Philippe Dobbelaere (Olsene, BE) wins title of 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon long distance & extreme long distance YLs KBDB 2019

The golden Rocco dynasty was impossible to beat in 2019. Robin claimed a 1st Nat. Libourne YLs, as well as a title of 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon long distance and extreme long distance YLs KBDB. And a full brother of his sire, Robby, was 7th Nat. Ace Pigeon long distance KBDB 2019 this season. This is a family of race winners and ace pigeons!

Philippe Dobbelaere was again remarkably strong in 2019, claiming most notably a 1st National Libourne Yearlings! He claimed three provincial first prizes in just two weeks' time, as well as a 1st Zone and a 1st National. The national winner from Libourne, Robin (from brother Rocco), and the winner of a 3rd Nat. Libourne, Robby (full brother Rocco) stem from the exact same bloodlines. Robin also claimed a title of 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon long distance & extreme long distance later on, while Robby won a title of 7th Nat. Ace Pigeon long distance KBDB!

Besides his excellent results in the long distance, Philippe also had a 1st Prov. Ace Pigeon middle distance KBDB and a 2nd Best World Pigeon middle distance KBDB 2019-FCI in his collection: his superstar Giliam. Giliam stems from those same bloodlines through both his parents: the lines of stock dam CLEO (click here for Cleo's breeding references) and ROCCO (Father Rocco is a full brother of Cleo).

This successful bloodline was coined as the Rocco dynasty. It consists of ROCCO, and of several other renowned racing and breeding birds:

-Robin: 1. Nat. Ace Pigeon long distance & extreme long distance KBDB 2019 and winner of a 1st Nat. Libourne YLs
-Robby: 7. Nat. Ace Pigeon long distance KBDB 2019, 3rd Nat. Libourne and 5 x top 100 national (Robby is a full brother of Rocco)
-Prins (full brother Cleo, sire of Rocco): super class breeder and the sire of Britt (winner of 10 prov./zonal/national top 100 finishes) and Bella (1. Prov. Bourges 1,062 p., 9. Nat. Montluçon 19,298 p., 18. Nat. Argenton 12,187 p. etc.)
-Rosie: full sister of Rocco
-Rocky: 55. Nat. Argenton 22,826 p., 68. Nat. Zone Chateauroux 6,645 p. (full brother of Rocco)
-Keizer (nest brother Cleo): grandfather 1. Nat. Chateauroux, and great-grandfather 1st Nat. Jarnac
-Rocco: winner of four first prizes, 5th Nat. Limoges 10,554 p. etc.
-Giliam: 1. Prov Asduif Halve Fond KBDB 2019, 2. World Best Halve Fond KBDB-FCI 2019, 2 x 1. Prov Argenton, 1. Nat.Zone Issoudun…

This is an impressive group of fantastic breeding & racing birds. We will talk about them in closer detail.

The discovery of a new stock breeder: Father Rocco

Superstar Robin leads the way to the hall of fame

This is the big star that turned the team of Philippe Dobbelare into an (inter)nationally renowned breed. He started his career with a 1st National from Libourne, as the fastest of 8,959 pigeons overall. He had already claimed a 5th Nat. Limoges earlier in the season, which put him in pole position for the title of 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon long distance & extreme long distance YLs KBDB, with just two more weekends of racing ahead of him. These were nerve-wrecking moments for Philippe but Robin managed to hold on to his 1st national ace pigeon title KBDB until the end. We take a look at the impressive achievements of this fantastic bird:

Robin BE18-4076071

 1. Nat Ace Pigeon long distance & extreme long distance Yearlings KBDB 2019
 1. Nat Libourne  4,354 YL ’19 – fastest of 8,959 pigeons
 5. Nat Limoges  10,783 YL ’19
75. Nat Argenton 16,496 p. ’18
54. Prov Orleans  5,021 p. ’18
456 Nat Argenton 22,826 YL ’19

