Geert Munnik and “Johnny Boy” 2009 Middle Distance Champion of All of Holland

I have spent 20 years creating an inbred family of all purpose Janssen racing pigeons. I have travelled to Europe many times and have always returned home totally delighted with the quality of my own family of racing pigeons.

It turns out that the “grass is not always greener on the other side” of the fence and I have resisted the seductive power that this concept entails for twenty years.  However several weeks ago I was asked by , two  good friends, Gardi Gamboa  and Martin Hechanova the following question ( and they really did want an honest answer).   They asked  “Silvio  if you had to start all over again from scratch, where would you personally go to acquire stock”? An honest, soul searching question, if ever there was one. Where indeed? The possibilities would seem to be endless. I told my friends that I would think about their question seriously and that the following Saturday we would meet for breakfast and I would try and give them an honest answer to their question.
 Anyways my Saturday breakfast appointment arrived, I ordered eggs , over easy,3 strips of well done bacon , whole wheat toast and I brought my own “Aronia” jam and “Himalayan” salt from home. I do not know what it is but if I do not start each day with “Aronia” jam or “Aronia” juice I always feel that breakfast was not complete.
Over the years I have written many articles on many great fanciers, many great birds and great performances. Over the same period I have read an enormous number of articles and interviews written by others. It is fascinating, to say the least, to consider the number of great fanciers around the world. But where would I go if I needed to start over again? The timing of the question was convenient as over the past six months I had, had the opportunity to study the history, background, pedigree and performances of a Dutch fancier that hitherto I had never heard of. I was introduced to his pigeons by Andy Larentzakis of Canada. The Dutch fancier of whom I speak is one Geert Munnik.

Geert Who?
So the boys asked the question and I gave them my answer and they said “Geert who” and I said no “Geert Munnik”. I think they were a little stunned by my response “Who is Munnik”? In 2009 Munnik won the following championships, 1st Loft Champion Sprint, 1st Loft Champion Middle Distance, 1st Nominated General Old Birds, 1st Not Nominated Loft Old and Young, and 1st KEIZERGENERAL and to top it all off he was crowned 1st National Champion Middle Distance of all of Holland. Yes the best of the best flying against all of the names we currently call legends!
Additionally I gave them some interesting background information. Geert was born in May 1959 in a small town in Northern Holland called “Slochteren”. Total population about two thousand people. Geert has two brothers and a sister. The family was very self sufficient growing most of their own food. Geert studied to become a carpenter and started working ,as such at age 16 for a small home  building contractor. By 1980 Geert moved to “Noordbroek” which is really quite close to “Slochteren” met his wife, married and purchased a home that they sold in 1992 purchasing another one nearby that Geert completely rebuilt. Geert and his wife have three children and their family is very close. Interesting to note that Geert personally takes care of the pigeons without the assistance of his family. Geert works as a carpenter for the local building authority and has now done so for seven years.  Geert informed me that he works 36 hours a week. During summer months from 07:00am to 04:00pm and during winter months from 07:30am to 04:00pm. After work he has time to look after his pigeons including all of the feeding, cleaning and training that is required.
Geerts father started with  pigeons in 1960. As a young boy Geert was extremely interested and involved in their care. Between the ages of eight and fourteen he kept  many different varieties of pigeons and it was  not until age 16 that Geert and his father decided to concentrate on raising  racing pigeons. By 1980 Geert was racing on his own in “Noordbroek” and has  striven to  be competitive from the very beginning.

Who Was Johnny Nijburg?
In the first years that Geerts’ father began competing, he was member of the ‘Vredesduif’ racing pigeon club  in ‘Sappemeer’. This club had a total of 40 members including  Johnny Nijburg       ( “Johnny Boy” is named after “Johnny Nijburg”) . Over the years Geert developed a great friendship with Johnny Nijburg. Nijburg was one of the better pigeon fanciers in their region (“Rayon 3” from “Afdeling 120”) and he cultivated a Janssen / “Smeulders” family of performance racing pigeons that consistently won a lot of prizes. Interesting to note that Nijburg  purchased his “Smeulders” stock from various sources,  some of the better ones coming down from the line of the “Kanon”. These “Kanon” pigeons were  very good, very consistent racing pigeons.
Their friendship continued until Johnny’s unfortunate cancer death in 2005.That was in fact the year that the incredible “Johnny Boy” was born and totally decimated his competition. In that same year ‘Johnny Boy’ became the best young pigeon of the Netherlands in the competition ‘The Best of the Best’.

