Danny de Voogd (Yerseke, NL) victim of pigeon theft

The sad news reached us last weekend that around 90 pigeons were stolen from the lofts of Danny de Voogd in Yerseke in the night from Saturday to Sunday. Danny lost quite a number of young (racing) birds, as well as a large group of hens.

When Danny walked into his loft on Sunday morning at around 7pm, he spotted a few pigeons outside, and he saw that some of his lofts had been broken into. Several pigeons from these lofts were gone. The theft is estimated to have taken place between midnight and 7am. At the moment, nearby camera footage is being investigated to look for possible clues that could lead to the identity of the thieves.

The following 28 pigeons that are currently up for auction on PIPA were stolen as well. Together with Danny, we decided to continue the auction, albeit without the pigeons that were stolen. Their names will no longer appear in the auction.

The following pigeons were stolen, and are no longer available for sale in our auction:

NL 18-1093762
BE 16 4139588
BE 18-2135448
BE 17-4017448
BE 17-4017424
NL 18-3831599
NL 16-1423604
NL 16-1423611
NL 17-1357112
NL 18-1154793
NL 13-3311272
NL 16-1423612
NL 18-1154808
NL 16-1423627
NL 17-3748344
NL 16-1484600
NL 16-1581337
NL 16-1423622
NL 17-3748398
NL 16-1884576
BE 17-4017431
NL 19-1719723
NL 19-1719735
NL 19-1719736
NL 19-1719710
NL 19-1719719
NL 18-1154804
NL 19-1328435