Maarten Huijsmans (Hoogerheide, NL) wins title of '1st National Champion middle distance', which reaffirms his status in this discipline (VIDEO)

Maarten Huijsmans claims another title of 1st National Champion middle distance The Netherlands in 2019. This means he has now won four consecutive top three placings in this competition, which is an unprecedented achievement in this discipline.

Maarten Huijsmans has been one of the leading names in The Netherlands for many years now. And he has won a unique series of national titles in the middle distance in recent years, with a national top three place in four consecutive years:

2016: 1st National champion middle distance
2017: 2nd National champion middle distance
2018: 3rd National champion middle distance
2019: 1st National champion middle distance

The national championship middle distance included five races this year; here we have Maarten's full results in each of the five races:

Melun         338 km 3,481 p.: 2-4-5-6-19-20-27-34-36-66-69-72-91-109-111-177-191-194-227-259-
                               346-453-529-611-640-723 (26/30)
Melun         338 km 2,693 p.: 1-2-4-8-9-13-14-21-24-31-32-35-36-39-48-54-111-115-177-190-191-
                               214-434-507 (24/28)
Sens          370 km 2,165 p.: 1-6-16-18-26-29-83-86-87-122-126-140-154-214-239-311-346-480-
                               482-484 (20/24)
Pt.St.Maxence 270 km 1,170 p.: 5-7-11-13-21-22-29-38-61-74-120-127-166 (13/15)
Sens          370 km 1,047 p.: 1-5-31-45-50-57-60-75-82-103-104-201 (12/13)

A total of 110 pigeons were basketed for these five middle distance flights:

95 pigeons with a 1:4   placing  (86%)
77 pigeons with a 1:10  placing  (70%)
26 pigeons with a 1:100 placing (24%)

And he also set a new record with these numbers: he is the first fancier to claim a national title (middle distance) with so many championship points!

In addition to his national championship title middle distance, he also won the following titles:

1st Nat. champion middle distance grandmaster (Spoor der kampioenen)
1st Prov. champion middle distance
1st Prov. champion middle distance young birds
2nd National champion middle distance young birds

It goes without saying that you need a group of high quality pigeons to win so many titles. Maarten relies first of all on the two invaluable breeding birds called Super Cees and Doutzen.

Dream pair  Super Cees x Doutzen

Super Cees (NL12-1698913) is probably the best direct son of the phenomenal Miss Universe. He won four first prizes, he claimed a top result in the national WHZB competition and he eventually developed into a brilliant breeding bird. We look at a few of his best results:

1st Quievrain 1,044 p.
1st Quievrain   250 p.
1st Creil       160 p.
2nd Peronne   1,034 p.
3rd Souppes   3,265 p.
4th Nivelles  4,424 p.
4th Creil     2,165 p.
6th Fontenay  1,482 p.
7th Creil     2,599 p.
8th Orleans   1,147 p.
4th Nat. Ace Cock WHZB 2015 

Super Cees

Doutzen is a grandchild of Miss Universe, and she was quite a spectacular racing bird, judging from her palmares:

1st NPO Morlincourt 9,426 p.
1st St. Quentin       176 p.
1st Sens              149 p.
2nd NPO Creil      24,470 p.
2nd Roye              638 p.
2nd Sens              439 p.
7rg Creil           2,165 p.
2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon hens WHZB 2015
8th Nat. Ace Pigeon middle distance WHZB 2015


After their racing career came to an end, these two pigeons formed a spectacular breeding pair that bred numerous talented descendants. The following achievements were won with direct youngsters of dream pair Super Cees x Doutzen:

 1st Morlincourt         22,106 p.
 1st Prov. Sezanne        9,118 p.
 1st Melun                2,693 p.
 1st Sens                 2,165 p. (and 4th NPO Sens 9,639 p.)
 1st Pithiviers           1,264 p.
 1st Lorris               1,006 p. (and 5th NPO Lorris 4,372 p.)
 1st Morlincourt            777 p.
 2nd Prov. Strepy Thieu  10,995 p. (after a teammate)
 2nd Melun                3,481 p.
 3rd Prov. Sezanne        9,118 p. (after 2 teammates)
 3rd Morlincourt          2,200 p.
 3rd Creil                2,123 p.
 4th Prov. Pt.St.Maxence 13,240 p.
 4th Melun                3,481 p.
 4th Quievrain            2,125 p.
 4th Pt.St.Maxence        1,461 p.
 5th Melun                3,481 p.
 5th Bierges              3,061 p.
 6th NPO Gien             4,119 p.
 6th Quievrain            2,302 p.
 8th Sens                 1,019 p.
 9th Quievrain            2,900 p.
10th Pt.St.Maxence        2,395 p.
 2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon YBs WHZB      2019
 2nd Prov. Ace Pigeon YBs          2019
 2nd Prov. Gouden Crack YBs        2019
 3rd PIPA ranking middle distance  2017
 5th Prov. Gouden Crack YBs        2019
 7th Olympiad NL. Cat. G           2017
 8th PIPA ranking sprint           2016
13th PIPA ranking ace pigeon

We will zoom in on some of the most important youngsters of Super Cees and Doutzen.

NL15-1777233 Sister Blue Diamond

Racing hen Sister Blue Diamond, of which the pedigree can be found here, was a very successful racing pigeon. She has the following five top results to her name:

1st Sens        2,165 p. (as well as 4th NPO 9,639 p.)
2nd Melun       3,481 p.
3rd Morlincourt 2,200 p.
3rd Creil       2,123 p.
3rd Gien          934 p.
5th Bierges     3,061 p.
5th Pithiviers  1,264 p.

NL15-1777319 Super Yearling

Super Yearling clearly inherited the many qualities of his parents, as you can tell from his many great results:

1st Prov. Sezanne 9,118 p.
2nd Roye          3,652 p.
2nd Creil         2,740 p.
2nd Morlincourt     875 p.
7th Nat Olympiad pigeon cat. yearlings  2017
8th PIPA ranking Nat. sprint pigeon     2016

And he has shown to be a valuable breeder as well: he is now the sire of a 1st Orleans (920 p.) and a 6th Sens (2,298 p.).

NL17-3724529 New Diamond

Dream pair Super Cees x Doutzen bred several more talented newcomers again in 2017, including this New Diamond. This is her palmares:

 4th Bierges              3,061 p.
 4th Quievrain            2,125 p.
12th Prov. Pt.St.Maxence 22,709 p.

NL17-3724604 Blue Dream

The last pigeon from Super Cees x Doutzen that we want to bring up is Blue Dream. Blue Dream was the 13th best sprint/middle distance pigeon in The Netherlands in the 2018 PIPA Rankings, while still being a yearling. This title was based on the following results:

13                                   Prize Loft Huijsmans Hoogerheide 3724604-2017   6.4698%
V21 2018
M25 2018
N33 Quievrain 2018
M27 Sens 2018
M26 Melun Andrezel 2018
N36 Morlincourt 2018
V20 Morlincourt 2018
N34 Quievrain 2018
N35 Peronne 2018
M19 Melun Andrezel 2018
Province 02: Brabant 2000
Prov. 2 Ray1 ZUF (4210)
Prov. 2 Ray1 ZUF (4210)
Province 02: Brabant 2000
Province 02: Brabant 2000
Prov. 2 Ray1 ZUF (4210)
Prov. 2 Ray1 ZUF (4210)
Prov. 2 Ray1 ZUF (4210)
Province 02: Brabant 2000
Province 02: Brabant 2000
270.230 km
270.230 km
124.882 km
370.401 km
338.975 km
230.141 km
230.141 km
124.882 km
196.939 km
338.975 km


Veni, vidi, vici

Maarten had already won 3 victories in the Rayon and 7 teletext prizes in 2014, at the age of 25. In an article that we wrote that season, we referred to him as 'the new kid in town'. Many insiders considered him to be the coming man and the future star in Brabant 2000. Four years have gone by, and Maarten has already claimed quite a few national titles along the way. For instance, he won four top three placings in the middle distance, his favourite competition, in four years' time. He has really become a force to be reckoned with in the middle distance. And everyone will agree that his breeding pair Super Cees x Doutzen has become an indispensable element in this team.