In my opinion,( and this opinion is based upon verifiable results generated by this  “Kanon” stock for the past 43 years) the Smeulders’ pigeons are  genetically superior pigeons. Most especially the line of the “Kanon”. The breeding value of these pigeons is extremely high and these birds are often easy front fliers. Clearly these “Kanon” pigeons have the unique ability to cross well and produce great vigour with many other lines. Genetically they seem to act as catalysts to enhance other lines. Currently “Johnny Boy” has produced quality racing pigeons to the fourth generation. When I asked Geert how many children he now had out of “Johnny Boy” he responded as follows:
“In the loft I have 31 children of Johnny Boy, 85% of al my pigeons are originally from Johnny Boy (children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren)”

Only the gold coins please!

Being a great believer in Inbreeding to fix desirable characteristics I was curious to discover whether or not Geert Munnik was going to travel this same path to creating a distinct family of pigeons and I was certainly not surprised at his answer:

“With Johnny Boy and his sons and daughters I’m busy with an inbreeding program. I’m doing this to secure the good characteristics of these pigeons in this race. Out of the line Blitz Boy (Son of Johnny Boy x Franske) x Golden Girl (Johnny Boy x Sprinter) I breed the Wonder Boy 08 a super flyer. This year I mated brother x sister and father x daughter the resulting youngsters are beautiful demonstrating exceptional vigour and incredible muscle with supple flesh”

Personally I think that by initiating and following a tightly controlled inbreeding program Geert Munnik is insuring the long term impact of his incredible “Johnny Boy”. This astute inbreeding program, performance tested in each generation will make this “Johnny Boy” line or family exceptionally desierable  for years to come. Anyone fortunate enough to acquire and correctly mate  this line with their own quality stock will deliver an explosion in terms of “hybrid” vigour. For anyone looking to top the charts study this line carefully , but do not wait too long to do so.

I remember well the example that was given to me years ago by the American author Bob Kinney who had developed an extremely vigorous and successful line of inbred Janssen/Gordon racing pigeons. In fact  two of his pigeons when mated together produced the 1998 winner of the $250,000.00 1st place win ( minutes ahead) at the South Africa Sun City Million for Bob Qualls and in 2003 he won a further $50,000.00 when another one of his pigeons was 5th at that same Sun City race. Here is how Bob Kinney explained the value of a properly conceived and executed inbreeding program to me:
“….To put my thoughts on breeding into the very simplest of examples. Consider the following; imagine a jar in front of you with gold dollar coins in it. Imagine that each gold dollar coin represents a winner gene and you want to reach into that jar and pull out another winner. There are say 20 gold dollar coins in that jar. So long as there are only gold coins in that jar, every time you reach into it you will pull out a winner. So let’s imagine that you now decide to bring in a cross, unproven, an unknown quantity, that you now mix into your loft ( or jar).So now your jar is full of the 20 gold coins to which you have just added 20 copper pennies. So it is easy to understand that your odds of pulling a winner out of your jar have just been reduced by 50%.Now do that for another generation because the bird that you imported or bought cost so much and is claimed to be so good and you now have say 60 copper pennies and the same 20 gold coins. If you multiply the number with even more unknown gene packages and the likelyhood of ever finding one of those gold coins is even further reduced. The above is a formula for lifelong mediocrity.
When I found that super pair I literally culled everything and worked with that pair and their children. Some were proven as youngsters others were bred for stock. I proceeded to mate them together because I had no choice. With a total of seven pair I started over. I was LUCKY enough to find the “gold mine” my jar was full of gold coins… Over the years I have twice cut back to seven pair only. Each time resulted in a leap forward in performance…” Bob Kinney
Clearly “Johnny Boy” has all of the attributes that are of importance, soft silky feather, moist supple muscle,  a motor or vibration that reminds me of super charged Camaro, great intelligence and most important of all the ability to pass on to his progeny his most desirable characteristics including the ability to quickly orient and the determination and urgency to return home without delay. “Johnny Boys” Dam is the “Kanger” a highly successful direct daughter of “Picanol” (of Gaby Vandenabeele out of the super line de Wittenbuik,) when mated to “Sissi”. These pigeons are very tough and fast and easily win to 740 kilometers. The “Johnny Boy” pigeons can compete every week and being tough and resilient they do not require a great deal of roadwork.

