Dr. Dinu Mihai - PiPa Romania - 1st Provincial Champion Middle Distance Old Birds 2010 - FRSC

The season that recently ended was one of the thoughtest ever,concerning weather circumstances.The weather moved from an extrem to another very quickly,many races being postponed from program.

But for sure,in Romania in was maybe the hottest season of the last 15 years for sure.
This also happened in the province where I live ,in the town of Bucharest ,the capital of Romania.

A province were we can find super fanciers in the first two categories : speed and middle distance,champions as : Cocos Petrica-multiple national champion, Sinca Brothers- allround national champions(they participated with a pigeon in allround category in Porto Olimpiad 2005), Simion Emil-multiple speed and middle distance national champion, Coman "Piranha" Catalin-national middle distance champion, Lazarica Florin-years in a row in top 5 national level  at middle distance, Gyany Spanu-very good speed and middle distance player (he lived in Belgium for few years and he is very close friend with Jos Thone, now being the founder of the most modern pigeon club in Romania, Gyosport,where I race), etc."- Mihai says.

From all the pigeons of this great champions the one that shined and tooked the cherry from the cake was the blue cock ring number 1103433-08,owned by Dr.Dinu Mihai ,the agent for Pipa in Romania,since 2003.

The cock received the name : "Toma P 33 ",after the name of grandfather of Mihai ,who died last year at the blessed age of 83 years old.
In 2009 as a yearling we couldn't say that he did extraordinary,his best result at provincial level being : 8 place - 2790 pigeons from 399 km, and 53 place from 1555 pigeons from 388 km.

But the year of 2010 started very good for him directly from the first speed race,where he achieved provincialy: 44 place from 4654 p from 162km,playing still on the nest.He was put on widowhood after the 3d weekend.
He started to shine with the first middle distance race,the 5th race of the season,  where ,at provincial level he achieved : 44th from 4680 pigeons at a distance of 394 km. He was in top shape all the season,but he really expected the very last middle distance race of the season ,the race nr 14,to make Mihai really happy,and to lower the coeficient.

The races that crowned him Champion Middle Distance Old Birds are as follows:
1.Suceava .30.05. 2010 ( 35 degrees Celsius ,head wind)
- 3 in the club from 482 pigeons
-12 Provincial 3934 p,394 km , 1273.40 mpm
2.Suceava 12.06.2010 (38 degrees Celsius,head wind)
- 1 in the club from 390 pigeons
- 5 Provincial 3266 p,394km , 1195,85 mpm
- 6 Interprovincial 7044 p,394 km
3.Radauti 10.07.2010 (35 degrees Celsius tailwind)
-3 in the club from 336 pigeons
-14 Provincial 2220 p, 456 km ,1733.90 mpm
4.Suceava 24.07.2010 (35 degrees Celsius,headwind)
-3 in the club from 268 pigeons
-4 Provincial 1618 p,394 km ,1282.96 mpm
-4 Interprovincial 3013 p,394 km
In Romania ,the coefficient is made by multiply with 100,not 1000 like in Belgium,so his coeficient for Provincial level is 13.36 points,and for Nationals 12.22 points,or in Belgium way 1.33 and 1.22 points.
We would let Mihai to tell us few words about his champion:
In  the first place I would like to say that this year I wanted to prove something to me and to the gossipers.I new I CAN do this,and now THEY KNOW.
As my good friend Mr. Ad S use to say ,good pigeons may see the day of light from eggs received as a gift,or from pigeons received as gift.
Both of the parents of "Toma P 33" are received as gift from good friends.
The father is from Adi Ursulet,the manager of the famous Marcel Nicolaescu. It's breed from an Eros Carboni cock ( from his One Loft super lines),when mated with "Daco",a hen directly from Gerard Koopman, on which Mr.Nicolaescu payed 8400 euro,in 2007,on a Pipa auction.
I remember he was bidding, like always against Great Wall.
The mother of my champion is from my good friend Bebe Chicheanu, and she's from a direct Freddy Vandenheede cock, when mated with a hen from Johan Van Boxmeer, hen that was in 2004 ,1 Ace Pigeon in Balkanik Fair Play Loft.
As you can see,good pigeons in his backround,and what is interesting,at least for me,is that he has 50% blood for One Loft Races.
I can say that he is a very, very inteligent pigeon,with who I can comunicate very good,I can really say without exagerating that I have a telepatic connection with him.He finished his season, with only one feather lost and he still is in good shape, as if he wished the season could go on.
He will have his chance next year, to prove he can do it better than this one."