After many great results, Frits & Wytse Mantel (Oudega, NL) will focus exclusively on One Loft Races

The palmares of Frits & Wytse includes many great achievements, including several victories in the NPO and a number of Olympiad Pigeons. The two fanciers have now decided to shift their focus to One Loft Races across the globe.

Frits (r) and Wytse (l) Mantel

How it unfolded

The combination was about to move from Burgum to Oudega, and a PIPA auction marked the end of a successful first era of pigeon racing for Frits & Wytse Mantel. The two fanciers have now taken a new direction, with the help of the last youngsters that they bred from their stock breeders, a few of their own top class pigeons that they managed to bring back (including NPO winner Vardy), as well as some dedicated investments.They decided to make One Loft Racing their number one goal, in part due to lack of space. The OLR competition is becoming increasingly popular, and Frits and Wytse are determined to show their best form in the coming few years.

Their first results in the OLR

With this new goal in mind, the fanciers started to compete in a number of races with youngsters of their current collection of pigeons - a small but carefully selected group of birds. And their first major success came already in 2018. A youngster of NL16-1847875 Alonso x NL17-1622835 Saviola finished in 18th place in the final of the Algarve Golden Race, competing against a strong international field. This pigeon is a grandchild of former champions Vardy (1st NPO Issoudun), Olympic Amador (1st Dutch Olympiad Pigeon Brussels Cat. E) and Fortuna (with six first prizes to her name), which means this achievement came about with the help of the team's old stock breeders. We talked about these stock breeders in an earlier report. And the team did great in another important race in Portugal: they claimed an 8th place in the semi final of the Algarve Great Derby, this time with a grandchild of Olympic Cape (Olympiad Pigeon Cat. H Poznan).

Alonso x Saviola - a great breeding pair

NL16-1847875 Alonso and NL17-1622835 Saviola are an excellent combination

They had some excellent results in 2019 as well, in the wake of a great 2018. The youngsters of their new top pair Alonso and Saviola (click on the names for their respective pedigrees) have played a crucial role this season. This is their palmares for 2019:

2nd   Mertola Training Algarve Golden Race of 4986 p.
23rd  Semi-final Algarve Golden Race of 3895 p. 
134th Final (Braganca) Algarve Golden Race of 3522 p.

NL17-1622835 Saviola, the dam of an 18th in the final (2018) and a 23rd in the semi-final (2019) Algarve Golden Race

Amaze claims victory in IAPC Challenge 2019

NL18-1435520 Amaze, 2nd in the final IAPC Challenge 2019

In early 2019, the IAPC challenge took place in the south of Portugal. And another pigeon of Frits & Wytse excelled in this OLR, claiming victory in a 300km race and finishing in second place in the 58km final. In addition, this NL18-1435520 Amaze took the main prize in the final of this OLR, as first nominated pigeon. She was also 5th Ace Pigeon IAPC Challenge 2019. Amaze is a granddaughter of Olympic Amador, which was paired to a daughter of the legendary Harry of Jan Hooymans. The dam of Amaze comes from Eppe Bodde (Winschoten, NL). This hen was also the dam of a 1st and 4th NPO in the one day long distance. For the pedigree of Amaze, click here.

Grandchild of Vardy successful in the Pattaya One Loft Race

A grandchild of Vardy finished in 20th place in the semi-final of the Pattaya One Loft Race. Vardy has a 1st NPO Issoudun of 3319 pigeons to his name, across 751km. Click here for Vardy's pedigree.

NL15-1208645 Vardy (1st NPO Issoudun) is one of the leading names in the breeding lofts of Frits & Wytse Mantel


The two fanciers received many references came in the wake of their PIPA auction. This clearly shows that the pigeons of Frits & Wytse can excel in other lofts as well. In 2018 Team Hooymans claimed two first prizes in the Pattaya One Loft Rae with a grandchild of Fortuna. And that same Team Hooymans finished in 5th place in a 330km race of that same OLR, this time with a grandchild of New Harry x Fortuna. Caspar & Leo Silvius take an 8th place in the semi-final of the 2019 Moledo One Loft Race with a pigeon that was bred from a son of Olympic Amador (obtained in their PIPA auction), as well as a 25th spot in the final. This eventually resulted in a 2nd ace pigeon title. For a full overview of their references from 2019, click here.

NL19-1595370 Julio, 1st final Algarve Great Derby 2019

Winner final Algarve Great Derby

Their current team of breeders, which includes youngsters of Olympic Amador, Fortuna, Vardy and Olympic Cape, welcomes a newcomer every once in a while as well. One of their recent investments was NL18-1459308 Starling, which claimed a 1st NPO Troyes (511km) of 6301 pigeons for the Leideman Brothers. The team is also looking towards obtaining OLR specific racing birds. One of the investments that Frits and Wytse were particularly satisfied about was NL19-1595370 Julio, which won the final race of the 2019 Algarve Great Derby. For the pedigree of Julio, click here. And a brother of Julio wins three first prizes in the program races.

The wind in their sails

Frits & Wytse are having quite a successful pigeon racing career indeed. The father-son combination is doing really well; they had been very successful in their previous racing lofts, and they are now outstanding in one loft racing as well. And their search for top quality pigeons, which are indispensable for any ambitious fancier, continues. They have great confidence in their old bloodlines but they like invest in new introductions regularly as well. This is clearly a winning combination.