Before I continue with the fascinating story of Geert Munnik and the incredible “Johnny Boy” I think it is necessary to delve a little into the history surrounding that truly  great Dutch master Mr. Wout Smeulders of Neunen. In order for you to understand  the value of a potential Foundation Sire or Dam you must research well, and understand clearly, their genetic heritage.”Johnny Boy is important not just because he won many races and Championships but just as important he has the genetic heritage to assure that he is not just a “sport” but that his ability is genetically  preprogrammed.

You cannot truly appreciate the awesome genetic package that “Johnny Boy” possesses unless you understand the origin of his prepotency. You see “Johnny Boy” is no accident, or as the Americans would say “no fluke” he does in fact originate from “racing pigeon royalty” the genetic continuation of a breeding program that began over five decades before his birth. Already by the late 1970’s the reputation of the “Smeulders” pigeons was quite universal in the pigeon world.

Wout Smeulders and his friend Joop Ekstijn in front of the Smeulders lofts circa 1986.

“Kanon” was a truly tremendous racing machine bred by Wout Smeulders from a daughter of  the “Vetcher X Witpenneke “ of De Klak. The Sire of the “Kanon” was B-64-6697683 a direct Janssen from the “Bange 51 X Vos Van 48”.
The "Kanon" was 23 x 1st, and definitely Wout Smeulders' greatest racing and breeding pigeon. Smeulders eventually sold the "Kanon" to Helmut Josten of Germany. It is curious to note that three of top lines in Europe during the three decades following the  birth of the “Kanon”  were, in fact, descendents of the "Kanon" (H-67-766379), his full-brother, H-67-630132, and a half-brother "Olympiade 08" (H-68-2070608).

Truly Pre-potent Sires or Dams Are the Rarest Of the Rare
His descendants continue to dominate racing in Taiwan, Canada, the USA, China, Australia, Germany, Holland and Mexico
The more that I have observed the more I have come to believe in the value of “The Family” over that of “The Individual”.
Champions are rare! Pre-potent champions are the rarest of the rare. They are to be cherished, and unlike diamonds, they will not last forever. Use them wisely! To find one is truly like panning for gold. You go through tons and tons of rock and dirt to find only a grain-a nugget-of real gold. That is why it has value, because it is rare!
So, Silvio, why do you say this? Well, here is why. Let us say, for arguments sake, that a pigeon only had 25 pairs of genes. If this was the case, then each pair of pigeons would produce approximately 33,500,000 different genotypes. You must admit that this is an incredible number. But how many genes does a pigeon really have? Well he/she has 6,000 pairs, which really means that if each pair was heterozygous they would in fact produce 3 to the 3,000th power different genotypes. Do you understand just how big this number is?
So what becomes only too clear is not that variations occur-because this is the norm-but rather that offspring of a pre-potent sire or dam can be so consistent! This is why pre-potent pigeons are so rare and valuable. … Only through a well-defined, well-thought-out and executed plan can you seek to become successful generation after generation.

The following is a photo of “Apollo’s” Sire called “ Good Old Johnny”. I have studied the line of the “Kanon” since 1989 and I know it well. “Old Johnny” is very typical of the old “Kanon” type, color and confirmation.
 "Good Old Johnny" is a great grandson of the Kanon and is true to form and definitely carried the golden genes of the "Kanon".
And finally we come to the subject of this brief article the truly incredible “Johnny Boy”. “Johnny Boy” was born 38 years after the birth of his great, great, great grandsire the “Kanon” and yet none of the racing excellence that was initially demonstrated by the “Kanon” has been lost. More incredible still is the fact that “Johnny Boy” is as pre-potent as his illustrious ancestor the “Kanon”. “Johnny Boy” has been referred to by some in the pigeon press as a “White Raven” and I must agree wholeheartedly. “Johnny Boy” is ( as of 2010) only five years old, he has many great years ahead of him and he is already creating a genetic dynasty that will absolutely insure that he will be counted amongst the worlds greatest  racing pigeon sires. Not only do I dare predict that he will be as great a Sire as his incredibly famous ancestor the “Kanon” but he will uniquely mark his progeny and be deserving of the same fame and recognition as other immortal stock cocks including but not limited to the calibre of the "Kleine Dirk" (Koopman), the “Kleinen” and "Wittenbuik" of Vandenabeele, the “Jong Artiest"of Houben,  the "Kletskop" of Verbruggen, the "Witpender" of Engels and so many more. I say this without hesitation. For those of you who have eyes to see and ears to hear mark well my words as in all the articles that I have ever written never have I been so bold and so adamant in my prediction!
Stock sense is essential and Geert Munnik Has It in Spades!
There are some people who really do have a gift with animals. This gift of recognizing quality in animals is called stock sense. If you are a successful dog breeder, cattle, or horse breeder, or in our case pigeon breeder you probably have this stock sense. This usually cannot be taught; you usually have an aptitude for it or you do not.
No matter what you breed, the principles are and always remain the same. Once you come to know what does or does not constitute a quality animal, you are well on your way. Good stock sense stacks the probability of potential success much more in your favour than in that of someone with no such sense.
You can quickly see this in how one handles and relates to his stock. Most people, I can assure you, regardless of how much money the spend or how many years they have had their pigeons, do not have any stock sense.  unfortunately this is just a fact! Geert Munnik has demonstrated   and will continue to demonstrate his stock sense in years to come. “Johnny Boy” is just the beginning as I believe a dynasty is in the making.

