago at Georges Bolle (Kortemark), Frans Waerniers (Knesselare), F. Gilles (Louveigné) and finally the famous Roosens (Leernes) with direct descendants of all the best pigeons which made this loft internationally known during the '80's. Since then, there has been no new 'strong' introduction. It doesn't prevent the Nihoul from strenghtening their breeding loft each year. And how...

In Senzeilles, the best cracks of the loft are rarely sold. Quite the opposite, they know that it is better to place them in the breeding loft than to sell them to Asia. I had the opportunity (followed by Guy, it doesn't happen so often) to inspect the breeding cocks. I was flabbergasted by so much richness. In the hand, the pigeons are simply of superior quality. But, what impressed me the most is that in only one of the breeding lofts, consisting of 12 boxes, there are 12 pigeons which classified themselves, at least 1x into the national top 100!!! It is clear that when you are at the head of a breeding loft like this, you have the possibility to find potential crack(s) at each round. This is something that is not given to each loft. It's one of the biggest points of the Nihoul's philosophy.

The crack of the loft

We are talking of the 'Turbo' (BE 06-9048374), probably one of the best long distance pigeons of Belgium over the last 4 years as he won a head prize during each season he was raced since 2007, the year in which he was put into the racing loft. It seems that he is an expert on the road between Orange and Belgium. Take a look:

11th International - Bordeaux 7.338 yearlings '07
6th  National      - Souillac 7.315 old birds '08
1st  Zone C        - Orange   3.173 old birds '09
2nd  National      - Orange   5.242 old birds '09
19th National      - Orange   4.466 old birds '10
4th  National      - Orange   4.865 old birds '11

Father: 'The couronné' (BE 97-9049586), a breeder son of the 'Artist' (7th Belgian Ace Pigeon BDS '00 & 9th Belgian Ace Pigeon LCB '00) a pigeon with an excellent prize list from Gien to Marseille. He comes from the 'Parfait', a 1/2 brother of the famous 'Mexico' from Marc Roosens and grandson of his most famous pigeon, the formidable 'Foreu' coupled on 'Gigi', sister of the 1st semi-national Brive & 2nd national Marseille. The mother of the 'couronné' is a sister of the 'Milord' (1st Châteauroux 6.105 p.)


Mother: 'Bolletje' (BE 97-3244757), directly purchased from Georges Bolle, daughter of the 'Super Bol' which flew 32th national Montauban and 36th national Narbonne in '96.

This couple can be rightly considered as the 'Golden Pair'. In fact, brothers and sisters from the 'Turbo' have won the following prizes:

1st Interprov. Bordeaux '00 & '07
1st Interprov. Châteauroux '01
5th S-National Châteauroux 13054 p.
4th, 13th, 17th  Nat. C. Brive 10.645 p.
48th National Narbonne
54th Internat. Narbonne '06
1st & 2nd Ent. Belge Narbonne '07
3rd & 4th National Narbonne 5.051 p. '07
9th & 10th International Narbonne 9.326 p. '07
3rd National Narbonne 6.801 p. '08
9th Internat. Narbonne 12.201 p. '08
39th National Souillac 5.667 p. '11

National & zonal top 100 2011
4th, 44th & 88th National Orange 4.865 old birds 
11th & 21th National Tarbes 4.818 old birds
23th & 87th Zonal Cahors 2.892 old birds
24th, 37th & 83th National Narbonne 6.428 old birds
26th & 75th International Tarbes 10.695 old birds
26th & 44th Zonal Libourne 2.534 yearlings
29th Semi-National Jarnac 4.505 yearlings
32th National Cahors 8.105 old birds
36th, 72th & 94th International Narbonne 12.605 old birds
38th, 50th & 54th Zonal Montauban 3.007 old birds
39th & 44th National Souillac 5.667 old birds
60th Semi-National Moulins 4.306 yearlings
61th Semi-National Châteauroux 8.092 yearlings
66th & 86th Zonal Châteauroux 6.368 old birds
80th Zonal Limoges 5.269 old birds

A really nice harvest! After having talked about the most prominent titles of the 2011 season, we will come back in a few weeks to this loft to talk about the method, its history and, most important, to introduce you to their cracks!
Roland, Guy, our congratulations and we wish you a 4th title for 2012!