Auctions raise more than 750,000 euro – Daughter Goed Grijs 41,000 euro – Jellema 195,900 euro for a round of youngsters – Bart Geerinckx 5,500 euro/youngster

12 auctions came to a close over the past two days, and these had a total revenue of 753,700 euro for 270 pigeons, or almost 2,800 euro per youngster. We briefly discuss each auction below.

Dirk Deroose – 12 pigeons – 2,033 euro/bird
Sale 1 and 2 were the most expensive pigeons of this sale, and they are two full sisters of top bird Marcel, winner of a 1st Nat. Chateauroux. Sale 1 went to China for 6,000 euro; sale 2 was sold to a Belgian loft for 4,000 euro. The 12 youngsters raised 24,400 euro in total, and they are going to Belgium (10) and China (2).

Chris Debacker – 10 pigeons – 1,340 euro/bird
Chris Debacker hosted his first auction featuring young birds only. He had an excellent average sale price of 1,340 euro per bird, with a total revenue of 13,400 euro for 10 youngsters. The most expensive pigeon was sale 3, a grandchild of Nick and a full brother of super class bird Camillo, which goes to Taiwan for 3,200 euro. The buyers come from the following countries: Belgium (7), the USA (2), and Taiwan (1).

Davy Tournelle – 12 pigeons – 1,371 euro/bird
The Tiësto family has become a world famous pigeon breed. Tiësto is no longer fertile but his youngsters have now stepped up and taken over the breeding loft. The most expensive youngster stems from super class bird Torres, a son of Tiësto; this bird goes to Romania for 3,800 euro. The 12 pigeons raised 16,450 euro in total, and they will be sold to Belgium (9), China (1), Romania (1), and France (1).

Rudi De Saer – 8 pigeons – 1,475 euro/bird
One of the big guns in the loft of Rudi De Saer is New Tours, the national winner from Cahors. And this star was also the central theme of this auction. The most expensive bird was sale 2, a direct daughter of New Tours, which was sold to a Belgian fancier for 2,800 euro. The 8 youngsters raised 11,800 euro in total, and they were sold to fanciers from Belgium (5), China (2) and The Netherlands (1).

Jelle Jellema – 48 pigeons – 4,081 euro/bird
This is the auction many extreme long distance fanciers were looking forward to. Jelle sold another round of beautiful youngsters in an exclusive PIPA auction, in the wake of another great racing season. The total revenue was an impressive 195,900 euro, in part thanks to a youngster of Romy, winner of a 3rd National Barcelona and a direct daughter of Special One x Romee. This youngster was sold for 11,200 euro to a British fancier. The two sons of Kleine Jade will stay in The Netherlands; they were sold for 11,000 euro and 10,400 euro respectively. The buyers come from the following countries: Belgium (16), The Netherlands (11), Taiwan (5), Germany (4), Romania (3), France (2), the United Kingdom (2), Japan (2), Irelland (1), Italy (1), and China (1).

Bart Geerinckx – 11 pigeons – 5,536 euro/bird
The national champion of Belgium long distance 2019 sold a group of 11 young birds, which stem from the new breeding phenomenon Little Star, a 1st National Ace Pigeon longer middle distance KBDB. The most expensive bird was sale 1, a direct son of Little Star; it goes to the USA for 12,800 euro. The total revenue for the 11 youngsters was 60,900 euro, and the new owners came from China (4), the USA (2), Germany (2), Belgium (1), Taiwan (1) and Iraq (1).

Leideman Brothers – 101 pigeons – 2,828 euro/bird
One of the biggest auctions this winter was the racing team of André & Bert Leideman. The brothers have been one of the leading names in The Netherlands, and they decided to sell their 2019 racing team, at the height of their fame. Many Dutch champions showed particular interest but it was the Eijerkamp family that managed to obtain quite a number of pigeons in this auction. The total revenue for this auction was an impressive 285,600 euro, and that included the 95,200 euro that Hans & Evert-Jan Eijerkamp spent in this auction. Unsurprisingly, they also obtained the most expensive pigeon of this auction: a fantastic daughter of Goed Grijs, which goes to Brummen for 41,000 euro. This daughter of Goed Grijs was in fact the dam of a 1st National Ace Pigeon Natour for Eijerkamp.

The 2nd, 3rd and 4th most expensive pigeon go to father & son Eijerkamp as well, including another daughter of Goed Grijs with a sale price of 19,600 euro. The 101 different pigeons were sold to fanciers from The Netherlands (23), China (18), Belgium (13), Taiwan (12), Germany (9), the United Kingdom (6), Canada (3), Hungary (3), Croatia (2), Turkey (2), Romania (2), France (2), Denmark (1), Kuwait (1), Malta (1), Thailand (1), Poland (1), The Philippines (1).

Jelle Roziers – 9 pigeons – 2,189 euro/bird
The last auction to end on Sunday was the Houben Special, offered for sale by Jelle Roziers. We had for instance an original Houben from 2014 on offer; she is the dam of a 2nd National Bourges. She goes to China for 4,400 euro. The 9 pigeons raised 29,700 euro in total, and they were sold to fanciers from China (3), Belgium (3), the US (2), and Canada (1).

November Auction – 7 pigeon – 2,136 euro/bird
In the first auction that closed on Monday, we sold 7 pigeons that had not been paid for in earlier auctions. The most expensive bird was a pigeon of Mike Ganus, a son of Wolverine. He goes to Germany for 7,200 euro. The 7 pigeons were sold for 14,950 euro, and they will soon be on their way to Taiwan (3), Germany (2), and China (2).

Mark Gilbert – 11 pigeons – 1,745 euro/bird
Mark Gilbert had a fantastic 2019 season as well, with the help of his New Laureaat descendants. And this auction was in fact a New Laureaat Special, with sale 1 being the most expensive youngster; a full sister of a 1st National Agen and a grandchild of New Laureaat & Zwart Goud. This bird goes to Taiwan for 2,700 euro. The 11 youngsters were sold for 19,200 euro in total, to fanciers from Taiwan (4), China (3), France (2), South Africa (1), and the United Kingdom (1).

Verweij-De Haan – 20 pigeons – 2,355 euro/bird
The Milos dynasty is becoming increasingly popular across the globe. The two friends Michel Verweij & Peter De Haan raised 20 youngsters that were specially bred from the Milos bloodline. We had a number of double grandchildren, as well as two exclusive youngsters of this 17 year old stock breeder on offer. The two youngsters were the most expensive birds; they were sold to one single Belgian fancier, for 7,800 euro and 7,000 euro respectively. The 20 youngsters were sold for a total of 47,100 euro, to fanciers from Belgium (6), Romania (5), The Netherlands (2), Denmark (1), Germany (1), France (1), the United Kingdom (1), Japan (1), The Philippines (1), and Taiwan (1).

Europa Masters OLR – 21 pigeons – 2,110 euro/bird
We auctioned the winners & ace pigeons of the Europa Masters for the first time on PIPA. This is one of the most important One Loft Races worldwide. The winner of this year's race was Alfons Klaas, and he had the most expensive pigeon of this auction; his bird goes to Germany for 6,200 euro. The 21 pigeons in this auction were sold for 44,300 euro in total, and they are going to Taiwan (6), China (3), Belgium (2), Bulgaria (2), Germany (2), the USA (2), Japan (1), Kuwait (1), Romania (1), and Turkey (1).