Pieter Veenstra & Sons (Drachtstercompagnie, NL) discovers new bloodline with unlimited possibilities thanks to Return Flojo

Pieter Veenstra got in the spotlight in the 2017/2018 edition of the SAMDPR with Return Flojo. And this proved just the starting point of a new era for the Veenstra Pigeons. The achievements in 2019 of the young birds that were bred from Return Flojo's brothers speak for themselves.

Pieter Veenstra in between his sons Aant Arjen (l) and Gerrit (r)

Return Flojo

CHN17-0227000 Return Flojo, one of the very best racing birds in the SAMDPR of all times

The 2018 edition of the South African Million Dollar Pigeon Race (SAMDPR) proved particularly memorable for Pieter Veenstra, thanks to CHN17-0227000 Return Flojo. The final race took place in February. The phenomenal achievements of his chequered hen put her among an illustrious list of top class birds: we take a look at her best results:

1  Grand Average Ace Pigeon (with a lead of over 135 minutes)
2  Knock Out Ace Pigeon
14 Final SAMDPR 2018        521 km of 2627 p.
17 Hot Spot Average Ace Pigeon
18 Hot Spot Car Race 4      212 km of 2874 p.

The sire of Return Flojo is BE10-4327643 Shamrock Ike, which comes from Chris Hebberecht (Evergem, BE), and he is in turn a son of BE08-4351119 Ike (1st Nat. Ace Pigeon long distance KBDB 2010). The dam of Return Flojo, NL12-5200222 Desteny Vita (a sister of Dolce Vita), is a daughter of NL04-5435151 Davinci (1st NPO Ablis) x NL05-1909293 Special Blue (daughter Mr. Blue, 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon WHZB 2004). Click here for the full pedigree of Return Flojo.

Breeding strategy

A selective breeding strategy has been developed for Return Flojo, with her direct youngsters all going straight to the breeding loft. Her partners are being selected very carefully. What do you think of the following combinations for 2019:

Prince Esmee (2 x 1st NPO in 2018) joint breeding with Tj. & J. Elzinga (Harkema, NL)
Thomas 6 (1st final Golden Algarve OLR 2018) joint breeding with Mike Ganus (Granger, USA)
Olympic Bonifac (golden medal winner cat. B middle distance Olympiad Poznan 2019)
Armando (1st Nat. Ace Pigeon long distance KBDB 2018) Mr. Xing Wei, better known as Kai Er.

Brothers of Return Flojo show their breeding potential right away in 2019

The same pair that bred Return Flojo had already bred NL13-5305268 Jappeloup. This cock excelled with three first and four second prizes, as well as three top 16 placings against more than 18,000 pigeons. Two other brothers, NL15-1143962 Cartier and NL18-4297792 Versace, have also played an important role in the excellent 2019 racing season of Pieter and his sons Aant Arjen and Gerrit.

NL15-1143962 Cartier (brother Return Flojo), his youngsters won a 7th and 8th NPO in 2019


The young birds' generation went through the 2019 season like a breeze, claiming a total of eight victories in the CCG Oostgrens competition. Their most prominent result at provincial level came in late August, in the NPO race from Chalons-Champagne.

Chalons-Champagne (Courtisols) 477 km 3122 p. 2–6–7-8–10–34-40-41-56-57-etc. (48/80)

Cartier is the sire of the 7th and 8th place winners in the provincial results, as well as the grandfather of the 10th place winner. And the youngsters of Cartier also claimed the following prizes in 2019:

13th Bierges           5662 p. (1st of 661 p.)
14th Heusden Zolder    8905 p.
19th Bierges           7047 p.

Click here for the pedigree of Cartier.

Versace, the sire of Ultimate Flojo

NL19-4200067 Ultimate Flojo, 7th Nat. Ace Pigeon De Fondspiegel YBs 2019

The best young bird that Pieter and his sons raced in 2019 is without doubt NL19-4200067 Ultimate Flojo. This chequered hen claimed a title of 7th National Ace Pigeon one day long distance Fondspiegel YBs 2019, based on the following achievements:

6th  NPO Courtisols            3122 p.
20th Nationaal Sector 4 Rethel 7154 p.
49th NPO Arlon                 3691 p.

Besides, she won a 3rd Duiven of 1204 pigeons. Ultimate Flojo is a daughter of NL18-4297792 Versace, a brother of the aforementioned Return Flojo Jappeloup and Cartier. The dam of Ultimate Flojo is a daughter of NL14-1499725 Miss Overegge, the hen that turned 2015 into a memorable season for Johan Halman (Zuidveen, NL), with NPO victories in Souppes (6888 p.) and Sens (5599 p.), and a first prize in Province Friesland in Quiévrain against 13,003 pigeons. Pieter Veenstra did not hesitate when he got the opportunity to obtain this flying champion. This proved an excellent investment, judging from the achievements of the Miss Overegge bloodline. Her daughter NL17-4289378 Anemone won a 1st Bourges (Northern Union) of 2932 p. and a 1st Chimay of 585 p. Click here for the achievements of the (grand)children of Miss Overegge in 2019.

Another group of top class birds moves to Drachtstercompagnie

Pieter Veenstra and his sons Aant Arjen and Gerrit have been very vocal about their ambitions. They always aim for the top, and they are willing to invest in important bloodlines. They introduced two superior one day long distance pigeons in their breeding lofts in 2019, with Aristo and New Hurricane.

NL18-1718479 Aristo, 1st in the one day long distance category of the national competition DE ALLERBESTE

Aristo, 1st Category one day long distance national competition DE ALLERBESTE

Cees Koetzier (Utrecht, NL) was able to claim a coveted title in the one day long distance in the national competition of DE ALLERBESTE with NL18-1718479 Aristo. This one year old cock has the following palmares:

8th   NPO Salbris                     5753 p. (1st  2438 p.)
9th   Nationaal (Sector 3) Vierzon    8065 p. (1st   901 p.)
38th  Nationaal (Sector 3) Chateaudun 8435 p. (2nd  1011 p.)
71st  NPO Issoudun                    4286 p. (12th 1553 p.)
102nd NPO Bourges                     5274 p. (22nd 2024 p.)

Click here for the full pedigree of Aristo.

Marco Kerkhof hands over his DV04665-13-2 New Hurricane to the Veenstra family

New Hurricane, 1st National Ace Pigeon one day long distance WHZB/TBOTB

The title of Best Pigeon in the one day long distance in the national competition WHZB/TBOTB 2019 went to Marco Kerkhof (Emmerich): his DV0465665-13-2 New Hurricane gained prominence winning this title as a six year old. With four top ten placings and an impressive ten top 50 placings in the NPO to his name, New Hurricane is without doubt one of the best performing pigeons ever in the one day long distance. And he does have a noble pedigree as well, which you can find here. Here we have a few of the best achievements of New Hurricane:

1      Quiévrain   (2017) 1977 p.
4  NPO Issoudun    (2019) 4173 p.
7  NPO Chateauroux (2019) 2871 p.
8  NPO Chateaudun  (2019) 6009 p.
10 NPO Nanteuil    (2016) 2263 p.
28 NPO Chateaudun  (2019) 2390 p.

An equally successful 2020?

We think Pieter, Aant Arjen and Gerrit Veenstra are likely to turn 2020 into an equally successful season as 2019, although it will be quite a challenge to try and match this year's results in the NPO race from Chalons-Champagne (young birds) and the old birds' race NPO from Vierzon: they claimed an impressive nine top 10 placings NPO in these two races, and they made a clean sweep in the flight from Vierzon (15/15).