Arie Dijkstra (Oudwoude, NL) wins first prizes in races ranging from 200 to 1000km

Arie has been racing in many different competitions again this season, and he was successful both in the shorter and the longer distance. The icing on the cake came in the Natour competition, with the help of a son of Fausto x Milla. This is quite a promising result, since this was only Fausto's first season in the breeding loft.

The first prizes and championship titles that the pigeons of Arie have won this season can still be traced back to the renowned pigeon breed that Arie developed in the late 1960s. Last season we extensively discussed his breeding pair Leonardo x Tinkelbel, whose descendants continue to dominate pigeon races at home and abroad. Click here to reread the article in question.

New Fausto, 1st provincial of 17,128 pigeons and 8th National Ace Pigeon Natour WBZB/TBOTB!

Arie basketed 122 pigeons for the race from Deurne on 15th of August, and racing bird NL19-1183487 was the first pigeon to make it back home. It resulted in a first prize at club level, with a lead of more than 40 metres per minute on the second bird in the race. At provincial level, no other pigeon was able to match the speed of New Fausto. This New Fausto is quite a special bird indeed, judging from the many top prizes that he won in his short racing career.

1st provincial Deurne of 17,128 pigeons
83rd provincial Bierges of 12,095 pigeons
88th provincial Heusden-Zolder of 14,258 pigeons

It was thanks to these results that New Fausto became the 8th best Natour pigeon in The Netherlands. Would you like to know more about the bloodlines behind New Fausto? Click here for the pedigree.

Fausto x Milla, the parents of New Fausto - click here for Fausto's pedigreeclick here for Milla's pedigree.

Dijkstra pigeons take the lead in races ranging from 200 to 1000 km

Like we said, New Fausto claimed a first prize in the 200km race from Deurne. The attentive reader had already spotted that the pedigree of New Fausto can be traced back to that same top pair Leonardo x Tinkelbel. And the team was victorious again in this year's race from Bergerac: racing bird NL18-1394452 was the first yearling to arrive home from Bergerac in the 'Friese Fond Club', after covering more than 1000km. She claimed a first prize in the national basketing club along the way, as well as a 14th spot of 2,793 pigeons. Interestingly enough, this pigeon too is related to Arie's old bloodlines through both her parents: Big Boom, Leonardo, Tinkelbel, etc. Click here for the full pedigree.

NL18-1394452, 'Majesty', winner of a first prize FFC of 654 pigeons, and winner of a 14th at sectoral level over more than 1000km.

Introduction of Gaston van de Wouwer pigeons van meerwaarde op de kolonie

Arie decided many years ago to obtain a group of pigeons from the world famous breed of Gaston van de Wouwer. He did some research first, and he checked the different pigeons that were available for sale. He then went on to obtain the pigeons that he was particularly enthusiastic about. The most successful of these three birds was Gastorina BE12-6023410. She is the dam of the aforementioned Fausto, and now the grandmother of New Fausto. She is also the dam of 'Kashmir 80000'. This talented racing bird proved particularly valuable for Arie this season, as he was able to claim three provincial top 25 prizes against an average of 13,554 pigeons!

'Gastorina'; her breeding results are fantastic! Click here for her pedigree.


Championship titles at home

Arie has always been a force to be reckoned with in the different championships. We take a look at a few of the titles that he won over the course of 2019.

1st not nominated yearlings multi-day long distance Friese Fond Club
1st nominated middle distance Entente C
2nd nominated young birds middle distance province Friesland '96
3rd nominated General Long province Friesland '96
3rd nominated General Short Entente C
3rd Ace Pigeon General Long Entente C 
4th not nominated One Day Long Distance Entente C
4th not nominated General Long Entente C
4th Ace Pigeon young birds middle distance Entente C
5th nominated middle distance province Friesland '96
5th Ace Pigeon one day long distance Entente C

A number of these championship titles were won with the help of Joshua. He was himself a 1st ace pigeon in the club with 4 first prizes. Joshua is a grandson of Okidoki,
which shows that the apple does not fall far from the tree. 
Click here for Joshua's full pedigree.


Another year full of references

Last year we could only include a handful of references, and the same goes for 2019: we have only selected the best references this season, to keep things concise. Here is an overview of the best achievements of 2019 with Arie Dijkstra pigeons:

1st Nat. Fontenay Sector 2 of 11,157 pigeons (556 km)
1st Prov. Menen tegen 13,540 pigeons (367 km)
1st prov. Heusden-Zolder of 16,341 pigeons
1st Ace Pigeon Friese Fondclub One Day Long Distance
1st NPO Lorris of 2,981 pigeons (604 km)
1st Chimay of 3,253 pigeons
5th National Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance WHZB/TBOTB
1st Final One Loft Race Sofia
3rd Final One Loft Race Sooner Challenge (equal first)
5th Ace Pigeon One Loft Race Grand Averages Million Dollar Race
6th Final One Loft Race Europa Master Pigeons