Auction weekend has total revenue of 372,125 euro - Vincent Schroeder 4,280 euro/bird - New Willeke 13,600 euro

Ten different auctions ended on Sunday 1st of December, in which 160 pigeons were sold for 372,125 euro, or an average of 2,325 euro/bird. We briefly discuss each auction below.
Batenburg - Van de Merwe - 58 pigeons - 3,521 euro/bird
Hugo Batenburg sold a selection of young birds from their best breeders. The most expensive pigeon is New Willeke 313, a daughter of New Laureaat x Willeke. She was sold to a Belgian fancier for 13,600 euro. A son of Jef and a son of New Laureaat were sold for 10,400 euro each, to fanciers from Taiwan and Romania. The 58 pigeons were sold for 204,200 euro, to fanciers from Taiwan (12), The Netherlands (12), Belgium (10), Romania (8), the United Kingdom (4), China (4), Germany (3), Japan (2), France (1), the United States (1) and Qatar (1).

Samuel Mbiza (Z-A) - 6 pigeons - 2,033 euro/bird
Golden Prince will always be a phenomenon. The eye-catcher in this Golden Prince Special was a son of Golden Prince; he went to China for 7,000 euro. the other pigeones moved to Taiwan (2), China (2) and the United Kingdom (1).

Vincent Schroeder (BE) - 5 pigeons - 4,280 euro/bird
Vincent Schroeder sold 5 direct Noel Peiren pigeons in auction. A son of Magic Barcelona was sold for 5,400 euro and goes to The Netherlands. A son of St. Vincent raised 5,000 euro and will transfer to a different Belgian loft. Three pigeons stay in Belgium, two others are moving to The Netherlands.

Rik Cools (BE) - 10 pigeons - 1,430 euro/bird
10 youngsters of the best breeders of Rik Cools were put up for auction. The most expensive youngster was Inbred Marieke 027, from a pairing of brother x daughter Marieke. This hen was sold for 1,900 euro, and it moves to Taiwan. The youngsters are moving to Taiwan (6), China (3) and Belgium (1).

Derksen v/d Keuken - 9 pigeons - 2,133 euro/bird
Top class racing birds and youngsters of the best breeders were sold in auction, and the outstanding Evita was the most expensive bird, with a sale price of 7000 euro. She goes to Taiwan. A young son of Olympic Madison was sold for 2,700 euro to a fellow Dutchman. The buyers of the 9 pigeons paid 19,200 euro in total, and they come from The Netherlands (4), China (2), Taiwan (2) and France (1).

Wojciech Handerek (PL) - 10 pigeons - 1000 euro/bird
Of this group of youngsters of the best breeders, Dakar Laureaat 1264 proved the most expensive pigeon, with a 1,600 euro sale price. The pigeons will be moving to Poland (5), Hungary (2), Taiwan (1), Romania (1) and The Philippines (1).

Geoff & Catherine Cooper (UK) - 11 pigeons - 923 euro/bird
11 youngsters of the best breeders were sold for 10,150 euro in total. The most expensive youngsters are a son and daughter of Farmer George, which were sold to The Netherlands and Japan respectively for 1,600 euro each. The 11 birds are moving to Taiwan (3), Iran (2), Japan (2), The Netherlands (1), Belgium (1), Sweden (1) and the Philippines (1).

Jos Vercammen (BE) - 23 pigeons - 1,937 euro/bird
23 youngsters from the breeders of Hok Jos Vercammen were sold with a total revenue of 44,550 euro. The most expensive youngster is a daughter of Mustang; she goes to China for 6,200 euro. A son of Mustang attracted particular interest; he was eventually sold for 4,000 euro. The pigeons will soon be moving to Poland (6), Taiwan (5), China (4), the United States (3), The Netherlands (2), Slovakia (1), Canada (1) and Kuwait (1).

A.T. Breeding Loft by Hadrien Marsille (BE) - 12 pigeons - 1,342 euro/bird
The total value for this group of top class racing birds and youngsters of the best breeders was 16,100 euro. The interprovincial winner from Bourges, Bourges Joe, was the most expensive bird of this auction with a 3,000 euro sale price. He does not leave Belgium. The pigeons will be moving to a new home in Belgium (5), China (4), Germany (2) and Taiwan (1).

Arie Dijkstra (NL) - 16 pigeons - 1,252 euro/bird
And lastly, Arie Dijkstra offered for sale a group of youngsters from his best racing birds. Powerplay Savannah, a son of the parents with the same name, was sold for 2,900 euro, making him the most expensive pigeon of this auction. The birds were sold to fanciers from Taiwan (6), Germany (3), The Netherlands (2), Slovakia (2), the United States (1), Kuwait (1) and the United Kingdom (1).