Sire: Brother Rocco BE17-4197528
Full brother of Rocco, winner of 5th Nat. Limoges of 10,554 p., and a brother of Robby; winner of 3rd Nat. Libourne 4,624 p., 35th Nat. Gueret 8,517 p., 54th Nat. Limoges 9,661 p., 71st Nat. Argenton 15,235 p.
He is a son of Father Rocco BE11-4264416, brother of stock dam Cleo (uit Father Cleo BE00-3155029 x Black Romulus BE05-4377735) x Mother Rocco BE14-5791107, a 100% Gaby Vandenabeele through Roland Rothe (from Son Lion King 856/12 x Daughter Witpen Maurice 429/13).
Dam: Sister Sammy BE16-4100214
A sister of top class racing birds Sammy and Treuzelaar. Sammy BE14-4022214 has won a 7th Nat. Brive of 9,126 p. and a 40th Nat. Limoges of 6,492 p. Treuzelaar BE15-4158913 claimed a title of 4th Prov. Ace Pigeon middle distance KBDB and 16th Nat. Ace Pigeon middle distance KBDB. Click here for Robin's pedigree.

Robby claims title of 7th Nat. Ace Pigeon long distance old birds KBDB 2019

It's all in the family: Robby is a full brother of Rocco. He is himself a fantastic racing bird and winner of several victories and top results, from sprint to long distance. As a two year old, Robby finished in the national top 100 in five races. This is his impressive palmares:

-Robby BE17-4197527

 7. Nat Ace Pigeon long distance KBDB 2019
 1. Lok Clermont      304 p. ’19
 1. Lok Fontenay      279 p. ’18
 3. Nat Libourne    4,605 p. ’19 – 1. club 113 p. 
35. Nat Gueret      8,517 p. ’18
54. Nat Limoges II  9,661 p. ’19
54. Nat Tulle       6,206 p. ’19
71. Nat Argenton   15,235 p. ’19
65. Prov Orleans    3,826 p. ’19
99. Prov Blois      2,480 p. ’18
300 Nat Bourges    19,133 p. ’18
 6. Lok Fontenay      646 p. ’17

Sire: Father Rocco BE11-4264416
A great breeding bird and a brother of stock dam Cleo. He is the sire of Rocco and Robby, and he is the grandfather of Robin: a 1st Nat. Libourne 4,356 YLs. In other words, he is a son of Father Cleo BE00-3155029 x Black Romulus BE05-4377735 (from the line of Romulus – Sylvere Toye).
Dam: Mother Rocco DV5791-14-107
A 100% Gaby Vandenabeele, coming from Roland Rothe. She was bred from two direct Vandenabeele pigeons: Son Lion King BE12-3168856 (from Lion King 111/09 x Michaella 391/07) x Daughter Witpen Maurice BE13-3159429 (from grandson Nasdaq, winner of a 1st Nat. Souillac of M. Casaert: Witpen Maurice BE07-3008310 x Alfreda BE07-3199954, daughter of 1st Nat. Brive: Alfred (Dhuyvetter)).
Click here for Robby's pedigree

The key player in this story, and the pigeon which the Rocco dynasty is named after, is of course superstar Rocco himself.

-Rocco BE16-4100307

Winner of 4 first prizes
 5. Nat Limoges            10,554 p. ’17
14. Prov Chateauroux        4,740 p. ’17
21. Nat.Zone La Souterraine 6,702 p. ’16
29. Nat.Zone Argenton       6,628 p. ’17
45. Nat.Zone Argenton       7,091 p. ’16
72. Nat Gueret              5,331 p. ’18
270 Nat Argenton           15,235 p. ’19
641 Nat Argenton           11,837 p. ’18
642 Nat Bourges            20,284 p. ’18
656 Nat Limoges             9,661 p. ’19

He is a descendant of the Cleo bloodlines, crossbred to pigeons of Gaby Vandenabeele.
Sire: Father Rocco BE11-4264416
A full brother of Cleo and Keizer, and a son of Sire Cleo BE00-3155029 x Zwarte Romulus BE05-4377735.
Dam: Mother Rocco DV5791-14-107
A 100% Gaby Vandenabeele (via Roland Rothe); she is a daughter of two direct G. Vandenabeele birds: Son Lion King BE12-3168856 x Daughter Witpen Maurice BE13-3159429.
Click here for Rocco's pedigree.

