Success with the Midlands National Flying Club for descendents of pigeons bought on PIPA!

The Midlands National Flying Club held two races on 22nd July 2018 - from Bordeaux and from Vire in France. Both races were held in testing conditions and there were only thirteen birds on the day from Bordeaux. The winner, Mark Williamson of Ashbourne, bought the parents of his plucky pigeon from PIPA.

Mark Williamson with Lady B - the Bordeaux winner

Two hundred and forty members sent nine hundred and eleven pigeons to the Bordeaux race and the winner on a difficult day was Lady B (GB15A00091) for Mark Williamson of Ashbourne in Derbyshire, flying 564 miles. Lady B is a three year old hen bred from a cock bred by Jos Reilly of Ireland, this being a grandson of Jan Hooymans' Harry and inbred to Harry's parents, Jonge Bliksem and Dirkje. This Jos Reilly cock is one of Mark's best breeders. The dam of Lady B is a nest sister to The Butler's Son which was purchased as a youngster from a PIPA auction.

Lady B

Take a look at the pedigree of Lady B here...

Mark sent fifteen pigeons to Bordeaux and had nine home by the end of the second day, including four yearlings, one of which was clocked at 06.35CEST the next morning and will be second section and high up in the final open result.

Mark also clocked Lady Vera (GB16Z01850) to take fifteenth open in the race from Vire (291 miles). The sire of Lady Vera is The Butler's Son, the super racer and breeder purchased via a PIPA auction and bred by Gaby Vandenabeele. The Butler's Son is a son of The Butler when he was paired to a Jos and Jules Engel hen. The dam of Lady Vera is also an outstanding breeder, Chequer Vivian bred by H & E Eijerkamp from the super pairing of Thorvald and Olympic Vivian.

Lady Vera

Take a look at the pedigree of Lady Vera here...

A large part of Mark's stock foundation pigeons have been purchased from PIPA auctions, including many other super breeders and all have come with the highest quality winning bloodlines, coupled with exceptional health and the physical qualities required to produce top winning racing pigeons.

Peter Wraight

Peter Wraight of Bluntisham in Cambridgeshire was third open from Bordeaux, flying 516 miles. The parents of this pigeon were also purchased at PIPA auctions. The sire is a grandson of New Laureaat, whilst the dam is a grand-daughter of Zwart Goud.

Grandson New Laureaat

Take a look at the pedigree here...

Grand-daughter Zwart Goud

Take a look at the pedigree here...

This is what Peter had to say...Ring number GB17B00472, so a yearling cock. He has raced 8 times as a young bird- always there. I put him on the widowhood system this year and he did not take to it so I paired him up. He was sent to Tours (Midland National) - 345 miles to me and he achieved 10th section (109th open) with a velocity of 967.18 ypm flying for nearly 11 hours in a head wind.

I have sent him to the following this year:

  • Honiton twice  161 miles 1290 yards
  • Allencon          271 miles  297 yards
  • Poole              141 miles 1270 yards
  • Fougeres         282 miles 1015 yards
  • Bordeaux        515 miles 1490 yards where achieved his greatest success so far 1st section (3rd open)

For his Bordeaux race he was sitting a 9 day old youngster- he is very conscientious with a great character, he is always there a very reliable bird. He is relatively small with an apple body  form. as you see he is a blue white flight with slighty longer wings than the norm

Congratulation to Mark and Peter.