Prestigious ace pigeon title Taiwan Summer North Sea Race Ace Pigeon Champion was won with a Dutch twist

To most Taiwense fanciers, the ace pigeon title in the Taiwan Summer North Sea Race is already the best result in a race across sea in the last 20 years. And the sire of this winner was bred by Hugo Batenburg (Klaaswaal, NL).

Ace Pigeon Team, the winners of the Taiwan Summer North Sea Race Ace Pigeon Champion

A highly competitive one loft race

The Taiwan Summer North Sea Race (TSNSR) is one of the most difficult races out there. And there is plenty of proof to back this up. There were 85 pigeons at the start line of the final; these were in fact the only birds that had made it through on a total of 4400 pigeons that took part in the initial training flights. After two qualifiers and six races it was racing bird TW19-278759 that took the lead in the prestigious ace pigeon championship. This title of Taiwan Summer North Sea Race Ace Pigeon Champion has been a major topic of discussion in Taiwan: this remarkable achievement is being widely considered as the best performance in a race across the sea in the past 20 years.

TW19-278759 Taiwan Summer North Sea Race Ace Pigeon Champion

The sire was bred by Hugo Batenburg

Hugo Batenburg really shines in the pedigree of the race winner. The sire of this Ace Pigeon Champion comes straight from the team of champions from Klaaswaal. And you will not be surprised to hear that this Taiwanese ace pigeon originates from several international winners. You can tell that Hugo's investments in international winners have paid dividends once again.

NL18-1084648, the sire of the Taiwan Summer North Sea Race Ace Pigeon Champion

New Laureaat, Kleine Jade and Sterre

The sire of the winner is a son of NL16-1509039 Son New Laureaat x Kleine Jade. And there we have two international winners in Barcelona side by side. The 16-039 stems from a highly successful joint breeding involving Hugo Batenburg and iconic long distance fancier Jelle Jellema (Nijverdal, NL). His NL11-1292679 Kleine Jade (the female international winner in Barcelona 2014) was paired to BE08-2222675 New Laureaat, the international winner in Barcelona 2013. The dam of the 18-648, which is the grandmother of the Taiwanese ace pigeon, is NL16-3642733 Sterre. She was raced by Nico van den Hurk from Oss in Brabant. Sterre excelled in 2017, winning the international yearlings' race from Narbonne against 8480 pigeons in 2017. She was then transferred to the Hugo Batenburg breeding lofts. Click here for the full pedigree of the 18-648.

Hugo and Anita Batenburg-Van de Merwe add another important reference to their palmares

Pigeons and pigs

The first picture showing the ace pigeon team could use some further explanation. This team clearly had the day of their life. They not only competed in this one loft race, they also took part in a competition that involved pigs, with the first prize going to the pig that weighs the most. It turns out the ace pigeon team had the best ace pigeon as well as the heaviest pig, which made them the winners in both competitions that day. There is nothing that makes a Taiwanese fancier happier.