Rocco, Robby and Robin; these are perhaps the three musketeers of the Rocco dynasty.

Gilliam: 1st Prov. Ace Pigeon middle distance KBDB 2019

And the story does not end with these three musketeers. There is also superstar Gilian, one of Belgium's best middle distance pigeons. He is another descendant of the Cleo-Rocco dynasty, and he is one of a kind indeed! He has won two provincial first prizes and he claimed a zonal victory, as well as a 1st Provincial Ace Pigeon title middle distance.
Giliam stems from the golden Cleo bloodline through both his parents. His dam is a daughter of a full brother of Sire Rocco, whereas his sire is a grandson of Keizer (own nest brother of Cleo), and a full brother of Father Rocco. He does have some impressive origins indeed:

-Giliam BE18-4076038

 1. Prov. Ace Pigeon middle distance KBDB 2019
 2. Best World Pigeon cat. middle distance KBDB – FCI ’19
 1. Nat.Zone Issoudun 2,780 p. ’19
 1. Prov Argenton     1,947 YL ’19
 1. Prov Argenton     1,494 olds ’19
 1. Fontenay OVOU       799 p. ’19
 2. Lok Clermont        754 p. ’18
 7. Nat Zone Bourges  2,093 p. ’19 – 39. Nat. 10,401 YL
27. Prov Orleans      2,721 YL ’19
49. Prov Orleans      3,826 olds ’19

293 Nat Argenton     22,826 YL ’19

Sire: Brother Ivo BE14-4022230
A full brother of Ivo: winner of a 10. Nat. Jarnac 4,167 p. ’16, 30. Nat. Limoges 6,492 p. ’16, 49. Prov. Vierzon 5,825 p., 46. N.Zone Brive 3,405 p. ’16, 100. Nat. Brive 9,118 p. ’17. He is a son of Branko BE12-4281122 (from his own nest brother Cleo: Keizer BE09-4107260 x golden stock dam Brigitte BE07-4022161) x Evelien BE10-4073051: winner of a 14. Nat. Gueret 13,885 p., 30. Nat. Bourges 12,607 p., 50. Nat. Bourges 20,589 p., 90. Nat. Argenton 4,126 p. (from half brother Brigitte).
Dam: Zorah BE15-4158915

 9. Nat Bourges I      23,275 p. ’17 (1. club 359 p.)
11. N.Zone Argenton       965 p. ’16
14. Nat Montluçon      10,753 p. ’16
39. Prov Vierzon        2,095 p. ’16
42. N.Zone Bourges II   1,890 p. ’16
69. N.Zone Chateauroux  3,661 p. ’15
258 Nat Issoudun       11,984 p. ’15

She comes from one of the best breeders of Philippe Dobbelaere: Brother Cleo BE10-4073099 (Cleo was 2nd Ace Pigeon in both Flanders ’09) x Zonaalken BE13-4063109, a super class racing hen and winner of a 1. N.Zone Issoudun 3,720 p. She is also a full sister of Evita (Best YL of Belgium across 7 national races). Both Zonaalke and Evita stem from Brother Tine BE10-4073047 (son Cleo) x Agnetha BE10-4073042 (granddaughter Romulus).
Click here for Giliam's pedigree.

Top class hen Zorah: an excellent racing hen and the dam of superstar Giliam

A golden collection of racing & breeding birds

One thing is for certain: Philippe Dobbelaere has a bright future, thanks to the bloodline of stock dam Cleo, her nest brother Keizer, her full brothers Sire Rocco and Prins, as well as their many direct descendants in the racing loft. He has an extensive collection of talented breeding and racing birds that helped him win numerous victories in provincial, zonal and national races, as well as a number of national championship titles KBDB, including a title of 1st Provincial and 1st National Champion. And his pigeons are ready to do even better in the next several years, adding to Philippe Dobbelare's reputation as one of the country's leading mdidle distance and long distance players. This is a team to keep an eye on for sure.

Britt: a daughter of Prins, which is a full brother of stock breeders Cleo, Father Rocco and Keizer

Bella: a sister of Britt, and hence another daughter of Prins

First prizes in 2019