There is no doubt in my mind that Johnny Boy is a proverbial breeding wonder. Geert Munnik combined the “Smeulders line of his old friend Johnny Nijburg and crossed this with the pigeons of Eppie Koster and the success was immediate and  brilliant. The insight that lead to this crossing is the result of that uncommon “stock sense” that I mentioned earlier. The coming together of the line of Smeulders “Kanon” (through "Apollo" 2133209/97 ) and the  line of the “Picanol”  via  the hen "Kanjer" 254/97 (an Eppie Koster hen, of the  Scharlaekens line ) was an inspired mating  the descendants of which will have a lasting impact on the racing pigeon world worldwide. The  “Kanjer” was a direct daughter of “Picanol”  and she was both a super breeder and super racer having scored 1st Nijvel against 2,812 birds, 1st Mettet against 2,524 birds and 1st Chimay against 2,127 birds.

Johnny Boy is a wonder, both in racing and breeding and  he personally won:

1st  Hasselt 2.813 p.
2nd   Deventer 3.284 p.
2nd   Menen 2.059 p.
2nd  Nijvel 1.791 p.
5th  Rhines 1.609 p.
6th  Isnes 3.231 p.
7th  Hasselt 2.653 p… etc.
In his racing career “Johnny Boy” has won manyAce Pigeon titles, the most important being:
Best Ace Pigeon Youngsters 2005 Nat. Competition "The Best of the Best"
1st  Ace Pigeon Old 'District 3' 2006
2nd  Short Middle Distance Pigeon WHZB 2006
2nd  World Champion Short Middle Distance 'Winning Open'.

In addition to all of the previously mentioned achievements "Johnny Boy" is proving that he is definitely a world class Sire a virtual 'breeding wonder'. As a yearling he fathered 4 youngsters who all won a 1st prize in the 'District'. It was only the beginning … he is now, mostly mated to "Franske" and "Sprinter", and as such he is the Sire to:
Clearly “Johnny Boy” is a wonder not only as a racer but more important for those who like to progress he is a “Super Breeder”. I was not the first to declare him so not long ago the Dutch racing pigeon magazine “Het Spoor der Kampioenen BV” through one of their key editors Mr. Gert Jan Beute declared “Johnny Boy” “The Incredible Super Pigeon” equal to such super breeders as “Klien Dirk” etc. Once your understand that “Johnny Boy went to the stock Loft in 2007 and when you see his results to date this declaration is not only understood to be accurate but would may in the long term be too conservative as the truth of the matter may actually be that in time he may in fact be declared the “Best that Ever Was”!

"Magic Queen" ring NL06-1503249/06 wins include:
1st  Boxtel 2273 p.
2nd  Gennep 2641 p.
3rd  Gennep 1834 p.
5th  Duffel 1117 p.
"Golden Girl"  NL06-1503266/06
 1st  Ace Pigeon Short Middle Distance 'District 3' in 2007
1st  Pommeroel 1255 p. 1st  Lessines 1186 p.
1st  Pommeroel 1446 p. 1st  Lessines 3030 p. (in 2008)
2nd  Boxtel 2273 p. 4th  Nijvel 3279 p.
20th  Duffel 1117 p. 35th  Maaseik 1709 p
36th  Wijchen 3071 p. 37th  Lommel 3590 p.
"Flying Boy"  NL06-1503250  
1st Maaseik 1709 p.

