A report on the provisional result of the National Flying Club race from Saintes on 2nd July 2016

The National Flying Club race from Saintes was held on the 2nd July 2016. The birds were liberated at 09.00BST and cleared well into blue skies. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.

Bill Edwards

First open and first section B was a yearling, widowhood cock timed by W Edwards of Gosport on 1344ypm over 352 miles. This pigeon was the loft's first bird home from the Fougères race ealier this season and is bred from Bill's well established Haeltermans family based around Frank Tasker's Filmstar. It was bred from two of Bill's current race team and also contains a little Vandenabeele blood. Bill has had a lot of success with this family of pigeons alongside his own family of Paul Stobbs' Soontjens.

Mark & Karen Gilbert

Mark Gilbert of Windsor timed eleven pigeons in the top thirty of the provisional result. First on the clock for second open and first section E was a yearling on 1337ypm over 394 miles. Third open and second section E was a two year old on 1336ypm. Mark's third pigeon, a two year old on 1312ypm was seventh open and fifth section E. Mark has been enjoying a spectacular season in 2016 and the Saintes race has added to this achievement.

Patmore & Raynor's pigeon

Patmore and Raynor of Saffron Walden clocked a two year old cock on 1333ypm over 432 miles to take fourth open and first section H. Raced on the widowhood system, this cock is named Jane's Boy. The sire of Jane's Boy is a son of Keith Rayner's number one stock pair of Vanhee bloodlines and the dam is a grandaughter of Monty, first BICC Montluçon for David Coward-Talbott.

Roger Lowe

Fifth open and third section E was a three year old hen on 1317ypm over 396 miles for Roger Lowe of Reading. Roger's timer was bred from Diamond Supreme, a son of My Little Diamond, when paired with Mark Gilbert's Southfield Supreme. Its dam is Delight, a double grandaughter of My Little Diamond and a winner of first open from Carentan.

Gary Inkley

Gary Inkley of Uxbridge timed a three year old, widowhood hen on 1313ypm over 401 miles to take sixth open and fourth section E. This hen contains Koopman bloodlines and won from Guernsey as a youngster.

Crammond & Langstaff (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

Crammond and Langstaff of Fontwell clocked two pigeons to take eighth and ninth open and first and second section A. First on the clock was a two year old cock on 1311ypm over 353 miles. Bred from the partner's successful family of pigeons, this cock contains Bosua x Van Osch bloodlines. Second was a three year old cock on 1310.1ypm. This cock is a grandson of The Machine and Golden Monar bred by James Parker and Ian Stafford.

Steve Sherman with the Pope?

Completing the top ten and in first section F are Sherman and Wells from Oxford with a two year old on 1310ypm over 353 miles. The partners timed The Banker, a cock that won as a youngster and a yearling. The Banker was bred from gift birds from Curtis, Wall and Lunt of Manchester.

Around the sections

Wearn Brothers and Neilson from Ramsdean were second section B with a yearling on 1344ypm over 351 miles.

The Hodges' cock

Mr and Mrs Hodges of Templecombe were first section C with a two year old cock on 1256ypm over 374 miles. Raced on the partners' version of the chaos system, this cock is a full brother to the section winner from Ancenis last season and contains Vandenaheede x Daniel Aerens bloodlines obtained from Sheldon Leonard.

The Woods' cock

Second section C went to B Woods of Shaftsbury. Bryan timed Golden Boy, a cock containing Soontjen x Vandenabeele bloodlines.

Richard Goodier

R Goodier and Sons from Marsh Green were first section D with a two year old cock on 111ypm over 367 miles. Bred by Richard's good friend Malcolm May of Epsom, the grandparents of this cock include Just a Kid, first Up North Combine and Bosco Cock, sixth national Tours and sold to China for 22,000 euros.

Mark Beer of Watchet was second section D.

Eamon Kelly

Lloyd and Kelly of Abingdon timed a two year old cock on 1301ypm over 408 miles to take second section F. Bred by Maurice O'Donnell of Ireland, this cock contains the best Jos Joosens' bloodlines.

