Gino Clicque gets 75,200 EURO for 10 youngsters - Child MG430 X Evi from Jelle Jellema sold for 20,500 EURO

Today 4 auctions ended with a total of 77 pigeons. These raised a total of 195,325 EURO, or 2,536 EURO on average per pigeon.

Danny De Voogd - 41 pigeons - 1,973 EURO / pigeon
After the cowardly theft last week, which resulted in 28 pigeons stolen that were offered in the auction, the auction was able to end with a positive note, because a total of 80,875 EURO was achieved for 41 pigeons. The most expensive was sale 1, a direct Jelle Jellema and direct child from top breeder Miss Gijsje 430 coupled with his super daughter Evi. After a long bidding battle that started this morning at 6,800 EURO, the price eventually ended up at 20,500 EURO, to a buyer in Belgium. The 41 pigeons go to the following countries: Belgium (10), Japan (9), The Netherlands (4), Philippines (4), Taiwan (4), Germany (3), France (2), India (2), Saudi Arabia (2), Romania (1).

Simeon Monev - 14 pigeons - 1,418 EURO / pigeon
This Bulgarian champion had his first successful auction at PIPA last year and now decided to offer some more of his best pigeons for auction. The most expensive was New Klaren, a national ace pigeon in Bulgaria and grandchild Zwart Goud, Jelle Jellema. This goes for 3,200 EURO to Taiwan. The total turnover for the 14 pigeons ended at 19,850 EURO, with the pigeons being distributed to China (4), Taiwan (4), Philippines (2), Belgium (1), France (1), United Kingdom (1), Japan (1).

Gino Clicque - 10 pigeons - 7,520 EURO / pigeon
What a phenomenal total for the young bird auction from Gino Clicque, a whopping 75,200 EURO for 10 youngsters. The selection of young birds in this auction was unique, such as the daughter Golden King when coupled to First Lady, 2 X 1st national ace bird KBDB coupled together. This became the most expensive young bird at the auction and goes to China for 18,400 EURO. The nest sister of this hen goes to Germany for 12,600 EURO. The 10 youngsters were sold to China (6), Germany (3), Taiwan (1).

Mark Gilbert - 11 pigeons - 1,764 EURO / pigeon
The Golden Barcelona is one of the best breeding pigeons on the extreme long distance, became Golden Wing winner and father of Southfield Hugo at Mark Gilbert, national winner of both Perpignan and Barcelona. The auction was built entirely around Golden Barcelona with 4 children and 7 double grandchildren. The most expensive was sale 1, a direct son of Golden Barcelona, ​​who goes to Japan for 3,400 EURO. The total of the auction was 19,400 EURO. The 11 pigeons go to Taiwan (7), Belgium (1), United Kingdom (1), Japan (1), Philippines (1).