"Johnny Girl" ring NL07-1113799
2° Ace Pigeon Youngsters 'District 3'
1st  Duffel 1117 p.
7th Arras 1121 p.
24th Zutphen 3865 p.
36th Lommel 1637 p.
40th Gennep 3238 p.

"Wendy" ring NL07-1113702          
6th Duffel 2115 p.
8th Lessines 3030 p.
9th Zutphen 4417 p.
31st Zutphen 1150 p.
17th Gennep 3890 p.
19th Lommel 1637 p.
22nd Lessines 768 p.
30th Arras 1121 p.
44th Lommel 3288 p.
40th Duffel 1117 p.
"Beauty Girl"  NL07-111800
  26th  Ace Pigeon Youngsters 'The best of the best'
5th  Arras 1121 p.
12th  Zutphen 3005 p.
22nd  Pommeroel 2999 p.
22nd  Zutphen 3865 p.
25th Lommel 1637 p.
9th Lessines 3030 p.
26th Gennep 3238 p.
34th Zutphen 1150 p.

"Blitz Boy" NL07-1113789 (out "Johnny Boy" x "Franske"):
4° Ace Pigeon Youngsters District 3
10° Ace Pigeon Youngsters 'the best of the best'
2nd  Zutphen 4417 p.
3rd  Lessines 768 p.
5th  Lommel 1637 p.
14th  Pommeroel 2999 p.
10th  Arras 1121 p.

"Brother of  Blitz Boy"
 9th  Ace Pigeon Youngsters District 3
23rd  Ace Pigeon Youngsters 'the best of the best'
5th  Zutphen 4417 p.
2nd  Lessines 768 p.
11th  Arras 1121 p.
18th  Pommeroel 2999 p.
23th  Zutphen 1150 p.
32nd  Lessines 3030 p.
24th  Duffel 2115 p. T
These are all direct children of the 'Johnny Boy" out the 1st  generation.
The 2nd  generation also gives food for thought, because there are some real toppers so as:

"Linzy Boy" NL07-1113710 (grandson of "Johnny Boy"),
Super racer 1st  prize racer who won:
19th  Ace Pigeon Youngsters "the best of the best"
1st  Lessines 768 p.
7th  Zutphen 3005 p.
8th  Pommeroel 2999 p.
8th  Lommel 3664 p.
19th  Lommel 3288 p.

"Levina"  NL07-1113757 (granddaughter "Johnny Boy" and nest sister of "Power Girl"):
2nd  Lessines 3030 p.
16th  Lommel 1637 p.
18th  Gennep 3238 p.
18th  Duffel 2115 p.
19th  Pommeroel 2999 p.
41st  Lommel 3664 p.
"Power Girl"  NL07-1113756 (nest sister "Levina")  
1st Ace Pigeon Youngsters in District 3, and won 10 prizes.
250-251-330-339-374-483-517 (23/26)
The first was won by Wendy 07-1112902, a daughter of top pigeon "Johnny Boy"!

