Bad lofts in adverse seasons

Some years, the weather is especially damp and perverse. These years, a good loft is required more than ever in order to achieve a series of successive results.

Many garden lofts more or less fail these years, whereas garret or attic lotts under the roofing tiles prove to be the best living quarters Dryness plays a big part. Many fanciers who did not fly well during these summers, neither with widowers not youngsters, nor nest pigeons, blaimed it on the adverse weather situations. They were really right. But some forgot that the birds should have been in super shape more than ever. They not only have to contend with the distance and the weather, but also with the loft. Although the latter had something to do with that. They either could not get in form or, if they did get into form, they couldn't maintain it. Many good birds had that problem. Weather and temperature should be on their side, should help their home be healthy.

In many races, the home loft is the cause of poor performance. It is not just the weather itself. One finds many examples of «stars» that flew very well week after week. I know bad weather did not help them fly better, nor did it somehow reduce the great number of losses. But, we saw lofts where young birds as well as old birds were in top condition, where losses were few and results like any other year. It made us think twice.

During the last month of a bad season, we visited 4 bad lofts where excellent pigeons were housed. When we handled them, we inmediately noticed that they were not in good condition. They were just not right, rather rough in the feathers, most of them had slime in their throats. One loft was too dark and too damp, the other facing the wrong direction, ventilation was improper or too much. Loft 3 stood right on the ground and of course that was damp. The materials used were not right to control any changes in temperature. It would have been all right during ideal weather. The owners of those lofts should make the proper changes as soon as possible. Double walls, more glass, a better ventilation system, another roof, loft up off the ground, all these things work immediate

wonders. Lofts facing the rain (west or north) are often damp. They require too much work, and the direction they face should be changed. Everybody knows that a pigeon likes to live in a warm loft. During the winter, it can be cold, but it should be bone dry. In the spring, it can't be too warm. Pigeons love heat, that is why they are allowed to be spoiled. Keep your loft closed when it is cool and rainy outside. Sunlight is so  important. The sun is the source of all life. Make sure there is plenty of window in the front and some glass tiles on the roof. A misconception is often the cause of widowers not reaching form or else not maintaining it.

There are still many fanciers who think that the windows are only there tolet the pigeons fly in and out. They have them open all day long in any kind of weather ! We advise them to change to a better system; otherwise there will always be problems. Leave the damp air outside, that way we remain «pigeon-milkers» longer. We must not be too reckless nor apply too many sweeping changes. All these are ideas that are vital in our sport.
For those who pay heed, success won't be far off.