Dave & John Staddon (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

John and David Staddon of Crewkerne were first section G with a yearling hen on 1258ypm over 383 miles. The partners timed Shapway Galaxy, a widowhood hen flown on their version of the chaos system. Despite the westerly wind, Shapway Galaxy came straight on line. Its bloodlines include Geoff and Catherine Cooper's family which can be traced back to August Tavierne and André Vermote. The dam of Galaxy is a daughter of Mark Gilbert's Southfield Pau.

Howse and Parsons of Devizes were second section G. Chris clocked a grandson of the National Flying Club merit winner, Merit Man, itself a grandson of Joe Raeburn's NFC winner, Gwen. The dam is of a daughter of the 58 cock.

Jamie Mitchell

Jamie Mitchell of Bedford was second section H. Jamie timed a yearling hen containing Brockamp bloodlines obtained from the Jutlas Brothers of London.

M Yates and Son from Tamworth timed a three year old on 1247ypm over 478 miles to take first section I. Clive clocked a cock, the sire of which was bred by Mark Gilbert crossed with Clive's Battenburg hen.

Rob Rome

Rob Rome of Cheltenham was second section I. Rob clocked a hen, the sire of which is Ace Fideel 415, bred by Patrick and Dimitri Houfflijn of Belgium. The dam was bred by Rob from his best Carteus, Houfflijn and Kings Cup winning bloodlines.

Arthur Jones

A Jones of Stourbridge timed a three year old on 1289ypm over 470 miles to take first section J. Arthur's section winner is a dark cock, flown on the widowhood system and the sire of which is a son of Canberra Prince when mated to a home bred De Keyser hen. The dam was a gift from the late Billy Tregonning of South Wales.

Graham Clift

Graham Clift of Tirley was second section J. The sire of this pigeon is a son of Southfield Supreme with the dam being bred from a son of Geoff and Catherine Cooper's Farmer George.

E Higginbottom of Chesterfield clocked a two year old cock, the only section bird on the day, on 1199ypm over 519 miles to take first section K. The sire and dam of this cock were both purchased from Taylor Brothers of Newcastle, with the sire being a full brother to Midnight Express, first Up North Combine from Bourges. The dam is a daughter of Titus.

S Harrison and Son of Bradford were second section K. Steve clocked a widowhood cock containing Delbar x Muller bloodlines.

Roger Sutton of Congleton timed two pigeons to take first and second section L. First to clock was a two year old on 1285ypm over 517 miles. Second was another two year old on the same velocity.

Bob McKie

Robert McKie from Newcastle upon Tyne timed a two year old hen on 1085ypm over 637 miles to take first section N. Bob's section winner is named Philippa, flown on the natural system and sent sitting a small squeaker. Philippa contains Jan Aarden bloodlines, the sire being out of Brian Denney's Tuff Nut, Dark Jan x Maxi, Dark Jan. The dam came from Peter Virtue and contains Invincible Spirit bloodlines, crossed with those of Peter Thorpe.

McSween and Sexton of Sunderland were second section N.

Bruce McAllister

B McAllister of Buntingford was first section P with a five year old on 1255ypm over 429 miles. The sire of Bruce's section winning hen was bred by Terry Robinson and contains Tuff Nut and Snydale Express bloodlines. The dam was home bred and in-bred to Jos Thoné's Emperor lines.

Steve Coxall

Steve Coxall of Ongar was second section P. Steve clocked a consistent cock containing Houben bloodlines via Dave Paine of St Neots when crossed into Steve's own family of pigeons.

G Treharne and Son from Nantyglo timed two pigeons to take first and second section W. First on the clock was a yearling on 1200ypm over 433 miles. Second was another yearling on 1194ypm. First to clock was a yearling Eijerkamp Van Loon cock, the sire of which is a double grandson of Silver Shadow. The dam was bred from a son of Kain. Second was another cock, bred from Alan's Lad, the 2012 Saintes national and Gold Cup winner, when paired to a daughter of Nadira, a double international winner for Lothar Leissmeister.

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the National Flying Club race from Saintes.