Results for 2009
Zutphen,   05-04-09;     2181 pigeons. 1st,2nd,7th,19th,20th,21st,37th,43rd,62nd,64th, etc                ( 20/40).
Zutphen,   11-04-09;     2853 pigeons. 3rd,4th,10th,11st,12nd,13rd,etc                                        ( 28/40)
Gennep,    18-04-09;     2952 pigeons. 8th,9th,20th,22nd,23rd,34th,35th,36th,37th,57th,60th,96th,etc   ( 25/40)
Lommel,    25-04-09;     2983 pigeons. 3rd,4th,5th,10,19th,31st,49th,53rd, etc                              ( 30/40)
Hasselt,     09-05-09;     1893 pigeons. 1st,4th,7th,9th,29th,37th,38th,87th,88th,92nd,etc                   ( 20/33)
Hasselt,     23-05-09;     1789 pigeons. 2nd,3rd,4th,8th,14th,39th,40th,41st,43rd,57th,82nd,etc             ( 26/33)
Pomroeul,  02-05-09;     2726 pigeons. 2nd,4th,7th,16th,17th,19th,20th,22nd,30th,41st,52nd,88th,89th,    ( 20/40)
Pomroeul,  02-05-09;     2038 pigeons. 1st,5th,10th,16th,23rd,28th,34th,37th,38th,40th,49th,50th,etc   ( 30/34)
Pomroeul,  06-06-09;     1589 pigeons. 5th,7th,10th,15th,27th,28th,31,34th,35th,48th,64th,69th,etc    ( 26/32)
Rekkem,    13-06-09;     1579 pigeons. 3rd,4th,5th,15th,16th,17th,18th,20th,etc                              ( 19/30)
Pomroeul,  20-06-09;     1375 pigeons. 4th,5th,6th,7th,8th,15th,19th,26th,33rd,47th,56th,92nd,94th etc   ( 22/27)
La Ferte,    09-05-09;      952 pigeons. 11st,41st,53rd, In the club 2nd,5th,6th  v 190 D. 540 KM (   3/7 )
Ablis,         23-05-09;      889 pigeons. 12nd,14th,49th, In the club 1st,2nd,4th, v 132 D. 627 KM (  4/5  )
Chateadun 08-06-09;       605 pigeons. 5th,               In the club 1st,11st,16 v 73 D. 689 KM (  3/3  )
Blois,         20-06-09;       563 pigeons. 35th,             In the club 2nd,20th     v  88 D. 737 KM (  2/4  )
Boxtel,       27-06-09;     1145 pigeons. 4th,5th,6th,15th,16th,17th,18th,19th,29th,34th,35th,41,42nd,etc (27/29)
Zutphen,    22-08-09;      2453 Pigeons. 1st,3rd,5th,6th,28th,29th,30th,33rd,36th,37th,40th,41st,43rd,etc (40/69)
Gennep,     29-08-09;      2207 Pigeons. 1st,2nd,3rd,6th,7th,8th,9th,13rd,15th,16th,17th,18th,25th,26th,etc(50/62)
Lommel;    05-09-09;     1818 Pigeons. 1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th,7th,8,9th,11st,12nd,15th,16th,17th,18th,19th,20th,
Duffel;      12-09-09;       1427 Pigeons. 1st,2nd,3rd,6th,7th,8th,9th,10th,11st,13rd,14th,15th,16th,17th,18th,22nd,
Strombeek 19-9-09;       966 Pigeons. 1st,2nd,3,4th,5th,6th,7th,8th,9th,10th,11st,12nd,13rd,14th,15th,16th,17th,
                                                            39th,44th,52nd,54th,55th,61st,64th,78th,83rd,85th, etc……...(50/54)

Championships from : Nat N.P.O. , T.B.O.T.B., W.H.Z.B., Europa-Cup
1st   Nat  N.P.O.  Loft Champoin long distance.
5th   Nat N.P.O.  Ace pigeon Middle distance NL07-1113744  "Davida" , Son   of  "Johnny Boy",
17th Nat N.P.O.  Ace pigeon Middle distance NL07-1112902  "Wendy" ,Daughter of  "Johnny Boy"    

Championships Prov. 10 in 2009

SPRINT   1st  not nominated.     11th nominated.
             3rd  Champion Pigeon  07-1113757  ( LEVINA ).    Granddaughter   Johnny Boy.
MID.D    1st   not nominated.     4th nominated.
             1st   Champion Pigeon    07-1113744  ( DAVIDA ).    Son.   Johnny Boy.
             3rd  Champion Pigeon     07-1112902  ( WENDY  ).    Daughter   Johnny Boy.
             11th  Champion Pigeon    07-1113757  ( LEVINA  ).   Grand daughter   of  Johnny Boy.

Sm MID.D    27th not nominated.     12th nominated.

GENERAL OLD.  1st not nominated.    1st nominated.

Ace pigeon Old  4th  with  12 x prize  pigeon 07-1113757  ( LEVINA ).    Granddaughter     JOHNNY BOY.
                    5th  with  12 x prize  pigeon 07-1113744  ( DAVIDA ).   Son.    JOHNNY BOY.
                  12th  with  12 x prize  pigeon 07-1112902  ( WENDY  ).   Daughter     JOHNNY BOY.
                  15th  with 12 x prize  pigeon 06-1503245 (DAIMOND BOY). Son. BLACK DAIMOND

YOUNG         4th not nominated.                                

