Stef Bals (Wouwse Plantage, NL) has a 1st Ace Pigeon middle distance Province Brabant 2000 in his collection with Yara

Stef Bals was once more one of the leading names in Brabant 2000 in his favourite two competitions, the sprint and middle distance. The ace pigeon championship middle distance and the spectacular closing race from Pont St. Maxence are telling examples.

Stef Bals was in strong form in 2019

2019 was a season to remember

Even though he is still a fairly young fancier, Stef Bals is already one of the leading names in the sprint and the middle distance, his favourite two competitions. He has managed to excel in each of these disciplines for a couple of years now, and 2019 was no different. And Stef has been notably strong with his hens. We take a look at some inspiring results from the 2019 racing season: 

20/4 Niergnies      170 km 20420 p. 2-11-14-32-36-48-50-51-98-etc.(25/36)(Br.2000)
18/5 Melun Andrezel 344 km 13540 p.17-18-20-21-22-35-37-87-etc.(19/22)(Br.2000)
22/6 Quiévrain      130 km  2510 p. 1-2-3-10-11-12-34-37-etc.(11/12)(Rayon 2 Br.2000)
14/9 Pt.St.Maxence  275 km  7551 p. 2-3-5-9-10-11-19-32-33-34-44-45-46-52-etc.(51/58)(Br.2000)

NL10-2047584 NPO MEN, stock breeder for Stef Bals

NPO MEN as the common factor

Almost all exceptionally gifted racing birds in this team have something in common: they are either youngsters or grandchildren of NL10-2047584 NPO MEN. This racing cock is the central theme in Stef's entire pigeon family. The successful generation of racing birds from 2019, that were only raced in the late season, are part of a third generation of descendants of NPO MEN. And this generation appears to dominate the field almost with ease. NPO MEN was introduced in this loft through fellow fancier Maarten Huijsmans. This stock breeder is a grandchild of Miss Universe, which is in turn the main pillar in the pigeon family of Maarten Huijsmans. Miss Universe is the dam and grandmother of countless first prize winners. And we will take a closer look at the descendants of NPO MEN that have excelled in 2019. The star of this team was of course Yara, the best middle distance pigeon of 2019 in a very competitive Brabant 2000 province.

NL16-1617399 Yara, 1st Ace Pigeon middle distance Brabant 2000

Yara, Ace Pigeon middle distance Brabant 2000

In 2019, we saw NL16-1617399 Yara claim a rather prestigious title for Stef. Th three year old granddaughter of stock breeder NPO MEN took the following title in 2019:

1st  Ace Pigeon middle distance Brabant 2000
17th National Ace Pigeon middle distance WHZB/TBOTB
20th National Ace Pigeon middle distance NPO

In 2019, Yara won a 5th Fontenay of 7798 p., an 11th Niergnies of 20,420 p., a 42nd Pt. St. Maxence of 6179 p. and an 87th Melun of 13,540 p. For the pedigree of Yara, click here.

NL17-1366883 Blue 883, a granddaughter of NPO MEN

Blue 883, a phenomenal granddaughter of NPO MEN

One of the surprises in the loft of Stef Bals is without doubt NL17-1366883 Blue 883, a granddaughter of NPO MEN. She was quite a successful yearling in 2018, finishing in the top five in three different provincial races (4th Melun 5678 p., 4th Sens 4971 p., 5th Pt. St. Maxence 13240 p.). In 2019, she added the following top results to her palmares:

Quiévrain  130 km   9 – 3929 p. (Rayon 2 Brabant 2000)
Niergnies  170 km.  9 - 1403 p. (RCC Roosendaal)
Melun      344 km  10 - 4032 p. (Rayon 2 Brabant 2000)

Blue 883 knows how to breed talented youngsters as well: she is the dam of NL19-3917311, winner of a 10th of 7551 pigeons in the closing race from Pt. St. Maxence. As such, she contributed to Stef's best result of 2019. Click here for Blue 883's pedigree.

NL18-1185822 Jody, 1st Quiévrain and 1st Niergnies in 2019

One year old Jody strikes hard with two first prizes

And the loft discovered another high quality bird with NL18-1185822 Jody. As you might have already guessed, this is another grandchild of NPO MENClick here for her full pedigree. Jody was able to claim two first prizes in 2019. To begin with, she took the win in Niergnies in Rayon 2 of 6295 p., only just missing out on a provincial first prize (2nd Prov. of 20,420 pigeons). This is Jody's palmares for 2019:

Quiévrain    130 km    1st / 2510 p.
Niergnies    170 km    1st / 6295 p.
Morlincourt  235 km    4th /  881 p.
Niergnies    170 km   10th / 1403 p.
Melun        344 km   12th / 4032 p.

On top of that, Jody is the dam of a winner in RCC Roosendaal: her son Flash took a 1st Niergnies in RCC  Rosendaal, which led to an excellent 5th place of 19,539 pigeons at provincial level. Both the sire and the dam of Flesh are grandchildren of NPO MEN. For the pedigree of Flash, click here.

NL19-3917314 Flash, 1st Niergnies of 1403 pigeons

Promising results from the young birds in Pt. St. Maxence

Stef has a lot of patience when it comes to racing young birds. The juniors were basketed for the natour competitions in August and September. And you can tell from Stef's results with the yearlings and old birds that this approach does not have any negative effects. After a number of young birds' races, the new generation transitions to higher level racing fairly easily, as we've come to expect from Stef's birds. We saw a perfect example in the closing race of 2019: the peloton for Brabant 2000, consisting of 7551 pigeons, was released in Pt. St. Maxence. In this race, for which the results of the old and young birds are put together, Stef excelled with a 2-3-5-9-10-11-19-etc. Remarkably enough, his ten first pigeons all came from 2019. The first pigeon back home was NL19-3917301 Qwinty. And she too belongs to the third generation of NPO MEN descendants. At provincial level, Qwinty had to settle for second place, finishing behind a pigeon of fellow fancier Maarten Huijsmans. In rayon 2 and RCC Roosendaal however, this promising hen did come in first place.

NL19-3917301 Qwinty, 1st Pt. St. Maxence of 2508 pigeons

A fantastic generation of yearlings heading to 2020

With the end of a (mild) winter fast approaching, Stef is quietly starting to look towards the 2020 season. He is backed up by a solid foundation and a promising group of yearlings, so we reckon he has high hopes for this year.