GENERAL-OLD & YOUNG    1st not nominated.      2nd nominated.
                  1st   KEIZER GENERAL 2009. of province 10.  ( 2000 MEMBERS ).
NATOER.      2nd  not nominated  1st nominated.
                   1st  Champion Pigeon 09-1580685    GRANDSONJOHNNY BOY.
                   2nd Champion Pigeon07-1113756 (POWER GIRL) GRANDDAUGHTER JOHNNY BOY.
                   5th ,7th ,8th ,10th ,11th . Pigeon Champion  Afdeling 10.                                

Championships District 3 in 2009

SPRINT    1st not nominated.     1st nominated.

               1st      Champion Pigeon  07-1113757   ( LEVINA ).        Grand daughter of JOHNNY BOY.               4th     Champion Pigeon   08-1952398   ( SAFINA ).         Daughter of   JOHNNY BOY.

               7th     Champion Pigeon   07-1113744   ( DAVIDA ).        Son of  JOHNNY BOY.
               8th     Champion Pigeon   06-1503245   ( Daimond Boy ) Son BLACK Diamond
MID. D.    1st not nominated.       1st nominated.
               1st     Champion Pigeon   07-1113744   ( DAVIDA ).            Son  JOHNNY BOY.
               2nd    Champion Pigeon    07-1112902   ( WENDY ).            Daughter JOHNNY BOY.    
               3rd    Champion Pigeon    07-1113757   ( LEVINA ).             Grand daughter of JOHNNY BOY.
               5th    Champion Pigeon    06-1503245   ( DAIMOND BOY) Son of BLACK Diamond
             12th     Champion Pigeon     08-1952065   ( DAISY ).               Daughter of JOHNNY BOY.
             14th     Champion Pigeon     06-1503275   ( NICKY ).               Daughter of  MICKEY.
             15th     Champion Pigeon    07-1113719   (SUNSHINE ).         Daughter of MAESTRO BOY.

SM.MID.D 6th  not nominated.           3rd  nominated.

                     9th    Champion Pigeon 06-1503229  ( CHARLIE ) Son  of  BLUE BOY.

General old    1st  not nominated.      1st nominated.
Acepigeon old.  1st   with 12 x prizes      07-1113757 ( LEVINA  )     Daughter of  JOHNNY BOY.   
                     2nd   with 12 x prizes   07-1113744  ( DAVIDA )             Son  of JOHNNY BOY.   
                     4th   with 12 x prizes   07-1112902  ( WENDY  )             Daughter of JOHNNY BOY.
                     5th    with 12 x prizes   06-1503245 (DAIMOND BOY ) Son Black Diamond
                     9th   with 10 x prizes   08-1952398  (SAFINA )                Daughter of JOHNNY BOY.

Young           1st  not nominated.               13th  nominated.
                      5th   Champion Pigeon     09-1580580 GRANDDAUGHTER of  JOHNNY BOY.                      
7th Pigeon      Champion Pigeon          09-1580532  Daughter of WONDER BOY 08.
                      8th  Champion Pigeon    09-1580569  Daughter of  WITSLAG.

                    11th  Champion Pigeon    09-1580523  Grand daughter of  MICKEY.

                    14th  Champion Pigeon    09-1580599  Daughter of JOHNNY BOY.

General old & young 1st not nominated     1st nominated.
                           1st   KEIZER GENERAL   2009  DISTRICT 3.
Late races    1st  not nominated                                1st nominated.
                      1st  Champion Pigeon  09-1580685   Grandson. JOHNNY BOY.
                      2nd  Champion Pigeon   07-1113756  ( POWER GIRL) Grand daughter of JOHNNY BOY.
                      3rd  Champion Pigeon   09-1580638   Great grandson of JOHNNY BOY.
                      4th ,5th ,6th ,7th ,8th ,9th ,10th ,11th   ,12th  ,13th ,14th ,15th .  Champion Pigeons DISTRICT 3.

Two of the founding pigeons of this most successful of lofts of Wout Smeulders were grand children of the Bange of ’51. They were namely the Kanon of ’67 and the Olympiade 08 . The Kanon, after producing a number of top Olympiade entrants, including the superbly successful racer Olympiade Kanon, was sold to Helmut Josten of Germany for a very large sum of money. Kanon was the outright winner of no less than 23 x 1st prizes for the late Mr Smeulders and was without any doubt the most successful pigeon raced by him. It is also a well known fact that even after the much publicised sale of Kanon, children of the Kanon returned to Smeulders loft every year .